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Top 10 things that should be in every home


Each of us, equipping your home, he wants it cozy and met all our criteria of taste. However, much more important, first and foremost, to care not about the color of the walls and furniture design, and on the practical side of your house or apartment. There is a list of things that need to have every host on hand in case of an emergency. Of the 10 most needed items will be discussed further.

10. Soda, dry mustard and vinegar

These familiar each hostess products will be useful not only when creating culinary masterpieces, but in the case that suddenly ended with a detergent solution to clean the glass or hair. Online you can find many original ways of using these ingredients are not for their intended purpose. But still we should not forget that we live in the 21st century, and that the soda, mustard and vinegar instead of household chemicals should be used only in exceptional cases.

9. Stand under the hot

Any housewife knows that the hot dishes leaves very ugly marks on the table surface or tablecloth. Such simple and inexpensive things, like coasters under hot pans will help to avoid these unpleasant consequences. Inventive owners use stand, made of a material that is able to exude a pleasant aroma when exposed to high temperature. These include, for example, stands of juniper.

8. Candles and a lighter or matches

Candles will be useful not only in the organization of a romantic dinner and theme parties, but in that moment, when suddenly the lights go out and denied all the appliances. Wax candles not only help to illuminate a dark room, but also create a cozy atmosphere. However, when using candles you need to keep in mind that carelessness in their use may have caused the fire.

If you still scares the high level of fire danger data with bulbs, you can use candles that work on batteries. They are durable, do not exude a specific aroma and after they don't have to clean the chandelier.

7. Paper clips and clamps

They can actively be used not only when working with documents. Clips and clamps is very useful in the kitchen and affixing bags of spices, cereals and other granular products. This little thing is able to significantly make your work easier in the kitchen, because every housewife knows how annoying accidentally spilled condiments on the shelves, a lot of which exude a very pungent smell.

Network Housewives bloggers even share lifehacks you can use a paperclip and clips to use as clothespins.

6. Brushes for shoes and clothes

Clothing and footwear, regardless of cost, require attention not less than, for example, potted plants. Brush for shoes and clothing will help you to effectively take care of your wardrobe.

In addition, if your house is haunted by some creatures , prone to shedding, those items of care should be complemented by a special brush-strap with which you can easily remove hair from clothes.

5. A fire extinguisher

Purchasing a fire extinguisher, each of us dreams that this thing will remain unopened, and that the need for its use will never occur. But life is unpredictable, so in case of an emergency it is better to have it on hand. You also need to ask an expert to teach you how to properly use a fire extinguisher. In a pinch, you can find a tutorial on the network dedicated to the operation of the extinguisher, and review it carefully. Do not regret the time spent, it is quite possible that information in the future will help you to protect from the fire themselves and their families.

4. Guest sneaker

Any host periodically receiving in your house, don't need to explain why it is necessary to have a couple extra pairs of home sneakers. If your guests are not yoga, years of training your feet hot charcoal or cold, they are unlikely to have relished the feeling of the cold floor under my feet. In addition, if your guests will be wearing shoes, you don't have to blush when they find their socks or bare feet traces of a not very clean floor, in case you do not have time to clean before their arrival.

If your home is equipped with floor heating system, then this recommendation can be neglected.

3. Blackout curtains

From a practical point of view, not as important as the design of window curtains, as the material from which they are made. Bedroom is very important soundproofing and protection from intense sunlight, which can be fully secured with solid curtains. Remember, one of the conditions of your high health and good mood is healthy and quality sleep, which can be achieved only in a properly equipped room. Besides, the curtains of dense tissue, regardless of the style of a given interior look much more presentable and create a cozy atmosphere in the room.

2. Flashlight

In a private house, this piece is simply irreplaceable. Now the lanterns are made with a variety of additional features and easy activation mechanisms due to which these devices become as simple to operate.

Of course, you can ignore this advice, arguing that a flashlight is now equipped with almost all modern smartphones. However, each of us knows that in the event of a force majeure situation, even the most feature-rich gadget with the big share of probability, will either not at hand or it will be insufficiently charged. And good old flashlight, battery-operated, reliable and convenient. You need to try very hard to disable it (assuming you don't plan to hammer nails).

1. Scotch and duct tape

For anybody not a secret that in the era of total deficit with the help of these simple things local wizard managed to fix almost any device. Times have changed, however, in an emergency situation duct tape or electrical tape can help even a novice master.

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