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Top 10 European countries with most expensive fuel


For anybody not a secret that fuel prices are rising annually. To stop this process is problematic, because the price of oil, including gasoline depends on many factors. These include not only economic but also political factors.

In 2018 again increased petrol prices. Of course, no one is happy. Particularly hard jump was noticeable in may-June. But not only in Russia expensive fuel. The drivers are always interesting, but as is the case with foreign "colleagues". Below you can see the top 10 countries where the price of gasoline is one of the highest in Europe.

10. UK

Opens a rating of the countries where the price of gasoline is very high in the UK. The cost of gasoline in 2018, per 1 liter was reached 113 rubles. Every year the price continues to rise. Many motorists England believe that the cost of gasoline is too high, and the government has not taken any measures for its reduction. The increase in fuel prices due to tax increases. For example, in 2010 we raised the value added tax. VAT increased from 17.5% to 20%. Against the background of rising rates, of course, there has been increasing and the price of gasoline. British motorists with fear waiting for the New year. Usually, the cost is increased from the first of January.

9. Ireland

Another country, which is part of the UK, boasts the high price of gasoline among European countries. A few years ago, the price reached more than $ 2 per liter. Now the cost of gasoline at the pump of Ireland is 1.69 dollars or 108 rubles. The price gets in the pocket of the ordinary people of Ireland, but nothing to do with the constant rise in fuel prices, citizens may not. It remains to put up with the inflated price, or less likely to travel by private transport to save money. It is worth noting that the price of gasoline rides the whole year. A few months ago, specifically in June, it was $ 1.69. That fast rising prices in Ireland. We understand the Irish and sincerely sympathize with them.

8. Sweden

Sweden and without the cost of gasoline is one of the most expensive countries in not only Europe but also the world. But a special word should be said about the local price of fuel. Today, the average cost in the country is 115 rubles per liter, or 1.70 dollars. But it is worth noting that the wages of the Swedes is not the smallest. And the taxes in Sweden are high. Another reason why in Sweden, this expensive gasoline is the desire of the Government of the country by 2020 to become fully independent from oil. But despite the high prices, many people dream to live in Sweden. After all, there is one of the highest living standards in the world. Apparently, that is what the Swedes pay high prices for gasoline. And while the country is in eighth place among countries in terms of fuel prices.

7. France

To date, the cost of gasoline in French cities is 1.83 USD per liter. A few years ago the cost of fuel reached as much as 2.2 per dollar. To explain why in France such high prices is quite difficult, if you are not an expert in Finance or Economics. In the meantime, the financiers of France deal with the price of gasoline, the French, like everyone else, have to put up with this state of Affairs. Or you can go by public transport. Travel by bus or subway will save a decent amount of money per month. Domestic motorists can only be glad that the gasoline in Russia is not the same as the French "colleagues".

6. Finland

If you decide to travel to Finland by car, be sure to find out the average cost of fuel before you hit the road. Depending on the brand of gasoline, the cost will be different, but on average it is 1.4 Euro per liter. So, if you want to get to Finland by car, stock up on fuel in advance at the territory of Russia. Compared to Finland, we got it very cheap. But it is worth noting that border-crossing can only 10 litres of petrol and a full tank. If you decide to stock up on more 10 gallons, you will have to pay additional tax. On the territory of Finland you will not miss.

5. Portugal

The paradox of Portuguese drivers is that to go for the petrol they have in nearby Spain. In fact there gasoline prices are not much bite, unlike native Portugal. But really, why procured at home, if the Spaniards will sell you gasoline is much cheaper. This increase in fuel cost is due to the high taxes that motorists have to pay when buying petrol. More than 50% of the amount of fuel is tax. One liter of petrol in Portugal is from 109 rubles.

4. Denmark

Opens the four leaders, who were not the most fortunate, is a Scandinavian country – Denmark. Denmark is a country with a high standard of living, so the prices are high. On average, the cost of fuel increased from 1.70 to 1.92 dollars a litre. In connection with such prices motorists on the roads of Denmark is not a lot, it is cheaper to take public transport. But thanks to expensive gasoline and a small number of cars in Denmark there is a very good environment, because most of the pollution comes from cars.

3. Italy

Another country that is not lucky with the cost of gasoline is Sunny Italy. Although why the Italians do cars, because their city is so great that it is better to walk and enjoy the views. Apparently, local residents such romance is not attractive, and they are willing to give 110 rubles per liter of gasoline, only to move on to the Italian cities by car. It is possible that such high prices are related to the fact that the country has a high corruption level, and many individuals are avoiding paying taxes. Nothing like?

2. Netherlands

Quite a bit has not held up to the superiority of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The maximum price, which was fixed by motorists at the pump of the Kingdom amounted to $ 1.98 per litre. Up to this point the cost has steadily increased until it reached a record value. Such sharp rise in prices is due to the fact that the Netherlands are very dependent on oil processing. Before the crisis of 2008 were stable and prices were as low as possible. After 2008, the Dutch economy went into decline, and the Government still can't cope with its consequences. So we have the Dutch to pay a round sum to travel by car.

1. Norway

In the first place is another Scandinavian country – Norway. Here, the average cost of gasoline is 119 rubles per 1 liter. Norway is one of the countries where the bulk of the budget depends on oil sales. But, as in the Netherlands, the country's stability was breached after the 2008 crisis. Falling oil prices have led to the fact that the Government was forced to reduce part of the cost, and the gas tax increase. This led to a rise in fuel prices.

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