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Most gentle hair dye


For successful staining previously, manufacturers used to put in hair dye ammonia. Thanks to this component, the dyes penetrate into the hair structure and painted it from the inside. Currently, many manufacturers have abandoned the use of this aggressive element, as it leads to the "disease" of hair: dry, brittle, split ends, etc. Most are considered safe shampoo and paint made by a special formula, thanks to which the pigment penetrates the hair without damaging it.

The top 10 includes the most gentle hair dye without ammonia.

10. Garnier Color Shine

Garnier Color Shine opens the top ten of the most gentle dyes for dyeing hair. Paint without ammonia 50% grey coverage. Thanks to the contained extracts curls after coloring is soft, and with proper choice of color, over time will not be noticeable regrown roots. Paint hanging about 1.5-2 months.

9. Chi Ilonic

Chi Ilonic — caring, professional paint, carefully caring for the hair and restores them from the inside. It will allow you to obtain a complete regeneration of the structure of the strands when regularly applying the product. After coloring your locks beautifully shiny, acquire firmness and strength. In the palette there are many shades, so you can find both natural and unusual. Another advantage of a series of Chi is good durability.

8. Wella Professionals Koleston Perfect

Wella Professionals Koleston Perfect is one of the most gentle hair dyes. The Triluxiv technology underlying the cream paint gives a high gloss vibrant color is able to maintain its intensity for a long time. Included lipids, penetrating into the porous zone of the hair, aligning its structure, making it more homogeneous.

7. L'oreal Inoa ODS2

L'oreal Inoa ODS2 — professional, shampoo hair dye, which is gentle to hair without damaging its structure. Paint is created on the basis of technology Oil Delivery System (delivery of dye using oil), which allows to obtain a very resistant and bright, saturated colors. The dye does not contain ammonia, provides clarification on 3 tones or colouring tone on tone, completely fills the gray hair, with absolutely no damage to the structure. In the dyeing process, thanks to the unique technology ODS2, paint enriched special active and protective elements the structure of each hair, while preventing color loss and damage after the procedure. The dye mixes instantly with Occidente, very easy to apply and does not scalp any irritating or adverse effects.

6. Syoss Oleo Intense

Syoss Oleo Intense — shampoo paint, carefully caring for the tresses after coloring. Due to the presence of oil, the product penetrates deep into the structure of the hair and performs the function of amplifier color. In addition, the tool efficiently restores and nourishes the injured hair structure.

5. Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Vibrance

Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Vibrance is included in the list of the most gentle hair dyes. Cream-paint without ammonia, incredibly soft, easy to mix, easy to apply and rinse after the staining procedure. Now this dye is able to create the most luminous and rich colour result – 70% more saturation and Shine. Innovative multi-layer technology pigmentation creates color by applying a layer after the layer, which allows you to create fresh, intense tones, while minimizing the effect of regrown roots. The formula of the dye includes the Polynesian butter and Gardenia flower extract which strengthens the hair surface, making it more gentle and smooth, and amplifying the reflection color.

4. L'oreal Creme Gloss

L'oreal Creme Gloss is one of the safest dyes hair without ammonia. Its main ingredient is Royal jelly, which nourishes the hair at the stage of staining. It nourishes and moisturizes and gives a beautiful Shine and reconstructs strands in the shortest possible time. The strengthening of their structure takes place not only in external but also in internal layers. The second useful component is an original fragrance with the scent of wild berries, which gives the composition a very pleasant aroma. And the last ingredient is a moisturizing lip balm. He establishes the result and seals the strands the nutrients.

3. MATRIX Color Sync

MATRIX Color Sync — gentle hair dye that does not contain ammonia. Paint creates a new shade on natural hair or previously colored without clarification. Color of sink is used to restore shade resistant dyes, and for color correction. The caring formula, restorative complex of ceramides helps to even out the porous areas of the hair, thereby facilitating the absorption and manifestation of paint. Formula without ammonia allows to preserve the health of the strands. The paint did not disclose the cuticle and is therefore absolutely harmless and safe.

2. Matrix Socolor Beauty

Matrix Socolor Beauty — one of the most gentle hair dyes. She contributes to obtaining the desired color without harming the hair. The innovative formula of the ink composition blends perfectly with the natural color of the strands. Patented technology allows you to obtain the most natural and uniform tone, and also promotes proper coloring of gray hair and preserve the color saturation as long as possible. The color palette is shades of paint Socolor beauty the matrix contains the maximum natural Foundation that creates a natural and radiant look of the tresses after coloring.

1. Estel Sense De Luxe

Estel Sense De Luxe tops the list of the most gentle hair dyes. It is ideal for toning and smoothing the color along the entire length. Dye gently colors your hair strands, giving them a deep, lively color and luster, without disturbing the natural pigment. For owners of light blonde curls and variants to change the original color will be much more, with new color will wash out gradually and evenly over the entire length back to its original tone. Very noticeable positive impact Estel De Luxe Sense has limp, lifeless strands. Thanks enriched with additional components composition (panthenol, olive extract, keratin complex), hair will become more lively and well-groomed appearance.

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