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The most terrible horror movies about ghosts and ghosts


Among moviegoers and fans of good movies, a lot of those who love to tickle their nerves. And if you lock yourself in at home alone and the lights are off, the viewing experience will increase significantly. Today filmed a lot of horror films on various topics. We consider the scariest horror movies about ghosts and ghosts, the list of which is given below. Choose a picture of your liking and enjoy the view, because each of these movies is a masterpiece in its genre!

10. The haunting in ConnecticutFees: 77 527 732 USD

A family, a son which has cancer, is forced to move into a new home. Because it is near the clinic in which to treat this terrible disease. To physical and mental fatigue of the parents is added the fact that the house is inhabited by paranormal forces. The family, unable to endure it, appealed for help to the priest...
The film, based on real events, has left an indelible impression on fans of the horror genre. Beautiful camera shot, amazing acting, and most importantly — the idea that the writers put into the film. Usually in this genre taking down the paintings only in order to scare the viewer, but the haunting in Connecticut, opening our top most horror movies about ghosts, tearing all the templates. In the film touches upon the theme of ghosts and people, relations between them. The creators as if asking the viewer: "Why people and ghosts have to scare and kill each other if their relationship can turn in a different direction?".

Fees in the world: 77 527 732 dollars.

9. AstralFees: 97 009 $ 150

Josh and Rene move to the new house. They are satisfied until they begin to happen mysterious things in the living room heard terrible voices and objects moving by themselves. But the most unpleasant to come: ten-year-old son of two loving parents in a coma. Doctors ' efforts are useless. Then Josh and Renee are turning to the services of specialists in the paranormal phenomena. It turns out that the soul of their son are wandering in the afterlife.

The film, which was made by the famous Director James WAN, has caused an incredible furor at the box office. The audience liked the original and love this anime story with a sinister sound, which gives you shivers. The picture recouped its budget 10 times (97 009 $ 150), so soon came a sequel to this horror film about ghosts and ghosts, which was no worse than the original. He surpassed; the first part. Then, the creators, without thinking, released last summer, the picture of the Astral plane 3. The ladies, who not only parrots, but also to enjoy high-quality filming and an interesting plot — the film is mandatory viewing.

8. The Amityville horrorFees: 108 047 131 $

The film tells the story of a family that recently moved into a new house. The couple still do not know that in 1974, in this house, Ronald Defoe shot and killed all his parents and brothers. To question the police about why he did it, the guy says that to commit the mass murder he ordered the voice. The happiness of the settlers under the threat of a terrible and sinister power that has again gripped the Amityville...

A remake of the same movie, filmed in 1979. The film is based on real events. The makers of one of the scariest movies about ghosts and ghosts are not lazy, and showed the entire history of the house and of events there. The main role took the world famous Ryan Reynolds, who has shown that he can create complex characters. In this film, he played brilliantly!

The audience appreciated the film — it paid for the budget almost 6 times, collecting 108 047 131 dollars.

7. 1408Fees: 998 131 242 $

Well-known writer of books in the genre of "horror" I decided to write another creation that tells about the poltergeists in hotels. He decides to stay at the infamous hostel "Dolphin", or rather, the room 1408, about which there are a lot of scary rumors. The writer does not believe in otherworldly forces, so it becomes the big surprise is inhabited by evil spirits.

The film, shot on a small story by Stephen king. The picture boasts a superbly chosen cast, plot, holding in suspense the entire duration of the film, great special effects and atmosphere of despair, which hit the main character. The painting, occupying the 7th place in the list of the most terrifying horror movie about ghosts, has three endings, each of which leaves the viewer perplexed and alone with your thoughts. Fees in the world: 131 998 242 dollars.

6. EyeFees: 56 964 642 $

Blind since childhood, the girl Sidney had a transplant of a donated cornea. Twenty-year-old beauty was overjoyed and enjoyed a new life with vision. But once I began to notice your new eye strange silhouettes and images. Nabegavshis unexpected "ability" to see ghosts, she begins to look for the information about the last owner of the eye.

The male half of the fans of horror film will interest the Jessica Alba in the title role. But without it, the picture is there than to scare the viewer: classic BU-the effects, the atmosphere of danger and interesting plot. The film, occupies the 6th place in the list of the worst films about ghosts and ghosts will not leave indifferent even the most persistent lover of horror movies. Fees in the world: 56 964 642 dollars.

5. Paranormal activityFees: 193 355 $ 800

A young couple suspects that their house settled otherworldly force. To check their guesses, they install surveillance cameras throughout the dwelling. An evil force is active only at night. So the morning of the footage for the newlyweds became an unpleasant surprise: their suspicions confirmed.

Director Oren Sang had no idea how big the jackpot picks, removing her first movie — Paranormal activity. The picture, with a budget of $ 15,000 grossed 193 355 $ 800. Logically, this was followed by a sensational continuation of the original. At the moment, a series of films, which occupies the middle of the top of the most terrible pictures about ghosts, has grown to five parts.

The secret of the success of Paranormal activity is spectacular techniques of film that can scare each and every viewer.

4. SpellCharges: 318 000 000 dollars

The film, based on real events. Two detectives investigate a case involving paranormal forces. An ordinary farmer's family terrorized by an evil spirit. Forced to fight him the detectives face the most dangerous case in his life.

After the Insidious, James WAN came up with the idea to make another horror movie. He took the infamous story of the family Perron. The spell was not only not worse than the Astral plane, but exceeded it by setting up a van in the first rank of Directors. In this film, which occupies the 4th place in the list of the most terrible pictures about ghosts, viewers will see neither blood nor meat, which in excess in the modern horror film. The Director scares magnitudes atmosphere, which, coupled with a soundtrack that makes the viewer intuitively to close my eyes at all the scary moments. Viewers and critics praised this film, grossed 318 000 000 dollars.

3. CurseCharges: 187 281 115 dollars

The curse of the deceased always waiting for the next victim in the place where he left the life of the deceased. The new victim also dies, and the curse is only getting stronger. Gradually, moving from victim to victim, it is distributed worldwide and brings terror to those who do not related...

A remake of the Japanese film. Interestingly, it was the same Director that removed the Eastern original. Moreover, some roles were invited by the same actors who played in the Japanese film. Picture the audience liked. This is evidenced by the fact that on the fourth day, she had collected $ 40 million in rentals (187 281 115). Then the decision was made to create a sequel. At the moment three shot part of this picture, which is included in the list of the most terrifying horror movie about ghosts and ghosts.

2. CallCharges: 249 348 933 $

Everyone looked a mysterious videotape calling an unknown person, who said that he will die in 7 days. Really, a week to the victim in an unusual way in the house comes to the ugly girl...

Americans are surprisingly accurately conveyed the story of the Japanese original book. The Director managed to convey the atmosphere of horror and despair at the appearance of the sinister girls of Samarra. The film, ranked second in the list of most scary films about ghosts and ghosts paid for his 48-million budget nearly five times (249 348 933 dollars), it is not surprising that three years later released a sequel. Dead girl scary moments in it became more, but the charm of the first part disappeared.

1. Blair witchFees: 248 639 099 $

Three students went into the woods in Maryland to a place called the Black hills, to make a film about a local legend — Blair Witch. It is a sinister Ghost who kills everyone who comes into its territory. After some time, the students are lost in the woods, not noticing, both of them thickens evil.
The first horror movie filmed in the genre of handheld shooting. Before you hire the creators have launched a rumor that the film is based on real events, and in the picture are real shooting lost students. This PR stunt brought the film's unprecedented success: with a budget of $ 22,000, the film has collected 248 639 099$. The film has become a classic, ranked first in the list of most horror movies about ghosts and ghosts.

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