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The coldest place on Earth


In the top 10 included the coldest place on Earth with a record low temperature that was ever recorded. Among them are how the towns and earth is absolutely not suitable for life. The undisputed leader among the countries according to the number of the coldest areas of Russia, many villages located in the permafrost zone.

10. Barrow

Barrow (USA) — the northernmost inhabited city in North America item opens a list of the coldest places on Earth. The city is located in the permafrost. The ground here can freeze up to 400 meters in depth. The climate of barrow is not only cold but also dry. Winter season is considered to be extremely dangerous for life, as the severe frosts are associated with strong winds. About three months a year the temperature exceeds 0 degree but does not rise above plus 4 degrees. Even for summer it is characterized by freezing. The average annual temperature in barrow is -12 degrees. The lowest temperature falls in the month of February and is -49°C. the city of the permafrost is the fact that the sun here does not appear in the period from November to February.

9. Internashinal Falls

Next American city Internashinal falls (USA) is also entitled to carry the title of the coldest places on the planet. The Americans call this town "the Fridge of the nation" is not casual: the temperature in the warmest month (July) can be 0 degrees and in the coldest (January) reach 49 degrees below zero.

8. Astana

Astana (Kazakhstan) takes the eighth place in the list of the coldest places in the world and second among the coldest capitals in the world. In winter the mercury can drop to levels -52 degrees. The winters are very cold and long. The frost period begins in November and lasts through April. Summer is characterized by high fever that can reach 41°C. annual Average is equal to 3 degrees above zero.

7. Vorkuta

The city of Vorkuta (Komi Republic) can wear the title of the coldest places in the world, which is located in the permafrost zone. The settlement has a subarctic climate and refers to the far North. Freezing observed here for 10 months of the year and even in summer, don't rule out a cold. Due to the harsh climate of Vorkuta, the cultivation of vegetable crops in the open ground is impossible. The average annual temperature in the city is -6 degrees. The absolute minimum temperature falls in the month of December and amounts to -57°C. In summer the mercury can rise to levels 33 degrees.

6. Ust-Sugar

The village of Ust-Sugar (Komi Republic) fighting for the title of the coldest place on Earth. In 1978 there was experiencing record-high is 58 degrees below zero. The average temperature of the coldest month (December) is -28 degrees, the warmest (July) is 14°C above zero. There is a small village with a population of 30 people at a height of 75 meters above sea level.

5. Yakutsk

The capital of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Yakutsk occupies the fifth place in the ranking of the most coldest places on the planet. Severe Yakut frosts in the winter average 40 degrees. High minimum temperatures may reach 65°C below zero. Winter lasts here for six months — from early October to late April. As for the summer, to the North of the city there is anomalous heat, which can reach 40°C. the Average annual temperature in Yakutsk is 9 degrees below zero. This is one of the largest urban settlements located on the territory of permafrost.

4. Eismitte

The former station Eismitte (Greenland) is in fourth place in the list of the coldest places on the Earth. In 1930, there were recorded the lowest temperature readings, which amounted to -65 degrees. The average temperature of February is 47 degrees below zero. In July, which is considered here the warmest month, the average temperature is 12°C. the Station is located on the Greenland shield at a height of 3010 metres above sea level. Here were sent in the 30-ies of the last century, the Greenland expedition of Alfred Wegener, which affected a lot of people from frostbite. Himself Alfred Wegener died from hypothermia.

3. East

Station "Vostok" (Antarctica) reveals three of the most coldest places on Earth. Here are severe weather conditions: low temperatures throughout the year. In 1983 the station was officially registered indicators – 89 degrees. The highest temperature was recorded in 1957 and amounted to 13.6 degrees below zero. This area holds the status of "a cold pole". The warmest months are December and January, when the average is equal to -35°C. the Station is at an altitude of 3488 meters above sea level that does not allow her to wear the title of the coldest places of the earth. If the figures lead to the level of the sea, the undisputed leader is the village of Oymyakon in the Republic of Yakutia.

2. Verhojansk

The town of Verkhoyansk (Republic of Sakha) is the coldest place on the planet, after the village of Oymyakon. Verhojansk is also among the small Russian cities with a population of just over 1,000 people. The lowest temperature was registered here in 1892 and was minus 68 degrees. The town has an official status of "pole of cold". Winter in the city of the Republic of Sakha long, very harsh and cold. In addition, there falls a negligible amount of precipitation, comparable to deserts. Therefore, the Verkhoyansk still refers to the cities of Russia with the dry climate. Frosts are possible even in summer, which lasts very long. The average annual temperature is 18.6 degrees.

1. Oymyakon

The village of Oymyakon (Sakha Republic) is officially recognized as the coldest place on Earth. Is one of the "cold Pole" on the planet. This is one of the most inhospitable places in the world, according to climatic parameters, which is home to a permanent population of about 500 people. The village is located at a height of 745 m above the sea level. The absolute minimum temperature here is 64 degrees, but according to some in Ojmjakon in 1938 was recorded a temperature of -78 degrees. Verkhoyansk also claimed for the coldest place in the world, but for meteorological data annual average temperature in Oymyakon is below 0.3°C in Verkhoyansk, which allows him to take the lead.

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