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The highest house in the world


Size matters when it comes to the height of buildings. The most majestic buildings in the world fascinate by their size and give the opportunity to see the city where, from the height of bird flight. Many skyscrapers built special viewing platforms.

The rating included the highest house in the world today.

10. Al-HamraHeight 414 meters

Tower al Hamra Kuwait opens the top ten of the tallest buildings in the world. One of the most beautiful asymmetrical skyscrapers were built in 2011. It reached the height of 414 meters, which is located 80 floors. The share of shopping centres, had 6 floors and a car Park — 11. In addition, the tower houses the offices, commercial premises, cinemas, clubs, restaurants and more. On the construction of the building took about 6 years. The building cost the state $ 500 million. Al Hamra boasts not only with its height and unusual form, and and 5 architecture awards, which she was awarded for the unusual design. In addition, it is one of the most reliable and durable structures, which are not afraid of natural disasters.

9. International Finance Centre Tower 2Height 415 meters

Chinese skyscraper, International Finance Centre Tower 2 Hong Kong ranked ninth among the tallest structures in the world. Building height of 415 metres and consists of 88 floors. At 40 floors, is located the hotel Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong, but the rest of the territory occupied by shopping centres and office space. The building is designed for 5000 people. The highest Chinese skyscraper was built in 1999.

8. Sears TowerHeight of 443 meters

On the eighth place among the tallest buildings located Chicago tower Sears Tower. Its height is just over 443 meters. The skyscraper includes a 110 floors. To erect a building started in the 70th year of the last century, and construction was completed in 1973. For 20 years the tower held the title of most high-rise buildings in the world and only in 1998 lost the twin towers of Malaysia. The cost of the project amounted to 150 million, which is equivalent in our time to $ 1 billion. The main material for building was steel. Design is a 10 square tubes, which form at the base of the giant square. The area of the Sears Tower is 418 000 sq. m. the Building includes 104 high-speed elevators, which divide the building into three zones.

7. PETRONAS twin Towersthe Height of 452 meters

Two skyscrapers of the twin PETRONAS Twins Towers, located in Malaysia, are in seventh place among the world's tallest buildings. In 1998, was erected one of the tallest towers in the world, who have connected air a two-story bridge at an altitude of 170 metres. Buildings rise at the level of 452 meters from the ground and have 88 floors. The construction has been spent 800 million dollars. The total area of buildings amounted to 213 750 sq. m., and the twins occupy a territory of 40 hectares. Here are the art gallery, exhibition and conference halls, various offices, residential apartments and much more.

6. Shanghai World Financial CenterHeight of 494 meters

Shanghai World Financial Center from Shanghai ranked sixth among the tallest skyscrapers in the world. Shanghai world financial center was built in 2008, and its height amounted to 494 meters. 101 floor houses meeting rooms, offices, hotels, shopping centers. The upper floors represent the observation deck. Skyscraper covers an area of 377 000 square meters, has 31 lift and 33 escalators. Initially it was assumed that the maximum height of Shanghai World Financial Center will be 510 metres of spire that I wanted to add to the top of the building. But this proposal is not agreed by the architect William Pedersen and construction stood at 494 m.

5. The Federation tower, the Height of 506 meters

Fifth place is the highest building of Europe, the Federation Tower, built in Moscow in 2015. The maximum height of the building with a roof made up of 506 metres. The construction is a complex of two towers — East and West. The total area includes the area of 442 sq. m. 915,2 East Tower considerably above its neighbour, and consists of 95 floors. Here is the shopping gallery, offices and apartments.

4. One World Trade CenterHeight of 541 meters

The fourth position among the tallest buildings in the world is manhattanesque tower new York One World Trade Center. The world trade center was built on the site of the former destroyed the complex in 2001. The center is still called as the Freedom Tower. The construction of a skyscraper with a height of 541 meters was completed in 2013. The structure comprises 109 floors, 5 of which are underground. It houses a variety of offices, shops and restaurants. There is also a viewing platform.

3. Taipei 101, the Height of 571 meters

Opens the three most tallest skyscrapers Taiwan Taipei 101 skyscraper. The planned building height of 571 meters beginning to be erected in 1999, and in late 2003 he made his discovery. The construction has been spent about 1.7 billion dollars. Taipei 101считается one of the symbols of Taiwan. Architectural building has 106 floors, 101 of which are terrestrial. The tower contains a huge shopping Mall, which houses more than a hundred different shops. There is also a large number of restaurants and clubs. Asian engineers have thought through the project in detail and protect Taipei 101 from destruction during a possible earthquake. Its design includes a special ball, which plays the role of shock absorbers and will not allow the tower to collapse.

2. The Abraj Al-Bait TowersHeight of 601 meter

Second place in the ranking of most tall buildings is the Abraj Al-Bait Towers (Royal Clock tower) from Saudi Arabia. The building with the biggest clock in the world was built in 2012 and reached a height of 601 meter. Just Clock Royal tower has 120 floors. At the very top of the giant clock with a diameter of 43 meters. They can be seen from any point in the city of Mecca, where the building is situated.

1. Burj DubaiHeight of 828 meters

The first place among the tallest structures built by man, is the Burj Dubai of the UAE capital. This skyscraper resembling a stalagmite. The construction of the building began in 2004 and ended in 2010. For the construction of one floor the workers were gone for three days. The construction was attended by about 4 thousand people. Ultimately, Dubai tower amounted to 828 meters in height. Its construction has been spent more than $ 4 billion. The building has 56 lifts, which are the fastest in the world. Inside are various offices, residential apartments, hotels, shopping and entertainment centres, viewing platforms and much more.

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