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A list of movies detective Tatiana Ustinova


Screenwriter and writer Tatyana Ustinova — the Creator of a fascinating and readable in one breath detectives. The films based on her books, no less exciting and action-Packed. In her novels captured about thirty feature films.

Presented to the readers detectives Tatiana Ustinova — list movies.

10. A shadow on the two

A shadow on the two opens the list of the best detective Tatiana Ustinova, which was filmed. The main hero of the film Andrey Danilov deprived wife who was killed. He first falls under suspicion. But his friend Tarasov pushes him a solid alibi. A year later, a series of tragic events, once again bursts into the life of the protagonist. Someone wants to throw him in jail and deny everything. To help Danilov comes a woman named Martha, who has been in love with him. Now they both find themselves in mortal danger. They will find out who sharpens teeth on the main character.

9. My personal enemy

Drama My own worst enemy is included in the list of the best movies based on detective Tatiana Ustinova. The main character picture-Sasha Potapova in a moment loses everything that was dear to her in life. It loses the location of the correspondent on the popular TV channel, beloved husband and belief in a bright future. In the same period lost and the best friend of the heroine in hot Chechen point. Desperate Sasha asks for help unfamiliar foreign journalist who came to Russia to collect material for his future book. The girl has no idea what an incredible adventure waiting for her with this man.

8. The goddess of primetime

Romance Goddess Prime-time occupies the eighth position in the list of paintings created in the novels of detective writer. Russian correspondent Olga Shelestova and Nikita Belyaev sent to military hot spots for filming. On the way back, Olga is transplanted to colleagues in the car and disappears. Her partner Belyaev returns one. Soon to be known the motives for the theft: in the hands of Olga proved to be a valuable secret information about the Taliban leader Akbar. For the personal investigation of the case is taken Olga's husband Bakhrushin.

7. The genius of empty space

The genius of empty space is included in the list of the best pictures taken by detective Tatiana Ustinova. The plot revolves around the story of four friends from the University. Two of them decide to do science, and the other two businesses. One of the scientists by the name of Kuzmin, who was considered a loser among friends, starts talking about big money that are supposed to appear. But soon a chatty hero killed. His friend and businessman Mitya Khokhlov decides to find out who would want to kill Kuzmin.

6. Holiday romance

Romance holiday romance, filmed on a detective novel by Tatiana Ustinova is sixth in the list. Happy married couple Katya and Gleb educates the younger boy, named Egor. Once a woman decides to go to rest at sea with a child and a friend. Busy with important matters the husband is forced to stay at home. At the resort, Kate meets a charming young man Alexander, who gone to her head. Between flashes novel. But the vacation comes to an end, and with it the novel Only Kate didn't expect a short-term affair could turn into a real tragedy for her and her family.

5. Backup instinct

Detective mini-series Backup instinct occupies the fifth place among the best art films shot on the novel by Tatiana Ustinova. The main character of the film is headed by Arseniy troepolsky prosperous designer computer office. His business is booming thanks to the assistant, the brilliant designer Frank. But suddenly the firm comes trouble: kill Fedor. The Prime suspect is his boss Arseny. After three days of his release his release. Now the hero to understand and figure out who needed the death of the designer. Logical conclusions lead businessman to solving the murder.

4. Great evil and petty mischief

The list of the best detective films based on novels Ustinova, is a drama of Great evil and petty mischief. At the evening meeting classmates, a tragedy happens: killed a young woman Marusya Surkov. For the investigation of the case is taken captain Nikonenko, who wants to know who took the death of an unremarkable single mother. He decides that the murderer must be sought among classmates of the murdered.

3. Home phantom dowry

Home phantom dowry opens the three best feature films detective novel by Tatiana Ustinova. Old house on Clean ponds shrouded in a haze of secrets and mysterious accidents. According to the documents, housing has long been nowhere to be found. Here live two friends Linden and Lucinda, who finds the body of a murdered neighbor, wrapped explosive devices. Explosives neutralizes living in the same house boyfriend Paul Dobrowolski, who saves all the other residents from death. But this incident does not end there: soon killed a family, and then another resident of a multistory building. Under suspicion to Paul are all residents, except the girl of the Olympics, which he's having an affair.

2. The law of inverse magic

Second place in the list of the best movies of detective novels Tatyana Ustinova, is an artistic picture of the Law reverse magic. Under strange circumstances, a man dies in old age, a little village historian Pyotr Martynovich Reshetnikov. His neighbor, Amateur detective Martha V. Korzhikova wants to know the true cause of death of the old man. She takes on the investigation, and assistant in this case is her granddaughter Anfisa. Soon Anfisa met with the owner Ilya, who is the nephew of a deceased neighbor. Among young people feelings originate. But fate had in store for the main characters difficult trials through which they must pass in order to find happiness. Against Ilya press charges for a crime he did not commit

1. Love on a knife edge

Love on a knife edge tops the list of the best movies based on detective Tatiana Ustinova. The main character of the film Armen Sarkisov drove up the Island, where he got to meet his granddaughter Lyalya and her fiance Misha. Right next to the school committed the murder of a newspaperman Alexander Loginov. Witness this is a Sarkisov. The Prime suspect turns out to be Kamorin, editor, publisher City, where he worked for Alexander. When giving evidence, he immediately confessed to the crime. Occurred but the evidence suggests that Kamorin's not your fault. The granddaughter of the lawyer Lala, entered journalism, he becomes interested in this case and is going to conduct its own investigation.

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