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List of films Gaidai


Leonid Gaidai Iovich — an outstanding Soviet film Director, screenwriter and people's artist. His best paintings have become a legend of the national cinema and very loved by the audience. Films that belong to him, highly valued by prestigious movie websites, and their relevance is not falling today. Only Leonid Ivalice was shot 20 feature films.

Presented to the readers the movies Gaidai. A list of movies compiled from the best works of the Soviet Director.

10. For matches

The film "Behind matches" opens a list of the best works of the Soviet Director. Artistic, the picture is removed on motives of the novel Maya Lassila. On the farm lives a Finnish couple — Antti Ihalainen and Anna-Lisa. One day the wife discovers that the house ended the match. Spouse it sends them to the neighbor. But on the way Antti meets his old friend, whom decides to drink for a meeting, where the adventure begins the journey of the protagonist.

9. Sportloto-82

"Sports lottery-82" is a list of best movies by Leonid Gaidai. In a train compartment is a motley Quartet: the girl Tanya, mountaineer Mike, a simple guy Kostya and speculator San Sanych. Each of them passionate about reading bestseller of the year "Deadly murder". A work so exciting that Kostya does not see how eating all of the chicken Tatiana. As an apology the young man gets to the nearest station lottery ticket to the girl and asks him to fill. Unsophisticated girl enter a combination of numbers and gives the ticket to the custody of the Bones. He absentmindedly puts it in his book. At the final station, the fellow travelers parted, but soon the destiny will bring them together again, because the ticket is a winner.

8. Mongrel dog and unusual cross

"Dog Mongrel and unusual cross" — comic art pattern Gaidai, nominated for the Palme d'or at the Cannes festival as best short film. Coward, Bobby and Experienced go fishing, taking with them a dog Barbosa. To speed up the process of the catch buddies throw a stick of dynamite. The dog decides to retrieve the object from the river and catches him by swimming. Realizing what that means, friends start to run away from "smart" dog. But that in turn does not give up and tries to catch up with the owners to hand bomb that needs to explode.

7. Bootleggers

"Bootleggers" — a Comedy short film by Leonid Gaidai. In a small forest hut Goonies, Coward and Experienced are going to start production of moonshine. The case goes well and can produce a lot of alcohol. Manufacturers decide to try the drink, and at the same time to feed the dog watchdog sugar soaked in moonshine. Offended, the dog tilts bottle of liquor, grabs a coil of moonshine and starts to run away with him into the forest. The tipsy trio rushes in pursuit of the dog. The adventures of bootleggers end police station where they are arrested.

6. Can't be!

"Can't be!" the film Gaidai, which includes three short stories that are interconnected with each other. Art painting is an adaptation of the play, of course. In the centre of the first novel the store Manager Gorbushkin and his wife Anna. One of the protagonist was summoned to the Prosecutor to the investigator. Gorbushkin convinced that the police became aware of his financial machinations, have the same opinion and his wife. He goes to the Prosecutor, and in the meantime the wife and brother-in-law begin to sell all possessions in order to avoid confiscation. In addition, Anna decides to divorce her husband and quickly married a neighbor. Soon, unsuspecting Gorbushkin, returns home in good spirits...

5. 12 chairs

"12 chairs" — feature film Gaidai, filmed on the novel by Ilya Ilf and Yevgeny Petrov. Vorobyaninov Vorobyaninov learns from his dying mother-in-law that she once hid her jewelry in the amount of 150 thousand gold pieces under the upholstery of one of the chairs Gostiny headset, made by the famous master Gambs. Vorobyaninov rushes to find the coveted chairs, and he comes to the aid of a young adventurer Ostap Bender. At the same time hunting on the chairs opens father Theodore, to whom the mother-in-law Vorobyaninov also told the secret.

4. Prisoner of the Caucasus, or Shurik's New adventures

"Caucasian captive or the New adventures Shurika" — Soviet movie 1966 the outstanding Soviet film Director. In the center of events — one of the favorite characters Gaidai Shurik, played by Aleksandr Demyanenko. The film's protagonist is sent to the Caucasus to collect folklore. There he meets a beautiful girl falls in love. In a short time a lover is kidnapped for forced marriage. Found out about this, Shurik rushes to help the girl.

3. The diamond arm

"The diamond arm" — one of the best art paintings by Leonid Gaidai. In one of the southern towns doing "black things" smuggling group headed by a Chief and his assistant Count. The story begins with the fact that a Soviet citizen Semyon Gorbunkov goes on a cruise, which also sails the Count. The smuggler should pick up diamonds in one of the cities and transport them to his plastered hand. But instead of the Count at the appointed hour at the appointed place turns out to be semen, which slips and falls. The bandits take him for a Count and put about anything unsuspecting male cast, under which the diamonds are. From this point the usual measured life Gorbunkova ends and begins the dangerous adventure.

2. Operation "y" and other Shurik's adventures

The film Gaidai "Operation "y" and other Shurik's adventures" is a list of the best Soviet art paintings. The film includes three short stories: "Partner", "Obsession" and "Operation "Y". In each of the parts of the main character Shurik waiting for comical and sometimes dangerous adventures. In the first story the hero has to fight the bully Big man, another very unusual method of preparation and familiarity with the girl, and in the third the hero prevents the "theft of the century", which should make the three robbers — Coward, Bobby and Experienced.

1. Ivan Vasilyevich changes occupation

"Ivan Vasilyevich changes occupation" — the best film by Leonid Gaidai. In the top-250 website "Kinopoisk" art picture has taken a worthy 11th place. Timofeev scientist invents a design that can travel in time. The car miraculously connects the apartment of the inventor with the chambers of Ivan the terrible ruling in the 16th century. In the past adjudged a thief George Miloslavsky, who penetrated into the apartment of the scientist and namesake of Tsar Ivan Vasilyevich Bunsha. Currently is gets them a king. Each of the characters glad to get back to your period, but a breakdown of the time machine violates the natural course of events and leads to incredible adventures.

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