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Warmest winter jackets for men


In the ranking of warmest winter jackets for men included jackets, both domestic and foreign manufacturers. Listed models differ a special quality and thermal properties. Many of the jackets included in the top ten, can be operated not only in urban but also in more severe suburban conditions. Top ten passed numerous tests, during which it was confirmed that they do reliably protect against cold, wind and snow.

10. Arctic Frost Fur

Joutsen produces very warm men's down jackets from the Finnish manufacturer. Deserves special attention model Arctic Frost Fur for use in the city. Cropped jacket boasts a stylish design and can well warm in extreme cold. The jacket contains a large amount of goose down and provides reliable protection from the cold. The model has a large number of pockets which is very convenient.

9. Mission

Outdoor Survival Canada is a canadian firm that produces high quality men's outerwear for winter operation in urban environments. One of the warmest models in the series support Mission. It has upper made from high strength fabrics with water-resistant impregnation, and inside contains a decent amount of down protection FP 650.

8. Usque Parka

Danish manufacturer Geoff Anderson produces men's winter jackets which are ideal not only for exploitation in the city, but also on hunting or fishing. The most warm down jacket is considered the model Usque Parka. The top jacket is a high tenacity fabric with membrane and water-repellent. The jacket differs in that it contains a large number of high-quality goose down with the protection of 800 FP. The model is also additionally provided with windproof skirt.

7. Vostok

Quartz Nature – canadian manufacturer of winter clothing in stock which have many warm men's winter down jackets. The warmest jacket from the existing line is considered to be Vostok. This jacket was developed based on exploitation in the most severe weather conditions. The top products are made of high-strength materials with waterproof impregnated, provided with windproof skirt and has two-way zipper. The main insulation jackets – the-Pooh with protection FP 750.

6. Arctic

Red Fox is a Russian manufacturer of very warm men's winter jackets. From the presented model range the firm deserves special attention Arctic. This jacket is designed for use in the city. In used as insulation duck down with 650 FP protection. The top jacket has a fabric which is a mixture of cotton and polyester. Also, the outer layer is processed with waterproof impregnation. The lower part of the sleeves and also the area of the elbow is additionally equipped with inserts of high-strength fabric. This model is convenient because the inside has special straps that allow you to roll down and wear as a crossbody bag.

5. Expedition Down Parka No. 1

Fjällräven is a Swedish manufacturer of the warmest jackets in the world. In the presented line dominated by men's models, many of which are cropped. Production warm clothing established in China, however, because of this the price tag on the jackets of this company is quite high. Expedition Down Parka No. 1 is the most warm men's jacket from the Swedish manufacturer. Top fabric this model is composed of a mixture of cotton and polyester, and on the elbows provide additional inserts for improved wear resistance. Also the outer material is provided with a special waterproof impregnation. As the main heater acts as goose down with the protection of 800 FP.

4. Aleut

Sivera is a domestic manufacturer of some of the warmest winter coats which can be operated in the most severe weather conditions. The jackets of this company are distinguished by high quality of used materials and good tailoring. All jackets manufacturer are made of four layers. Outer material with waterproof impregnation is made of high quality fabric, which is a mixture of cotton and polyester. In the manufacture of jackets from this company use goose down with the protection FP700. Also, the manufacturer uses as a lining of fleece with a long pile. The warmest of the series company is considered to be Aleut, as it contains the highest amount of fluff.

3. Taimyr

Taimyr has a high heat-retaining properties. This model is winter down jacket popular Russian company bask. The model's design reminds described below are representative of the rating, but between them there are still some differences as to style, and characteristics. The outer material is a very dense and high strength fabric, under which is a special membrane that protects against cold, wind, rain or wet snow. The model can boast a large number of pockets, both internal and external, which is very convenient. Additionally the elbows are reinforced insert that prevents these areas from rapid damage. As the main heater acts as a high-quality goose down.

2. Dixon

Dixon from domestic producers bask is located on the second line rating. Market firm for over 15 years and has a large assortment of warm clothes. Directly down jacket Dixon provided for exploitation in winter in the city. Produced the model of a good goose down high quality, and the lining is additionally equipped with a jacket heater. On top of the product provides a specialized knit collar that securely fits the neck area, not giving the slightest chance to penetrate the cold inside. Top jacket has a high-strength fabric with membrane and with a windproof skirt.

1. Snow Mantra

Canada Goose heads the ranking of the most warm jackets for winter. Winter clothing this company stands out the unsurpassed quality of materials and tailoring. It is also one of the most expensive jackets as their production occurs in Canada, not in China, which moved its production of many firms. Clothing Canada Goose is often exploited by the explorers, which also suggests that these clothes provide warmth. In addition to jackets manufacturer produces warm pants, hats, vests, mittens and more. Every thing has a label with information about the temperature regime in which it can be operated. The warmest jacket from the release of the series is Snow Mantra.

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