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A list of top 10 movies that become legends


Why the movies become a cult? Film critics offer their criteria for selection, such as award well-deserved film festival, box office, innovation in the artistic part of the film, technical achievements, influence on the culture of the society. But there is also the love of the audience, passed on by generations to their individual preferences. And that's when the high assessment of film critics and spectators unite for one particular movie, then he gets the list of the best and did not leave him. Movie legend not to replace the list of masterpieces of the other films, they only Supplement it. Below presents our readers the movies legends, a list of which is limited to 10 positions.

10. Gone with the wind1939

Legendary picture 1939 gone with the wind, loosely based on the famous novel of Margaret Mitchell, the law has won eight Oscars. This is one of the top grossing films in the history of American cinema. A feature film was loved by the audience all over the world and were hearing for a long time. In 1998, gone with the wind was released in re American car.

9. Casablanca1942

The romantic drama Casablanca (1942) won three Oscars, and in 2006, the script of the film was recognized by the American screenwriters Guild best in the history of cinema. The plot of Casablanca is built on the internal conflict of the main characters, who must choose between duty and feeling. In the hands of one of the main characters of the rich man Ricky blaine is the fate of Ilse and her husband Victor Laszlo. Ricky is in love with ILSA, but she left him and married Victor. Now the woman seeks help to the former, which could be the salvation of their happiness with Victor.

8. Sunset Boulevard1950

A dramatic picture Billy Wilder's sunset Boulevard (1950) is a four-time winner of the prestigious Golden globe awards and winner of three Oscars. The film tells about the legendary Hollywood stars who have been forgotten. The picture was a huge success both among critics and viewers. Sunset Boulevard is on the list of best films of all time.

7. Singin ' in the rain1952

The musical movie Singing in the rain (1952) is among the ten legendary paintings in the history of cinema. The work covers the period of transition of silent to sound film. In the spotlight is don Lockwood (gene Kelly), a silent film star. But suddenly comes the era of sound film and the actor will to explore new horizons. The movie is more than a dozen songs that were written for a Broadway show.

6. In Porto1954

Crime drama In Porto (1954), filmed in the middle of the last century, became the eightfold winner of the Oscar and winner of many other influential awards. The film made a film in the list of the greatest paintings in history. The storyline is built on the thriving corruption in the unions of the port stevedores. The main character is Terry Malloy, a simple illiterate worker like many other docks exploited by corrupt owners. The film was based on 24 articles called Crime in port, published by Malcolm Johnson in the newspaper "The New York Sun". The journalist for the work was awarded the Pulitzer prize.

5. Bridge on the river Kwai1957

War drama bridge on the river Kwai (1957) is among the ten legendary films by cinema over the last 100 years. British painting is a winner of seven Oscars, winner of three Golden globe awards and four-time winner of the awards BAFTA. The bridge over the river Kwai was filmed on the novel by Pierre Boulle. The storyline is based on the true story of Lieutenant Colonel Philip of toucy. In the center of events, Colonel Nicholson and his men are captured by the Japanese military. Prisoners are forced to build a bridge over the river Kwai. At the same time, the command assigns the operation to destroy the bridge.

4. Lawrence of Arabia1962

Epic picture Lawrence of Arabia (1962) tells about the events of the Arab uprisings that took place in 1916-1918. For 3.5 hours the viewer is watching the development of the history of the life of British officer T. E. Lawrence, nicknamed the Arabian. He led Arab opposition to the Ottoman Empire. The film is based on the autobiographical work of Lawrence's Seven pillars of wisdom and historical studies of biographers. The film was a huge success and was awarded seven Oscar statuettes and other prestigious awards. Lawrence of Arabia voted best British film of the 20th century.

3. Bonnie and Clyde1967

Legendary film, based on real events, Bonnie and Clyde (1967) tells the story of two brilliant thieves and lovers, who were active in America during the great depression. They were at the head of a powerful local gang. On account of the 12 Bank robberies and a variety of small shops. The robbers become responsible for the deaths of at least a dozen law enforcement officials and several citizens. Yourself Bonnie Parker and Clyde barrow were killed by police during another robbery.

2. The godfather1972

One of the best films of all times Godfather (1972) is a three-time Oscar winner and holder of many other prestigious awards. Marlon Brando, who was awarded an Oscar for best actor in the film gave up the prize and were sent to the scene to present the spokeswoman for the Indian Apache tribe. This actor wanted to protest against the discrimination of the indigenous population of America. Storyline art paintings connected with Michael Corleone (al Pacino), the youngest son of the influential mafia, referred to as the Godfather (Marlon Brando). Michael returns home after the Second world war. The father invites him to continue the family business, which is not legal. But the son wants to follow in the footsteps of her ill parent. The hero will have a difficult choice.

1. Schindler's list1993

The legendary Steven Spielberg film Schindler's List (1993) is a seven-time Oscar winner, a recipient of numerous awards Golden globe, BAFTA and other awards. Best film of the 20th century talk about the heroism of one of the members of the Nazi party Oskar Schindler, who risked his own reputation and life helped Jews during the Holocaust. More than a thousand lives was able to save from death a member of the Nazi party. There is information that in artistic painting, many historical facts are distorted and have nothing to do with reality. But this did not prevent the film to be the best and to win the love of the audience. Black-and-white picture became the most expensive in the history of cinema.

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