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Top 10 most unusual dishes in the world


In every world cuisine has dishes that are the hallmark of the country. They are in great demand, both among locals and among visitors. Many recipes have been recognized in other national cuisines with only minor improvements. But today I want to get acquainted with the most unusual dishes of the world cuisine, which for locals are expensive delicacies, and most foreigners only cause disgust and the question: "How can we eat it?". And not even every one of the greatest foodie dare to tasting these culinary delights.

10. Pellet of dirt

Bread from clean eating in one of the poorest countries in the world Haiti. In connection with rise in price of rice and legumes, this dish became the basis of the diet for the poor citizens of the state. The recipe cakes simple, and most importantly the public, the structure includes pre-sifted yellow clay, water, salt and vegetable fat. Sometimes the dough is put vegetable scraps. Round pellets are dried under the open sun. The indigenous people of Haiti call this dish "Tierra". Previously it was included in the diet of children and pregnant women, as it was believed that the pellets contain much useful for their body of calcium. They say that the taste of the pellets is not too terrible, but once in the mouth, they leave a bad taste of the earth for a few hours.

9. Tacos grasshoppers and caterpillars

Taco is considered to be the national dish of Mexican cuisine. But tacos with insects is never popular. This dish was first offered to visitors to the Mexican restaurant, who decided to make a highlight in their menu. Grasshoppers and caterpillars are roasted with chili and or lime, and stew in a sauce. Delicacy varnish, applying it on a Mexican tortilla. Maybe dish and has an exquisite taste, but it looks not aesthetically pleasing. Tacos grasshoppers and caterpillars of the small size contains about 30% of the daily value of protein, and therefore constitutes a good alternative to meat.

8. Eye tuna

It's an unusual dish you can taste only in Japan, where eye tuna are considered the most delicious part of the fish. The eye is comparable in size with the average chicken egg and look very intimidating. This dish is considered very healthy. To preserve all vitamins and microelements is recommended to use eye tuna raw, but most often they are boiled in salted water and eat with soy sauce. Like the Japanese, but tourists say that the taste of the dish-specific and not similar to any others. Eye tuna served in Japanese restaurants and are quite inexpensive, and that means that every visitor to Japan is the opportunity to appreciate the taste of this useful and unusual dishes.

7. A-ping

A-ping – a kind of poisonous tarantulas, to evaluate unusual dish tastes in Cambodian town of Skuon. For locals and dish-ping is considered a delicacy, it costs a lot of money. The spider fangs which are used to cook this delicacy, contains the poison, so before heat treatment they must remove. Otherwise, can occur fatal. Spiders are roasting on an open fire with the addition of large amounts of salt and garlic. Red-brown carapace – a signal that a-ping willing. Properly cooked spiders are tender inside and crispy outside.

6. Escamoles

The dish with the intriguing title "escamoles" is the national dish of Mexico's inhabitants. The delicacy is made from the black eggs of giant ants that resemble a peeled pine nuts. Ready escamoles consistency resembles cottage cheese, to taste a dish can be compared to butter mixed with ground nuts. Mexicans eat this delicacy, both in raw and in cooked forms. Often ant eggs stewed with butter, chili and onions, served with guacamole and Mexican tortillas. The menu of local restaurants you can find an expensive dessert escamoles. For cooking ant eggs just fried or boiled with garlic and onions.

5. Balut

Balut is a popular dish among the inhabitants of South-East Asia, particularly revered in the Philippines. Balut is a boiled duck egg, inside which has developed the fruit of a hryaschik, beak and plumage. Filipinos can not imagine their diet without this food. It is especially popular among men as it is believed that balut has a beneficial effect on potency. The egg is served hot, gently opened with a blunt end, sprinkle with salt or watered vinegar. Then drink the amniotic fluid, and eaten all the insides. It is said that after the first tasting you want to try again and again.

4. Fried tarantula

Tarantula can be enjoyed in Cambodia. Today fried spiders are considered a real delicacy in that country, crowds of tourists come here to appreciate famous delicacy. Although the locals eat spiders just for the sake of their survival. Today Cambodians brilliantly cooked tarantulas, they fry them with the addition of hot spices and garlic. The finished dish is recommended to eat immediately while it's still piping hot. People who dared to try this delicacy, compare spider meat with crab or lobster. Properly cooked tarantulas should have a crispy crust and tender meat inside.

3. Shiokara

This delicacy was the invention of the Japanese, it is prepared with unusual ingredients in unusual ways. Shiokara is a chopped seafood, most of the squid marinated in its own guts. The dish is prepared long marinating process takes about a month and always takes place in a tightly sealed container. The finished dish can be served as snacks. It is characterized by a sharp odor and unpresentable. Even the majority of Japanese people considers this dish is terrible!

2. Coffee "Black cat"

In Thailand, you can enjoy the most expensive coffee in the world, a Cup of drink is $ 50, and the pounds of beans $ 1,100. The secret of such high prices is hidden in the fact that the producer of coffee beans are elephants. They eat the choicest coffee beans, and then, after the digestive process, they defecate. Under the influence of enzymes in the digestive tract of elephants destroyed the protein in grains that gives the finished drink that same astringency and richness. Gourmets who managed to taste the drink, feel a touch of chocolate, nuts, spices and the fragrance of floral bouquet.

1. The bird's nest soup

The bird's nest soup is a Chinese delicacy for hundreds of years. It is made from salangane nests, hatched them with its sticky saliva. First, the nest soaked in water, then cleaned of droppings and feathers treated with alkaline solution. Then washed several times under running water and begin to cook the broth. Usually the nest is boiled in a chicken broth with added rice vodka, ginger and salt. Ready soup is the consistency of jelly, the nest is served on a separate plate. The cost of this dish in restaurants up to $ 100 per portion.

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