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The most common languages in the world


The total number of languages existing in the world it is very difficult to calculate as there is no single approach to the identification of dialects of the same language. Conventionally, there are about 7000 languages, although their number is much greater.

The entire set it is possible to identify the most common languages in the world, which are included in our rating. On them talking about 66% of the total population of the planet.

10. Persian113 million people

Persian (29 countries) opens the ranking of the most popular languages in the world, and is native to the 57 million inhabitants of Iran. This is one of the languages that has a rich centuries-old tradition, including popular masterpieces of world literature. The largest part is concentrated in the Persian Iraq, Bahrain, Oman, UAE and other countries. In addition, Persian was widespread in Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Uzbekistan. In Persian talking about 29 countries of the world. The total number of speakers is about 113 million people.

9. Italian140 million people

Italian (10 countries) is among the ten most popular languages on earth. Officially it is distributed in 10 countries, but statistics show these States a lot more. Among them are Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Germany, Egypt and others. About 70 million people in Italy are native speakers of Italian and about the same number of people own them in other countries. Italian is recognized as the official language of the Vatican, Switzerland, San Marino, and is also the second language in some districts of Slovenia and Croatia. Italian owned about 140 million people.

8. German180 million people

German (12 countries) occupies the eighth position of the ranking of the most spoken languages in the world. The native speakers are more than 80 million Germans. In addition to Germans freely speak of the Austrian, Liechtenstein and Swiss many. It is one of the official languages of such countries as Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg. In addition, German is included in the working languages of the European Union. It is spoken all the peoples of the 12 countries. They own over 80 thousand Australians, 400 thousand Argentines, Brazilians 1.5 million, 225 thousand, 430 thousand Canadians. In the US they own about 1 million Americans – there it is quite common and is studied in schools. In Russia, the German owned about 2.5 million inhabitants, of which only 400 thousand Germans. Speaking German in the world there are 180 million people.

7. Portuguese240 million people

Portuguese (12 countries) is native to 203 million residents of Portugal. It occupies the eighth place ranking as the most common language in the world. Portuguese speaking call Lusophone. Portuguese is the official language of Brazil, spoken by about 200 million Brazilians. Also it's spoken by the peoples of Angola, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau, Cape Verde, Equatorial Guinea, Sao Tome and Principe, Macau and East Timor. A smaller number of speakers can be found in such countries as USA, France, Canada, Japan and Argentina. Portuguese has approximately 240 million people. It is one of the most important languages because of the increased economic and global status of Brazil.

6. Russian260 million people

Russian (16 countries) – one of the most popular and popular languages in the world, which is distributed in 16 countries. About 166 million people living in Russia speak in Russian. This is one of the state languages of Belarus. Russian is also official in the countries of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. All over the world speak Russian, and about 260 million people. Among all the States that were part of the USSR, a greater amount of knowledge of Russian is concentrated in Ukraine – about 40 thousand Ukrainians. In the United States has about 730 thousand people for whom Russian is native. In Germany, the language is native, second or foreign language for 350 million people. Russian is one of the international languages of the world.

5. French280 million people

French (51 countries) belong to the most common and popular languages of the world. Its speakers are about 80 million French and only French in the world can explain 280 million. With the exception of France, most Francophones are concentrated in Canada, Switzerland, Belgium, many African States, Luxembourg. French speakers can be found in 51 countries around the world. One of the six official UN languages and one of the most studied language, after English.

4. Arab320 million people

Arabic (60 countries) is the mother tongue of 242 million inhabitants, and all the world own about 320 million people. In Arabic speaking Nations, Israel, Somalia, Chad, Djibouti, Eritrea, Iraq, Egypt, the Comoros and others. Language is the oldest in the world and distributed in over 60 countries. He is the third complexity of the study, after the Chinese and Japanese. In the language of the Qur'an explain the millions of Muslims in all corners of the planet.

3. Spanish550 million

Spanish (31 countries) opens the top three. They own about 550 million people worldwide, and 400 million it is the native language. Spanish is the official language of Mexico, there are about 120 million Mexicans. Apart from Mexico, the countries with a significant Spanish-speaking population include USA (41 million people), Argentina (42 million people), Colombia (45 million people), and others. According to the official working language of the UN is most prevalent in the 31 state. Spanish is considered the easiest to study.

2. Chinese1.3 billion people

Chinese (33 countries) – one of the most spoken languages on the planet. Its speakers are about 1.2 billion people in China and around the world own more than 1.3 billion people. Chinese refers to the official languages of Singapore and Taiwan, as well as the official working languages of the UN. In Russia the number of Chinese speaking is about 71 thousand people. In addition to its prevalence, Chinese is considered one of the most difficult languages in the world, which was listed in the Guinness Book of records.

1. English1.5 billion people

English (99 countries) is the most popular language, which covers 99 countries. Its speakers are 340 of the British, and 1.5 billion people speak it across the earth. The US is home to the largest number of English speakers, of which there are approximately 215 million people. In UK English proficient 58 million, Canada – 18 million, etc. This is one of the working languages of the UN. In English contains about 90% of all world information, and around 70% of scientific publications also available in this language. It is an international language and the most studied in the world. According to some forecasts, approximately 50 years old English speaking will be every second inhabitant of the planet.

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