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Top 10 countries that are the easiest to emigrate


Different life circumstances, be it lack of work, the desire to marry a foreigner, military action, etc. forcing a person to relocate. And we are not talking about having to move to a neighboring district or even city. When you want to radically change your life, people go in search of happiness in other country, i.e. emigrate.

Of course, in our time, mass migration became available and achievable, so many locals are not happy arrived – they now need to share not only jobs, but men (women). In other countries, guests will be very happy, so the residence permit to simply how to get a job. There are special programs that support immigrants the first time.

Consider the TOP 10 countries that are most attractive to long-term emigration for permanent residence.

10. Australia

On the continent it is easier to come on a work visa or through the student exchange program, as it is less costly than investing. The country generates a large number of visas, inviting immigrants to fill jobs. High levels of well-being, natural landscapes, friendly people – encourages all our people for the move. It is advantageous to move students, after training, they also get a one year visa for job search. As for the workers, in Australia demanded professionals average to 44 years with at least minimal experience in the specialty (about a year). Mandatory knowledge of English, no criminal record or serious and incurable diseases.

9. USA

To settle in the country thanks to the famous green card (residence permit), but then someone as lucky. For example, the Ukrainians every year receive about 5 thousand cards, allowing them to become citizens of the States. What is attractive about America for immigrants? Well, for example, more than 150 renowned universities and one of the most powerful economies in the world, which provides people wishing jobs. How to obtain the infamous green card? For this participate in the lottery, which is held in the fall season. You can also join a kinship (marriage, birth of a child), to study and qualify for a work visa, count on political asylum (provide evidence), to open your own business or invest in the economy.

8. Czech Republic

In this European country a residence permit immediately get, but buying even an inexpensive living space, you can count on a long-term visa, which can later be extended for another couple of years. Immigrants are tempted by economic stability, easy for learning language, as well as free training for students in universities. Do not forget that the Czech Republic is an EU member, where you can travel to various parts of the world. The most profitable to emigrate to open your business. Also moving the students to obtain a quality and affordable education which is free at public universities. Of course, this will have to rent an apartment and learn the language.

7. Mexico

For expatriates in the country can be purchased FMM visa at the border or before boarding the plane. Expiration date – six months for the unemployed in the country of the person. Then the visa can be updated any number of times for the penny amount (21$) once in 6 months. If you legally reside in a country with beautiful beaches and mountain scenery. Of course, there are negative side – the constant struggle between the cartels, which could lead to accidental deaths of civilians. For example, over the last 10 years because of their "showdown" has killed tens of thousands, including our immigrants. With children to move there do not advise.

6. Canada

The country is quite liberal towards visitors, creating attractive conditions for inflow of labour. If you have sufficient skills and level of education, and you can offer Canada your intelligence, the program quick citizenship will be a good help. Potential "frame" is given a score for language skills, professionalism and specialization, the availability of higher education. If the score obtained is high and there are other favorable factors (relatives in Canada, education in this country), to obtain citizenship, only will be about $ 390. Bonus are good social conditions and living standards.

5. Dominican Republic

To emigrate to the Dominican Republic just a dream – côte d'azur, white sand, tropical climate and comfortable Bungalow. But all this is for tourists, it is highly resourced. What is advantageous in this case, the immigrant? Well, firstly, no need to do visa. Second, if you acquired the property, then after six months can apply for citizenship. On average it takes people 3-5 years to stop the bureaucratic nuances. Investment in the economy also provide a direct route to citizenship (the hard way, because it will need 200 thousand "green"). Can invest the amount in securities, and in any real property.

4. Israel

Country has always been loyal to visitors, especially if some random side they were associated with the Jewish nation. Proving its origin to emigrate will be easy, however, will have to officially convert to Judaism. The emigrant will find a high standard of living, access to jobs and mass motivating programs for immigrants, for example, the "Law of return". To enter the country for permanent residence, prepare full package of documents providing evidence of Jewish origin, a certificate of no criminal record, understanding of motives for moving (I'll ask in the interview). If an acknowledgment is received, the government will pay for you to fly with your Luggage and even provide funds for the first time.

3. Thailand

In order to adapt to the country, enough to purchase a property (very reasonable prices). Next would have to live about 5-10 years before you get citizenship. Long-term visas and their renewal, better to wait for the coveted crust. As for work – many suggest to start with the service sector or teaching. For example, teacher of English enough to have a medium level of proficiency.

2. Montenegro

Also, the residence permit can be obtain by purchasing the property (not necessarily residential). This is the easiest way. Highly valued good staff and professionals, which confirm the competence levels of education and experience. A. come to open his own business – no special obstacles will not meet. The residents are not very diligent and hardworking, so many niches remain vacant for visitors. Plus a well-equipped beaches and beautiful landscapes – everything you need for a good life.

1. Spain

Convenient EU country for visitors, however, is not the most affordable. Most opt for quick methods of emigration, buying property worth 500 thousand euros or marriage with a local. The government is considering the option of issuing the permit and in the presence of real estate on a more modest amount. 5 years after purchase issued a permanent residence permit, and after 10 already, and citizenship. But to maintain the residence permit must be at least half a year constantly resides in the country that gives the right to tax resident status. Also invited for seasonal work on a work visa.

Opportunities to move a lot, and many countries welcome open doors for visitors, young professionals. However, in most cases, you will need funds for property acquisition or the ability to marry a resident. The alternative is a visa for students or workers, but it should be documented and the interviews of their competence, as well as knowledge of the local language.

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