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Angry and funny octopus – ideas for productive leisure


Designer Zane Uzkliņģe offered to settle in the house of the hero, which does not require care, but so uplifting! Just look at this grumpy face! It's a miracle in a hat with a monocle and wants to chastise you for coming home too late. Octopuses linked by hand – knitting and crochet from acrylic and mohair yarn. The designer used a mixed technique of crochet amigurumi to create an interesting texture.

The toy does not perform any practical functions, but who will prevent you to use it as a couch cushion?

How he looks like, go away, leave me alone!

Stern look if you get bored, collect the tentacles of an octopus in a bun and tie a ribbon!

Here you have other options for unusual Pets!

This is with the head of a cat and the octopus tentacles are not as strict as the previous one.

But a huge scary octopus. Watch out, he's terribly cute!

This gentleman can be used as weapons in pillow fights or for home theater.

And this very romantic octopuses obviously going on a date.

Just charming family of small marine inhabitants with lots of crispy tentacles. Though small, but it is the Lord!

Source: Zane Uzkliņģe
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