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The strongest animals in the world


The strongest animals in the world are not necessarily the biggest, because their size can be less than 1 mm. don't believe? Then check out our ratings and learn about the discoveries of scientists, who provided an extraordinary list of the most powerful in the world of living beings. Has identified the top ten indicators such as the ratio of the size, body mass and weight, which animal can lift or move by yourself. In some cases, were considered and maximum movement speed, which is capable of the animal.

10. Grizzly bear

A grizzly bear opens ten most powerful in the world of animals. A fearsome predator is one of the largest among its congeners. The body length of a grizzly bear can reach 4 meters and weight more than 700 kg Beast is also one of the most dangerous species that poses a potential threat to humans. And no wonder, because the bear is not averse to eat meat and can easily kill an animal which exceeds it in size. Grizzly is able to lift objects that are equal to the weight of his body. When hunting it can reach the speed of 60 km/h.

9. Elephant

The elephant is not only the largest land animal and the most powerful. The weight of the occupant of the tropical forests and savannas is around 7 tons, and body length can reach up to 7.5 meters. Its powerful trunk the animal is able to lift the object more than its own weight in 1,7 times. This unique body is a well-developed muscle and tendon system. With it the elephant can easily uproot trees, carry logs, and even to levitate a car for this giant will not be easy. In addition, the elephant can easily using the trunk to lift small objects. The maximum speed that the animal can reach 48 km/h.

8. Tiger

The tiger is the strongest animal in the world among the Felidae. Evil beast has a fairly impressive dimensions: length it reaches 3.5 meters and weight of 300 kg. Chasing prey, the animal can reach the speed of 65 km/h. Therefore, the tiger is also included in the top ten fastest animals on earth. The predator is able to kill its victim with one blow of his paw. He is able to carry prey twice as its heavier. Often into the clutches of the fearsome tiger fall boars, deer, ROE deer, elks, buffaloes and other animals.

7. African crowned eagle

The African crowned eagle is the strongest animal in the world among birds. A born predator has powerful wings with a wingspan that reaches 2 meters. The bird has very strong legs with gripping claws, which she takes prey weighing more than her 4 times. Prey of the crowned eagle is be animals the size of a monkey or small antelope. Very big game winged predators hunt in pairs: one chases the victim and the other attacks. Its prey, the eagle moves into the nest where it eats it completely. If a trapped animal is very large, the bird rips her apart and in pieces carries to its nest.

6. Gorilla

The gorilla is the strongest animal in the world of primates. An adult can reach 2 meters in height and weigh up to 250 kg. Impressive size and well-developed musculature allows the gorilla to lift objects that are 10 times her own body weight. In addition, the animal is able to deal with such a powerful beast like a tiger. Despite the fact that the animal is able to move on their hind legs, it prefers to do it on all fours. This is one reason why gorillas have trained forelimbs.

5. Crocodile

The crocodile is the most powerful animal among the reptiles. These large lizard with a length exceeding 4 metres, have very strong jaw pressure when they bite of more than 2 tons per square inch. Crocodile the first time able to eat the body of an adult. Maximum speed, which is capable of reptile in pursuit of prey on land, is 17 km/h.

4. Ant-lictores

Ant-lictores ranked fourth among the strongest animals in the world. Its name he received because of the ability to shred the leaves. Ants have powerful jaws grind plants into small pieces, moisten them with her saliva and lay deposited. So they are preparing the ground for the cultivation of mushrooms, which supply the whole colony. Therefore, the leaf cutter is and the second name the ants, the mushroom growers.

Ants not only very hardworking, organized, but also very strong. One such little creature is able at once to transfer to the device that exceeds its own weight in 50 times. Normal ants carrying weight in excess of only 20 times their own weight.

3. Dor

Dorr opens the three most powerful animals in the world. Insect of medium size UPS ground, which may exceed its own weight in 1100 times. If the analogy with man, it is tantamount that he could lift six people-filled buses. The weight of a beetle is no more than 2 oz., and the length of the carapace may reach 2.5 cm the Main food is manure, which it locates thanks to its well-developed sense of smell. The beetle is able to sculpt from humus ball is 50 grams and transfer it into its burrow, the depth of which can be more than half a meter. This dung ball the insect lasts about 12 hours. After the ball is eaten, the beetle goes for more.

2. Armored mite

Armored mite is one of the strongest living beings on Earth. They live in the soil where their population is more than a hundred thousand per square meter. These mites are so small that they cannot be seen with the naked eye. But despite this microscopic creature is able to lift a weight that exceeds their own 1000. These figures are equivalent to the fact that people could be at his size to lift 80 tons. Armoured mites are of great importance: these workers through its activities contribute to soil formation.

1. Copepods

The ranking of the most powerful animals in the world headed by the copepod. The size of the inhabitant of marine waters from 1 mm to 1 cm does not prevent him to be the champion of the planet among athletes. The copepods are very well-developed muscles, which helps him to gain incredible speed for his size — at 6 km/h In one second it travels a distance of 500 times greater than the length of its body. Power that can develop his legs ten times exceeds the same indicator in other animals. If people were able to run with the same power, its speed was equal to 2 000 km/h! Thus, it is not only the most powerful being on the planet, but also the fastest. For scientists copepods are the subject of ongoing study. Similar to their incredible abilities of transportation engineers want to create vehicles to explore the depths of the sea.

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