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The highest paying jobs in the world


All of us have to earn our bread by the sweat of his face. However, it is easy to see that some do it better than others. Different professions are very different in their level of remuneration. It is clear that a lot depends on the technician level skills, experience and countries in which it operates. But the General trends that exist today in the global labor market, indicate it is possible.

Naturally, maximum salary get qualified. Among the most paid professionals there are top-level managers, and people associated with the production.

We have prepared for you a list that includes the most highly paid professions in the world at the moment. This list may be interesting for students and future graduates of schools.

10. Specialist in genetic engineering and biotechnology

Now in the world there is an acute problem of shortage of food. Humanity has found a way out of this impasse: we started to grow modified plants that are disease resistant, have high yields, contain more of the necessary substances.

That early breeders took decades, today it is possible to create in a few years. Also actively working to create artificial human bodies. We can safely say that in the near future specialists of this profile are sure to be much in demand.

9. IT-specialist

The modern world is a world of information. In recent decades, computers, mobile phones and the Internet have completely changed our lives. Progress is moving in this direction rapidly. Experts in the field of computer technologies (this is a very wide range of professions) are very popular today. Programmers, electrical engineers, other specialties associated with the virtual world today will be able to earn a piece of bread. Even with a good layer of oil.

8. Advertising specialist

The main problem in the USSR there was a shortage of goods and services, the modern world suffers from another problem: overproduction. No particular difficulties to create anything, there is a problem, as then sell. The slogan that advertising is the motor trade have heard, perhaps, everything.

The professional in this field must know how to offer their goods to the consumer, to make him part with money. This profession can also be attributed to marketers, and managers of the sales Department.

7. Market analyst

Now there is a huge number of offers of any product. The price constantly fluctuates, changing the ratio between supply and demand. Market analyst sistematizirovat this information and on the basis of the analysis makes predictions on a certain period of time. He can advise on what to buy and when. Whether to conduct the deal right now or should I wait.

There are financial analysts, they also make pretty good money. Their main function is the analysis of securities prices and the Outlook for the future. Sometimes these people earn a lot of money on the exchange.

6. Dentist

The people of this profession will always be needed. According to Western statistics, the demand for specialists of this profession exceeds the supply several times. The average salary of a dentist in Western countries is approximately 132 thousand dollars a year.

Today, the number of dental clinics is increasing worldwide, but dentists are not enough. The increasing complexity of technologies that are used today in dentistry, requires the qualification of these doctors.


5. Pilot

This profession is considered to be elite. The people who pilot the aircraft must have perfect health, both physical and psychological. After all, they hold in their hands the lives of passengers. In addition, the pilot must be a great technician. A modern aircraft is an extremely complex machine and to control it we need more knowledge. In addition, the pilot of a modern aircraft should have a specific psychological – it is necessary quickly to make a very difficult and responsible decisions. The average salary of a pilot is 134 thousand dollars per year.

4. Therapist

The doctor, of course, if he is highly qualified, will always be in demand. This profession is highly valued in Europe and North America. Wages of the person with this specialty is about 160 thousand dollars. It is possible to note only the following: people usually don't skimp on your health, from this follows the conclusion that physicians will always be able to earn a living.

However, at present, medical technology is rapidly evolving and any doctor must continuously learn in order not to lose the qualification.

3. Technical Manager

This man should carry out projects related to the creation of some technical products. The range of these products is very wide: it could be cars and electronics and projects associated with brand new technologies. The main task of the specialist of this profile is to coordinate the work of many tens or even hundreds of people to create a successful product. One of the main skills that should be inherent in such a specialist is the ability to work with large amounts of information. Man such a specialty should be very quick to learn and absorb new information.

2. Anesthesiologist

This is a very well-paid profession. In some countries, anesthesiologists earn even more than surgeons. It is only at first glance it seems that this doctor is very simple. In fact, his skills are often human life depends. Without a competent anesthetist even the most experienced surgeon is not able to conduct a successful operation. In Western countries wages received by such a specialist, can reach 162 thousand dollars per year.

1. Surgeon

Today, this specialty is considered to be the highest paid. Despite the obvious progress in the development of medical equipment and the emergence of new technologies in this area, medicine is not yet able to do without a scalpel. In many instances, you must physically be inside of the human body and to solve the problem. And here very much depends on the skill of the surgeon. Talented surgeons are often compared to musicians-virtuosos. And there is a lot of truth. To become a talented surgeon need to have an innate gift, then to spend many years in training, spend a large number of operations.

The surgeon is the common name of the profession. Now there are a large number of narrow specialization of these doctors. Very honorable and profitable to be a plastic surgeon. To correct the shortcomings of a person's appearance, which he had from birth is a very worthy occupation. Most highly qualified surgeons have among neurosurgeons, who carry out complex operations on the human brain. The average wage for a good surgeon in the West may be 200 thousand dollars a year. But to get the money you need to spend more than one year to get the relevant qualifications and skills.

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