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The tallest buildings in Dubai


Dubai is not only a region with high income and high year-round temperature. Ultra modern city in the United Arab Emirates is literally Packed with skyscrapers, which became a symbol and visit card of Dubai. The concentration of towers is really impressive – at the moment in Dubai more than 40 buildings with a height of over 220 meters (in Moscow, for example 4 times less). No less impressionable would be and the fact that Dubai is a 400-foot residential building (the burglars. there really is not easy) and the tallest building in the world. In addition, this projected (but not yet implemented) the construction of the tower, Nahil, the height of which measured in kilometers (nearly a half). Still not dizzy? Then immersed in a high-speed Elevator and rush through ten the highest buildings of Dubai.

10. Emirates crown296 m

Opens a list of the tower, called the Emirates crown is located in a complex of high-rise buildings of Dubai. Pretty modest for our today's representatives of the height index in 296 meters (63 floors) puts the tower at the fifteenth position in the inner "primacy" of Dubai (world ranking skyscrapers Emirates crown is not included in the first hundred). It is surprising that such a big deal by the standards of the nine-story building met only in three years (in the period from 2005 to 2008), and at the end of 2007, the "Crown" was already in a condition fit for visitation. The tower has a status residence.

9. Tower collapsed wall and flooding at307,3 m

Just above the Emirati crown is the highest point of the tower collapsed wall and flooding ( meters). The building was never intended for large monastery in the world ratings of spires, but in this case there is nothing to be ashamed of, and here's why. First, the tower collapsed wall and flooding is a residential house in the 73 floor, inside which there are 495 apartments in the premium segment (as you bedroom at an altitude of 254 meters?). Second, the walls of the building on the top floor rotated 90 degrees with respect to the walls at the base (with each floor of the tower "twists" of 1.2 degrees), which leads not only to a mesmerizing sight of the skyscraper, but also creates a record. Indeed, a collapsed wall and flooding is the tallest building in the world having this configuration.

8. Hotel Emirates towers309 m

"Little sister" Emirates office tower (it is described separately) is a hotel with a height of 309 meters. 56 floors of this five-star Dubai hotel is 400 rooms (about 40 of them luxury segment), the top of which is located at 268 meters (I wonder, does my cell phone there?). Despite the fact that the Emirates towers, built in the already distant 2000, and it is not found in the first hundred list of the world's skyscrapers, the tower is still in the ranks of the highest spires of Dubai (the 13th place).

7. Ocean peaks310 m

Tower Ocean peaks in its appearance resembles a giant Cup or a bottle of toilet water. The fact that on the way from the lower floors to the top of the building is slightly twisted (not as collapsed wall and flooding, but no less effectively), due to which the skyscraper has a curved configuration. It is surprising that such sophisticated design (made designer Andrew Bromberg) was initially almost the second choice. By the way, the Ocean top is nothing like an 83-storey residential building, towering above the ground at 310 meters. The owners of the property are unusual 519.

6. Burj al Arab321 m

Truly one of the most unusual hotels in the world located... in the open sea. Yes, to realize such madness can only Arabs. A luxury hotel in the form of a sailing ship Dou do is 270 metres from the shore (land building only connects the bridge), it was created a special artificial island. The presence of skyscrapers in our list implies that the Burj al Arab is not just a hotel, this is a very high hotel. Really, the building rises to 321 meters above sea level (or is it earth?), that at the time of construction (1999) was considered to be a world record among the hotels.

5. Rose tower333 m

Another difficult hotel is called the Rose Tower located on the Sheikh Zayed road, the main street of Dubai and part of one of the areas of concentration of the city's skyscrapers. The hotel's 72 floors and a height of 333 meters originally planned to build at 380 meters, but the final figures had to for 4 years (2008 to 2012) the Tower Rose excelled in the ranking of highest hotels in the world. The Arabs are strictly from alcohol, it is not surprising that open 8 years ago, the Tower Rose was hardly the first hotel where allowed to sell alcohol.

4. Dubai torch336,8 m

The Marina Torch tower, known as Dubai torch is a 79 storey building, designed... of course, housing (in the end, Dubai is common, we have become accustomed). Inside the skyscraper is located 676 apartments of different types (by the way, the little one here is a 91 square meter). As for the main parameter for us, the Dubai torch, having a roof on the level of 336.8 meters, ranks in the top five of the world's tallest residential buildings. It is noteworthy that in 2015 and 2017 the building, as if to justify its own name, was on fire. Fortunately, in both cases has done without victims.

3. Emirates office tower354.6 m m

Another high-rise, built at the turn of the Millennium (however, such towers in Dubai only three, because the vast majority of towers were built after 2007). Emirates office tower, along with his "sister" Jumeirah Emirates towers are the famous tandem "Emirates towers", but our heroine is still higher. 54-story skyscraper has 100 000 square meters reserved for offices of various companies and agencies. The total height of the tower is 354.6 meters, which makes the building fifth in the domestic rankings of Dubai and the 38th in the world championship spires.

2. Tower Almas363 m

Again the skyscraper, located on an artificial island in the lake, Amirah (I think the Arabs are able to build their own universe). However, this time the island built for the whole cluster, the Central vertex of which is the Almas tower. 74-storey skyscraper is reserved for commercial purposes – there is a lot of offices and representatives of firms engaged in the processing and sale of diamonds and other precious stones (no wonder the second name of the skyscraper is the Diamond tower). As for the height of the building, the upper floor is located at 280 meters, and the spire crowning the tower, built at the level of 363 meters.

1. Burj Khalifa634 m

Finally, the top of our list in every sense. Burj Khalifa is the absolute world record for the height of buildings. No joke, if only the top floor of a skyscraper is higher than the Tokyo Sky Tree (634 meters), coming second in the rankings. All in all, the Burj Khalifa stands at 828 meters (15 minutes walk on foot on the ground). 163 floors of the main skyscraper of Dubai have different use – here are the office space and trading floors, and a hotel. However, in 344 000 square meters can fit and a small town. Oh yeah, it's Dubai so the Burj Khalifa, there are apartments (for the price of a small town).

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