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The most touching films about love to tears


Cry we can make a variety of situations and circumstances. No exception is movies. The cinema knows what are the subtle notes of the soul can hurt. We offer our readers the most touching films about love to tears: a list of the best paintings that can melt the most callous heart.

10. Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

"Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind" – a touching love story with Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet in the lead roles. What future awaits us if someday scientists will invent a device that can save people from any memories? Certainly there are many people who want to forget about unhappy or unrequited love. The love of Joel and Clementine do not stand the test of time. Bright at the beginning of the relationship was gradually replaced by a succession of scandals. After one of them, Clementine decides to literally erase Joel from memory. He learned about the act of the lover, in retaliation, decides to destroy all memories of her. But the power of his love is that on a subconscious level, he vehemently resists, trying to keep the memory of Clementine.

9. The notebook

"The notebook" is one of the most touching films about love, to watch without tears. This is a stunningly beautiful story about first and only love girls and boys from different social backgrounds. They separated her parents, then – war. For many years the characters live their lives until fate again brings them together, and this time they're not going to admit that they were separated again.

8. Bear's kiss

"Bear's kiss" – a romantic touching movie, filmed in the genre of mystical tales. The circus troupe, which performed in St. Petersburg, looking for wild animals for future performances. Little gymnast Lola liked the bear, caught by hunters in the Siberian taiga. The girl was cared for and cherished his pet Misha, wandering together with the circus in different countries. Time passed, little bear grew up and turned into the mighty beast. One day, Lola is found a bear in a cage boy. Misha is a werewolf who may forever remain human on one condition – during the year, he's not supposed to kill anyone. When Lola's life is in danger, the bear is a werewolf sacrifices her chance to become human for the sake of the beloved.

Tears is not only the love story of the main characters, but also the fact that this picture is the last fully completed role of Sergey Bodrov-younger.

7. What dreams may come

In the touching movie about the great love "what dreams may come" Robin Williams for the salvation of the soul of his wife, embarks on a dangerous journey. Like Orpheus, he goes to hell, unable to leave behind the woman he loves.

Chris and Annie Nielsen lived happily until the tragic death of their children in a car accident. A few years later when Chris is killed, Annie finds the strength to live alone without her husband and children and decides to commit suicide. Now the gates of heaven are closed to her, and the woman waiting for the eternal torment in hell. Chris, attained immortality, does not want to live in heaven without his wife and accompanied by new friends, starts her journey to Annie.

6. The bridges of Madison County

Continues the list of most touching films about love to the point of tears romance "the Bridges of Madison County".

Francesca Johnson, a housewife, farmer's wife Quince, and the mother of two children. Robert Kincaid – the photographer of the Washington journal. A chance encounter awakens these people of deep feeling. Only four days allotted to them to the love of my life. Francesca, married to an unloved man, is forced to make a difficult decision...

5. Oath

"The vow" – a touching movie to tears, proving that before the power of love can survive any obstacles.

Once in a car accident, Paige loses her memory of the last years of life. A young woman finds out her husband Leo, not retreating from her hospital bed while she was in a coma. He's not giving up and trying to return the page memory, and the love of his wife. Despite all the efforts to restore the old relationship spouses fail. Intervention parents Paige only exacerbates an already difficult situation and Leo is forced to agree to a divorce. Soon Paige finds their things in the oath that she gave Leo at the wedding. The discovery inspires her to try once again to revive the relationship with her husband.

4. The wife of a time traveler

"The wife of a time traveler" is one of the most touching stories of a great love.

Due to a rare genetic disease Chicago librarian Henry Detamble forced to move randomly in time. In one of his travels he meets his future wife Clare Absher. Henry at that time was 36 years old, and Claire was six. Amazing disease the time traveler has not prevented a large and deep feeling that the main characters have carried through the years. They both knew that their love was tragically cut short soon, and appreciate every moment spent with each other.

3. Last love on Earth

In the list of most touching films about love to the point of tears is part of the fantastic drama "Last love on Earth." Budding relationship epidemiologist Susan and chef Michael unfolds against the backdrop befell the Land of disaster. Due to a strange epidemic, people are gradually losing their five senses. The elusive end of civilization approaching, and Susan and Michael, who believed their relationship is fleeting, suddenly realize that they can't live without each other...

2. You never dreamed of

"You can not dream" – a hauntingly touching film about love of two teenagers. High school students are Roma and Katya in love with each other with the power of first love. Unfortunately, their feeling is not reciprocated by the mother and grandmother of the young man. They are trying by all means to separate the lovers, not shrinking while direct deception. The final picture can move the audience to tears.

1. A walk to remember

"A walk to remember" is a touching romance, tear-a love story of the main characters.

Jamie Sullivan is the daughter of a priest, an excellent and quiet, to think only of diligent study. Landon Carter – the leader of the school, spoiled by the attention of others. After another antics in front of him put a number of conditions, otherwise he will be expelled from school. Carter deals with remedial students, replaces the school cleaner and often intersects with Jamie. She agrees to help him prepare for the play. Gradually the mutual hostility gives way to a strong affection. But Landon still doesn't know that Jamie is the mystery that can put an end to their relationship.

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