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List of films by Luc Besson


Luc Besson is one of the most famous personalities of the French cinema. He is also a film Director, producer and screenwriter of the order of 100 feature films.

The top 10 includes the best movies of Luc Besson. The list of films includes, Besson acted as a Director and producer.

10. Lady2011

The biopic "the Lady" opens the ranking of the best films of Luc Besson. The tape was released in 2011, but the work was carried out in 2008. The film tells the story of Aung San Suu Kyi — the woman who defended the residents of his country and lost their happiness. The Director tried to convey as accurately the political situation in Myanmar, social environment Suu Kyi, making it so that the viewer looked at the events through her eyes. The main events unfold from 1988 to 2010. Upon arriving home from England because of his mother's illness, Suu Kyi affected the arbitrariness and lawlessness of the local authorities. She joins the democratic movement, whose leader was once her father. The surname of the father makes her a symbol of the movement for liberation. Having founded the party Suu Kyi wins the election. But these results do not recognize the ruling elite and puts the heroine under house arrest. So her separated from husband and children, who are denied entry into the country. But the family is not in despair and is doing everything to rescue Suu Kyi from captivity. Through these efforts, it learns about the world, and in 1991 she received the Nobel prize.

9. Angel-a2005

The film "angel-a", filmed in 2005, the audience is considered one of the best from Director Luc Besson, and part-time screenwriter and producer. The main character Andre scored debt under 30 thousand euros, but when came the day of reckoning, in his pocket was only a hole and not one cent. Andre found only one solution – to jump off the bridge into the Seine. But it was ahead of the eyes of the hero in the river jumping girl. Without hesitation Andre rushes into the water and saves her. In gratitude, the saved follows him everywhere and somehow miraculously helps it to pay its creditors, to get away from trouble, find money. Only when problems began to depart, Andre is wondering why the girl protects him?

8. Nikita1990

Nikita (1990) – the film that has strengthened the love of the audience for films by Luc Besson. Very dynamic plot revolves around a young woman who was captured by the police while trying to Rob the pharmacy. In the beginning of the shootout killed her friends, and the girl kills a policeman. For crime it is sentenced to life imprisonment. The girl was given an injection, after which she loses consciousness and when he came to, does not remember his past. She is given a new name Nikita and say that she is an agent of the Department of external security of France. Failure means death. Nikita agrees and begins to train. From the awkward girl she turns into a femme fatale and takes the first job is to kill foreign persons in the restaurant.

7. Joan of Arc1999

Historical drama "Jeanne d'arc" was shot by Luc Besson in 1999. In the starring Milla Jovovich is my favorite actress of the Director and at that time his wife. The film is very realistic and tells the famous story of Joan of Arc, whose actions saved Orleans from stalking by the British. After the liberation from the siege, the name of the maid of Orleans was on the lips of all the people. Next story tells how, thanks to Joan, king Charles VII ascended the throne, but betrayed and abandoned her and let her captured by the British. The girl is referred to the heretics and forced to abandon their opinions in exchange for life. She agrees, but the sad ending of this story is known to all —Joan of Arc burned at the stake.

6. Lucy2014

In 2014, Luc Besson takes a sci-Fi Thriller "Lucy". In the tape tells the story of reincarnation ordinary girl in a dangerous creature with super-intelligence. Lucy gives in to the entreaties of a friend and decided to earn, transported the drugs in his stomach. In the skirmish the girl gets hit in the stomach, from which the package is torn and the body receives a large dose of drugs. The powder gave her super powers and forced her brain to work at a level inaccessible to the ordinary person. But the action will soon end and Lucy goes in search of other courier carrying the same drug. She manages to find them and extract the packages. But she Angers the mafia – the owner of drugs. Thanks to the discovery of new knowledge, it uses brain hundred percent, way into the past, can be in all areas.

5. The big blue1988

"Big blue" (1988) — adventure drama by Luc Besson. Enzo Molinari and Jacques Mayol — the childhood friends, who from an early age are keen on diving. They grow up and become professional divers to great depths without air. In addition to his Hobbies, Jacques starts a family and is preparing to become a father. At this point the planned championship of diving to a depth where the will to compete between Enzo and Jacques. They dive to depth, but do not intend each other to concede. What will this life-threatening competition?

4. District 13: Ultimatum2009

"District 13: Ultimatum" (2009) — crime Thriller by Luc Besson. Thirteenth district — one of the most dangerous and criminal places of the city, where wielding some gangs. This place is wall-fenced, and it is ruled by its own laws. It seems that the doers of lawlessness have no power to overcome even the law enforcement. Then the fight against crime and creating chaos go commando Damien and desperate guy from criminal district of Leyte. A few years ago they managed to stop the crime unfolding here, but will it succeed this time?

3. Tell no one2006

"Tell no one" (2006) — one of the best detective thrillers, where Luc Besson acted as producer. Margot and Alexander Beck happy marriage. But one happy moment life ends, they make an attack. Margo killed, and Alexander miraculously manage to survive. Find the offender, put in jail, but he never confesses to the murder. Eight years pass, and the man still can not recover from the death of his wife. When he finds a strange e-mail message with a video in which he sees Margot. The record dates back to the time when the wife was already dead. In the same period, accidentally found evidence in the murder of a woman and it is once again open to investigation. Now the Prime suspect is Alexander himself.

2. The fifth element1997

"The fifth element" (1997) — a fantastic action movie by Luc Besson. In the court of the 23rd century, and Earth is again threatened by the end of the world in the face of dark forces. To protect our planet gets up alien race of Mondoshawan. But on the way to Earth the aliens are killed. The government is able to extract DNA unearthly race to clone the girl mondoshawans leeloo, speaking in an unknown language. To save the world cloned the alien will help the taxi driver Korben Dallas, to which she accidentally got in the car. To avoid the loss of Land, necessary to procure and connect the four elements, symbolizing fire, air, sky and land, and a mysterious fifth item that needs to launch itself Leela.

1. Leon1994

"Leon" (1994) tops the list of best movies by Luc Besson. He's a hired killer, which is an unfamiliar sense of pity and mercy. Leon prefers not to have anything to do with people. But one day kill his neighbors. Survived only their daughter, a teenage girl. She turns to Leon for help, so he taught her the skill to kill, to avenge the bandits for the death of their parents. Despite its principles, the mercenary decides to help her in return that she will run his farm and teaching English. Slowly between the odd couple lining up a friendly relationship. Leon for the first time in my life knows what a sincere, warm human feelings.

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