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The most exciting books


The book is one of the greatest creations of mankind. Brilliant minds for many years collecting information for their works of art to share with people the most beautiful. The best works of masters of the pen can carry off from reality, forced to empathize with the characters and completely immersed in the fictional world of publishing pages.

Attention fans of literature presents the most exciting books of all time from various genres.

10. Notre Dame Cathedral

Historical novel by Victor Hugo "Notre Dame Cathedral" opens the list of the most exciting and interesting books. The masterpiece of creation describes the historical events and architecture of the middle Ages, against which shows the fate and life of one of the ugliest creatures ringer Quasimodo. In love with the beautiful Esmeralda, the poor freak is well aware that his girlfriend will never be with him. Despite the ugliness, Quasimodo is beautiful, not embittered soul, capable of committing good deeds.

9. The name of the rose

Detective novel by Umberto Eco "the name of the rose" is one of the most exciting works of the 20th century. The two main characters William of Baskerville and Adson Malicki investigating the cause of the death of a Tibetan monk Adelma. With the help of logical reasoning Wilhelm offers the clue to the chain of crimes. The book describes the events of just one week. Bright, rich, full of the intricacies of the product to the last page keeps the reader in suspense.

8. The Flesh Of The Orchid

"Flesh of the Orchid" by James Hadley chase — one of the most exciting and brightest detectives of all time. The book was immediately mixed several genres. From the first lines of the work takes the reader into a completely different world — the world of a mentally ill person. The main character is one of the most beautiful and terrible of all creatures at the same time. Placed in a 19-year-old in a psychiatric hospital, it breaks out, killing a nurse. Outside the hospital the girl will have trials and dangers. She open local hunting bandits, because she is the only heir of the deceased major financier.

7. 451 degrees Fahrenheit

A fantastic novel by ray Bradbury "451 degrees Fahrenheit" is one of the best creations of the writer, which is rightly included in the list of the most exciting books. This name for his novel the master of the pen was not chosen accidentally: it is at this temperature to ignite paper. The main characters of the novel become books, which is everywhere destroyed by order of higher authority. The government objectionable to humanity read, evolved and felt. They replace the imperishable artistic creations of dubious pleasures. Reading is the most terrible crime, for which law enforcement authorities severely punished. One of the fireman, Montag, are taking part in the elimination of manuscripts, one day decides to break the law and saves one of the books. After reading it, the hero realizes that you will not be able to return to his former life and joins a small handful of people who even under threat of severe punishment didn't stop reading and hiding books from fire.

6. The book thief

A novel by Markus zusak "the Book thief" is an unusual piece with a gripping storyline, where the narrative comes from a person's Death. Zusak partially describes the events of the Second World War, when death was a frequent visitor of almost every family. The plot revolves around thirteen-year-old orphan who lost not only parents and little brother. Fate takes a little main character in foster care. Suddenly, the girl discovers a passion for books, which have become her real support in the cruel world and help not to break.

5. Collector

Unrivaled novel "the Collector" by John Fowles, no doubt, included in the list of the most exciting books. Work is read in one breath. The plot its quite simple: the main character, an unremarkable Everyman by the name of Clegg, by the will of fate becomes rich. But he does not know with whom to share his wealth, because it has no children, no family. His main hobby in life is collecting rare and beautiful butterflies. Indecisive, introverted young man, having won a large sum of money heading to live to the country. There he reminisces about his longtime love for the girl from the school, Miranda. Clegg decides to her kidnapping. Hero to the smallest subtleties is working on a plan and steals the girl. Clegg is confident that the young person will be able to love him, being with him in prison. But she feels for him a bunch of different emotions and feelings, but not love. Deeply insecure with a poor inner world of a young man unaware that put him in prison girl, she can't belong to him like a captured butterfly.

4. Pride and Prejudice

The novel "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen occupies the fourth position in the ranking of the most exciting books. In the center of the work the couple is Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy. Before the main characters are together they will go through the jealousy and intrigue, trudging around them. The surrounding people envy, which could not look calmly at someone else's happiness. But despite all the machinations of the lovers all are destined to reunite. The book differs from other works of the same genre is the lack of sugary affections, pouring out the love of long speeches and hot kisses. In every line of the narrative traces the simplicity, brevity, subtle irony and deep psychology of the main characters.

3. The Picture Of Dorian Gray

"The picture of Dorian gray" by Oscar Wilde opens the three most exciting works of art of all time. This is a fantastic novel with a philosophical bent and thin psychological thread. The protagonist of the book — conceited young man and a dazzling handsome Dorian. His whole life is to seek pleasure. In search of new, thrill-he got more and more wallowing in the depths of debauchery. At this point, the picture of Dorian decides to write one of the most skilful artists, which reverently refers to the dazzling beautiful egotist. When a gift is its exact copy on canvas, in the mind of the protagonist flashed the thought of how it would be good if aging is only a portrait, and he remained the eternal young. By the will of fate the desire of selfish implemented. The reader will observe from the side, how is the moral decline and aging of the character that appears is not his real appearance in the portrait.

2. Lady Chatterley's lover

Second in the list of the most exciting books located the novel David Lawrence's "lady Chatterley's Lover". Publication of works in the 20-ies of the last century has caused an incredible scandal because of the content in the text, many blatant sexual scenes. The author has created three versions of the novel, and only the last of them was recognized. The plot is "involved" in a love triangle, which turns out a retired Lieutenant wounded sir Chatterley, his young beautiful wife and unpolished Forester, looking over the estate of a married couple. War made Lieutenant disabled, incapable of procreation and sexual relations with his wife. He understands that his companion needs a full-fledged man, and he pushes spouse to commit adultery. Long resisting the natural instinct, the longing for male affection, lady Chatterley's still beginning to look to the Forester family, in which he saw the perfect man for the affair. Between people from different social strata flashes of real animal passion.

1. The da Vinci code

"The da Vinci code" of Dan brown tops the list of the most exciting books. The work of the legendary da Vinci is keep yourself in a secret code, which is the key to unlocking the whereabouts of Christian shrines, with endless authority and power. The story begins with night call, a Harvard Professor of iconography Robert Langdon. The main character murder of the old curator of the Museum of the Louvre. Beside the corpse found a note, which is a combination of the artist's works.

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