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The most intelligent cat breeds


To most intelligent animals in the world will include representatives of cat breeds. Cats quickly adapt to the new conditions, a good understanding of human speech and is even able to execute some instructions. They are characterized by high intelligence, as the ancestors of these Pets are predators.

In the Top 10 included the most intelligent breeds of cats, the intellectual abilities that have tried to measure American scientists. On a scale evaluated the ability of animals to respond to tone of voice and to perform various commands. Each of these species was able to score 8 to 10 points.

10. Turkish van

Opens the top ten most intelligent breeds Turkish van. Pets are able to show boundless love and affection to its owner. They love to spend time in the company of people. The Turkish van is easy to train. Animal patient with children and gets along with other animals. The breed can be attributed to hyperactive. These children love to play with various objects, performing sometimes in the air stunts. Therefore, this cat is not for people who prefer a quiet pet. Feature of the Turkish van is that he is completely not afraid of water, but on the contrary will gladly swim in any pool. Turkish van, unlike their own kind of representatives, prefers to lie not in the lap of the master, and on his shoulders.

9. Siberian cat

Siberian cat occupies the ninth place among the most intelligent breeds of cats. Pets are very affectionate, loyal and loving. They are interested in absolutely anything they can get. These cetarehwodie pussies eager to play with the owner. As a rule, are calm, if you have the opportunity to spend enough time on the street. With the right education, cats are calm and obedient.

8. Norwegian forest

Norwegian forest, endowed with a lively mind, occupies the eighth position in the list of most intelligent breeds of cats. It is quite a large animal with a gentle nature and of graceful manners. They are very loving and patient Pets who get along well with children and other animals. Despite the fact that the Norwegians affectionate and attached to people, these tailed fluffies don't like to be in the hands of the owner, preferring to just lie around. Therefore, it is rather independent breed, wishing to have their own space. Pets are not chosen as the master of one household, and equally well apply to all tenants. To strangers cats were reluctant, but I got used, after a time become friendly and affectionate.

7. The Russian blue cat

In seventh place is the Russian blue cat. One of the most intelligent breeds endowed with a difficult and stubborn character. With strangers the dog is not very friendly, and treat outsiders often wary. With the household this breed, in contrast, behaves very friendly, showing boundless affection and playfulness. These cats prefer independence and love long walks. Very pronounced in blue cats and hunting instinct. Therefore, mice with decorative homemade predator is unlikely to be able to make friends. Animals of this breed are very docile and prefer not to upset the master's bad behavior.

6. The Egyptian Mau

The sixth place among the most intelligent breeds of cat is the Egyptian Mau. These Pets differ special devotion to only one of the family members, which chooses as its master. They are very attached to the person will experience unconditional love. The Egyptian Mau is quite active and inquisitive, like when they play games that simulate hunting. Cats of this breed are silent and rarely give voice. Pets love the water and often with her amused. In addition, cats are very obedient and well aware of team owner.

5. The Devon Rex

Fifth place among the most intelligent cats took the breed Devon Rex. It is loyal and very loving Pets that prefer most of the time to spend active in the game. They are extremely curious and fearless, so in all cases shoved his muzzle. The Devon Rex has a mild temperament so good with children. Find a common language that representative and with other Pets, including dogs. The peculiarity of this breed is that they are not choosy in food.

4. The Burmese

Fourth place ranking is the Burmese. This is a very intelligent breed, which is characterized by its sociability and obedience. She is very good with children, which shows an enviable patience. Pets of this breed require greater attention, care and affection, don't love to stay alone for a long time. Burmese cats are well aware of his master and feel any changes in his mood. Due to its high intellect, they respond well to training.

3. Siamese cat

Opens the three most intelligent breeds of Siamese. The uniqueness of these Pets is that unlike other breeds they are crossed with other species. Siamese are very intelligent and inquisitive cats. They have a wilful, fairly complex character and very jealous. These Pets love being in the company of the owner and is very obedient. If desired, they can be trained to perform different tricks. The animal is very loyal to its owner and remains loyal only to him. To my cat of the Siamese demand attention and love affection.

2. Bengal cat

The second place ranking of the most intelligent breeds of cats is a Bengal cat. Intelligent and true to create very attached to their owner and do not like to be alone. They like taking long walks, as they prefer to lead an active lifestyle. The Bengalis are very observant and love to observe the actions of people who then try to repeat. These animals are able to open doors, cabinets and even Windows. Their high mental abilities due to the fact that their ancestor was the wild leopard cat who had to be smart to survive in the wild. The Bengalis absolutely non-aggressive and easily trained different teams.

1. Sphynx

Heads the ranking of the most intelligent breeds of cats Sphynx. Hairless animal acquires among cat-lovers more and more popular. It is infinitely good and loyal Pets that are very attached to his master than resemble the nature of dogs. They are easily trainable and well feel the mood of its owner. Sphinxes cannot stand alone and prefer to be the center of attention.

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