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The worst horror movies 2018


When people do not have enough thrill, they were watching a horror movie. The first film of this genre were removed in 1896. It was "the haunted Castle" by Georges méliès. The film only lasted three minutes, the special effects were primitive. The modern viewer, it will evoke a smile rather than fear. However, there is a new genre. Horror movies were produced along with others. Over time they have increasingly improved. The appearance of computer graphics and fancy special effects, movies have become more realistic and creepy. Every year produce thousands of films. Below is the list of the worst movies of 2018. They will be of interest even for those who are not a fan of this genre.

10. Nun

Release date in Russia September 20. Director Corin hardy, the film is a spin-off of "the conjuring". The events take place in Romania. In one of the monasteries a young nun committed suicide. The priest father Burke and his novice are sent to investigate this case under the orders of the Vatican. Meanwhile, the evil forces move into the body of the dead girl. The clergy will be very hard to fight them. The filmmakers promise that if successful, they will release a sequel.

9. Slendermen

The film shoot in USA, directed by Sylvain white. Release date in Russia on August 23. A key figure in the Slender man, which is a tall, white man without a face. He is dressed in funeral clothes. This character was created in 2009. It is widely known about him, write stories, make computer games. But big-budget picture off for the first time. The main character intimidates Teens hunting for them. Moreover, his intentions unclear, but he is interested in the children disappear. "The Slender man" began in may 2016. Judging by the trailer, this thing will make you crazy children, forcing them to kill themselves. The painting caused a heated debate to the public. In 2014, in America, there was a sad story. Girls 12 years old lured a classmate into the woods and stabbed her 19 stab wounds "to appease the Slenderman". The father of one of the criminals is against the screening of the film. Representatives of Sony refused to comment on the situation.

8. The invisible man

This film is a remake of the eponymous film, made in 1933. Russian premiere is scheduled for December 28. A film about the brilliant scientist that invented the serum, allowing to become invisible. However once applied, he lost his memory and can not go back to its shape. Now he needs to remember who he really is. However, the serum has side effects. And now the calm scientist wants to take over the world and wreaking havoc on the streets. He knocks people off the cliff, destroying the train. Nobody can stop the invisible man.

7. Quiet location

In Russia the film was released on April 12. Director John Krasinski. The film is about a family that lives in a post-apocalyptic world. Goes 2020, humanity is almost destroyed by terrible monsters. They react to the slightest sounds, they have excellent hearing. Thanks to him, they find the victim and destroy her. But the Abbott family has adapted to the new conditions of life, they have learned to live silently. However, they have three children, and they keep quiet is very difficult. Once one of sons violates the prohibition of the father and attracts the attention of monsters. Now people have to choose: fight or die. The responses of the audience in the most positive. Especially intriguing silence, half the film is with subtitles. The atmosphere is very accurately transferred, and the threat feels real. The thrill of the film guarantees.

6. Meg

Premiere in Russia on August 9. Directed By John Turteltaub. This film combines two genres: horror and Thriller. It tells the story of a former elite pilot Jonas Taylor. Now he is a scuba rescue diver. He also deals with the study of the giant shark Megalodon. Jonas tries to prove that they still exist. In the world of science he is considered crazy. But the scientist is able to refute it. His colleagues, doing underwater research was captured by a Megalodon. Taylor hastens to help them, because he had already met with these monsters.

5. Predator

In Russia the film will be released on September 13. Director Shane Black. "Predator" is a sequel of the same name paintings. The previous series was a big commercial success, so the film company decided to shoot a sequel. The film tells about the return of alien enemies. Them accidentally causes a boy, the son of the main character. The aliens during his absence became even stronger and more dangerous. Kill anyone who gets in the way. To save the world have a former marine Quinn McKenna.

4. Astral 4

The premiere of the film in Russia took place on 18 January. Director Adam Robitel. 4 is a part of the once acclaimed horror movie. Psychic Elise Rainier again enters into the struggle with evil. This time, she wants to help the man, who lives in the house where Elizabeth grew up. She will have to fight with ghosts and demons, to recall his childhood and defeat the Ghost that she is well and released. The film received very mixed reviews. Someone was delighted with him, someone says that topic has worn and the view is not of particular interest. But they both agree that "Astral 4" keeps the tension and adrenaline rush to the audience just provided.

3. Venom

Release date in Russia – 4 October. The Director Alex Kurtzman. Spin-off films about spider-Man. Journalist Eddie Brock loses his job, admitting the mistake in an interview with the rich businessman. Then he learns that the businessman is engaged in science and keeps in his lab alien parasite. Eddie decides to test the veracity of rumors. He turns to enter the lab, but a sacrifice to save he can't. Because he merges with symbiota. The journalist finds a common language with a stranger and together they fight crime.

2. Not yourself

The premiere of the film in Russia took place on March 29. Directed By Steven Soderbergh. The picture highlights the fact that the shot of her on the phone for a very short time – just seven days. In the film there are monsters and monsters, it's a psychological Thriller. Girl Sawyer Valentini's leaving town, she tries to start a new life. She always think that she is persecuted. Deception it is placed in a psychiatric hospital. Here Sawyer will face your demons one on one. The film is quite interesting, it keeps the viewer in suspense. But as they say "How many people, so many opinions". Critics and viewers had differing views. Some people put the movie good ratings, while others remained dissatisfied. We can say that this movie is not for everyone.

1. History of ghosts

The film was released on may 31. Directors Jeremy Dyson and Andy Nyman. The film tells the story of psychology Professor Philip Goodman. He believes in the supernatural, and even is able to explain his existence from a scientific point of view. He is investigating three incidents. Ghosts attack people. Suddenly, the Professor realizes that he is no longer just dismantle these cases, and participate in them. The painting is called the most significant British horror in recent years. Unexpected plot twists, vivid characters audience's liking. The film received quite a good rating.

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