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The strongest earthquake in the history of mankind


For my thousands of history, humanity has survived these earthquakes, which in its destructiveness can be attributed to the catastrophe of universal scale. Causes of earthquakes is not fully understood, and no one can say with certainty, why they occur, where will the next disaster, and what force.

In this article we have gathered the strongest earthquakes in history measured by magnitude. About the value need to know that it takes into account the amount of energy released by an earthquake, and is distributed from 1 to 9.5.

10. Earthquake in the Tien Shan 19768.2 points

Although the magnitude of the earthquake in Tien Shan in 1976 amounted to only 8.2 points, it is considered to be one of the most devastating earthquakes in the history of mankind. This terrible accident claimed the lives of at the official version of more than 250 thousand people, but unofficial number of deaths is approaching 700 thousand and is justified, because it was completely destroyed 5.6 million homes. The event formed the basis of the film "a Disaster", filmed Feng Syaogana.

9. Earthquake in Portugal in 17558.8 points

The earthquake in Portugal in 1755 on all Saints ' day, is one of the most powerful and tragic disasters in the history of mankind. Just imagine that for some 5 minutes turned into ruins Lisbon, and nearly a hundred thousand people died! But the victims of the earthquake is not over. The accident caused a huge fire and tsunami that raged on the coast of Portugal. In General, the earthquake provoked internal unrest, which led to changes in the external policy of the country. This disaster marked the beginning of seismology. The magnitude of an earthquake estimated at 8.8 points.

8. The earthquake in Chile in 2010,9 points

Another devastating earthquake in Chile happened in 2010. One of the most destructive and large earthquakes in human history over the last 50 years has brought maximum damage: thousands of victims, millions of people homeless, destroyed dozens of villages and cities. The greatest damage occurred in the Chilean regions of bío Bío and Maule. This accident is significant because the destruction occurred not only because of the tsunami, but the earthquake caused considerable damage because its epicenter was on the mainland.

7. Earthquake in North America in 17009 points

In 1700, as a result of strong seismic activity in North America was changed coastline. The accident occurred in the Cascade mountains, on the border of USA and Canada and according to various estimates was at least 9 points magnitude. About the victims of one of the strongest earthquakes in world history little is known. The disaster a huge tsunami wave reached the coast of Japan, the devastation of which have survived mention in Japanese literature.

6. An earthquake on the East coast of Japan in 2011,9 points

Just a few years ago, in 2011, the East coast of Japan rocked by powerful earthquake in the history of mankind. 6 minutes 9-point disaster more than 100 km of seabed was raised by 8 metres in height, and the ensuing tsunami hit the Northern island of Japan. The infamous nuclear power plant of Fukushima was damaged, which caused radioactive release, the effects of which are felt to this day. Is the number of victims in 15 thousand, but the true numbers are not known.

5. Kaminskoe the earthquake in Kazakhstan in 19119 points

Residents of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan it is difficult to surprise tremors – these regions are located in the zone of fracture in the earth's crust. But the strongest earthquake in the history of Kazakhstan and the whole of humanity happened in 1911, when it was almost completely destroyed the city of Almaty. The disaster has called Keminskoye earthquake, which is recognized as one of the strongest inland earthquakes of the XX century. The epicenter of the events occurred in the valley of the Great river of Kemin. In the area formed a huge terrain gaps with a total length of 200 km In some places in these breaks buried whole houses caught in the disaster area.

4. Earthquake on the coast of the Kuril Islands in 19529 points

Kamchatka and the Kuril Islands belong to a seismically active region and earthquakes, they are not surprising. However, I still remember the residents of the disaster of 1952. One of the most devastating earthquakes that remembers humanity, began on 4 November in the Pacific ocean 130 km from the coast. Terrible destruction was caused by the tsunami that was formed after the earthquake. Three huge waves, the biggest height reached 20 meters, was completely destroyed Severo-Kurilsk and damaged many villages. The waves came at intervals of an hour. On the first wave of residents knew and waited for her on the hills, and then descended to their villages. The second wave, the biggest, which no one expected, brought the most damage and took the lives of more than 2 thousand people.

3. The earthquake in Alaska in 19649.3 points

On March 27, 1964 Good Friday shook all 47 States of the United States from the Alaskan earthquake. The epicenter of the disaster came to a place in the Alaskan Gulf, where it joined the Pacific and North American plates. One of the most powerful natural disasters in the history of humanity of a magnitude of 9.3 points claimed relatively few lives – 9 people died out of 130 victims in Alaska and 23 perished in the tsunami that followed the tremors. Of the cities badly damaged anchorage, located 120 kilometers from the epicenter of events. However, the destruction swept along the coastline from Japan to California.

2. Earthquake on the coast of Sumatra in 2004,9.3 points

Literally 11 years ago, it was one of the strongest recent earthquakes in human history in the Indian ocean. At the end of the 2004 earthquake of magnitude 9.3 points a few kilometers from the coast of the Indonesian city of Sumatra caused the formation of the monstrous power of a tsunami that erased part of the city with the face of the earth. 15-foot waves did the damage to Sri Lanka, Thailand, South Africa and South India. The exact number of victims, no one calls, but is estimated to have killed from 200 to 300 thousand people, several millions of people were left homeless.

1. The earthquake in Chile in 1960 with9.5 points

The strongest earthquake in history occurred in 1960 in Chile. According to expert estimates, it had a maximum magnitude of 9.5 points. The catastrophe began in the small town of Valdivia. The earthquake in the Pacific ocean formed a tsunami, 10-meter waves raged along the coast, causing damage to the settlements located by the sea. The scale of the tsunami has reached such proportions that its destructive force was felt by residents of the Hawaiian town of Hilo in 10 thousand kilometers from Valdivia. Giant waves reached the coast of Japan and the Philippines.

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