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The highest water slides in the world


Water parks – a great family attraction that you can arrange yourself and loved ones at any time of the year. Some of them can pamper and thrill seekers. We have prepared a selection that has collected the highest water slides in the world – the descent from them is guaranteed a hefty dose of adrenaline.

10. Summit TowerHeight of 27 m

Opens the list of the tallest water slides Summit Tower at Calypso Park, Ontario, Canada. It has the form of a tower consisting of 10 slides. Four of them are intended for families with children and starts at a height of 9 meters, the other two slides are intertwined with each other and descent from them is located at a height of 16 meters. The remaining four slides are constructed for extreme descent from the height of 27 meters.

9. The StukasHeight 30 m

Ninth place in the list of the tallest water slides in the world is the attraction of the Stukas, located in the water Park Caneva (Italy, province of Verona, amusement Park Movieland studios). 30-metre water slide allows you to reach the speed of 100 km/h On height it is equal to a ten-story building. Stukas is considered the most terrifying water ride in Italy – part of the visitors absolutely refused to go down on her, once on the top floor of extreme attraction.

8. King KhajunaAltitude 31 m

8 among the tallest water slides in the world is King Khajuna – a stunning attraction of Spanish Park Port Aventura''s Aquatic Park. Wanting to roll off a brave will find an almost free fall from the height of 31 meters of the chute, angled 55 degrees. The speed of descent on this slide is 6 meters per second. Extreme attraction is named after one of the most famous characters of the ancient Hawaiian epic.

7. VertiGOAltitude 33 m

The VertiGO attraction opened in summer 2013 in the Spanish Park Aqualandia in Benidorm, ranked 7th in the list of the giant water slides. Extreme attraction consists of two slopes: the first with a height of 33 meters and a second, more low – 28 metres. Wishing to make the descent are delivered to the top in a transparent sealed capsule. Under the feet of the brave touch of a button the hatch opens and begins the descent, during which the person develops speed to 100 km/h.

VertiGO was known as the highest capsule water slide in Europe.

6. Jumeirah SceirahAltitude 33 m

Jumeirah Sceirah at the Wild Wadi Waterpark is ranked 6th in the list of the tallest water slides in the world. This is one of the best and most extreme rides in Dubai. The Park is located at the foot of the symbol of the modern city – the famous hotel in the shape of a sail Burj al Arab. Pride amusement Park – Jumeirah Sceirah, one of the highest and fastest water slides in the world. Their height is 33 meters. Extreme descent begins to fall into the chute through the hatch. By the middle of the way when the tourist think that the worst is behind us, it is waiting for another rapid descent at speeds up to 80 km/h.

5. Summit PlummetHeight 36 m

In 5th place among the tallest water slides in the world is a 36.6-metre attraction-a trampoline Summit Plummet, located in Florida, in the amusement Park Walt Disney World Resort. Gorka, called "Rapid decline", located on the top of a green artificial hill Gushmore. The angle of inclination of the first section – almost 90 degrees, and the descent speed is 97 km/h for a Long time the attraction is Summit Plummet was included in the Guinness book of records as the tallest waterslide in the world. The Park, in addition to its amazing water amusement Park, famous for the fact that everywhere in the its territory lies in artificial snow.

4. Captain SpacemakerHeight 40 m

Venice attracts tourists not only for its famous canals and eventful history of the city, but also Aqualandia, which is one of the highest water slides in the world – Captain Spacemaker. Its height is 40.2 meters. Most of the route is at an angle of 60 degrees, which allows fans of extreme descent to reach the speed of 100 km/h.

3. InsanoAltitude 41 m

Third place in the list of the tallest water slides in the world belongs to the 41-metre-high Insano. It is located in the Brazilian water Park Beach Park. On the descent from the height of 14-storey building will venture is that crazy, so a slide in Portuguese is named "Crazy". The slope is almost vertical slides takes around 5 seconds. Speed sliding on it man reaches 105 km/h.

2. KilimanjaroAltitude 49 m

In 2nd place among the tallest water slides in the world is the Kilimanjaro attraction, located in the Brazilian water Park Aquas Quentes Country Club. Hill "Kilimanjaro", the height of which is 17-storey house, was at one time listed in the Guinness book of records. A whopper of a height of 49.9 meters was able to circumvent only built a few years ago in the US, the Verruckt waterslide.

The angle of "Kilimanjaro"is 60 degrees, and it allows the down to develop tremendous speed to 100 km/h.

1. VerrucktAltitude 51 m

First place in the list of the tallest water slides in the world takes Verruckt – extreme attraction, located in opened a few years ago, the Schlitterbahn Water Park, Kansas city,USA.

To commit extreme descent from the top of Verruckt slides, thrill-seekers will have to overcome a spiral lift consisting of almost 300 steps. The height of the hill is 51 meters 40 centimeters, which roughly corresponds to the height of the 17-storey building. To better understand the grandeur of the building, it can be compared with the statue of Liberty – the height of the statue without the pedestal is 46 meters.

Average rate of descent from the hill – 105 km/h Extreme attraction made in the form of a wave – once at the bottom, the raft with visitors to the Park due to the acceleration begins to rise to the height of five-story building.

Unfortunately, the highest water slide connected accident – 10-year-old boy died while descending from the main attractions of the water Park slides Verruckt. Since the opening of the attraction to him was allowed only children 14 years and a growth of at least 137 see Probably later the rules were relaxed. Details of the tragedy, the police did not disclose.

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