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List of films based on actual events


Readers are presented a list of movies based on real events. It has got the best feature films of cinema history.

10. Monster2003

Crime drama "Monster" (2003) opens a list of best movies based on real events. The main character in the film played by Charlize Theron, was awarded the prize "Oscar" for best actress. Wuornos prostitute, not seeing a way out of the quagmire into which it has been tightened, wants to commit suicide. But a chance meeting in a bar with a girl Selby radically changes its intentions. Wuornos learns about lesbian tendencies and Selby for the first time in my life experiencing an unfamiliar sense of sympathy for my gender. They start a whirlwind romance. Selby runs away from home with his new love. Wuornos doesn't want to engage in more prostitution and wants to get a normal job. But the woman always denied. She is back on track. Once Wuornos picks up a client and taking her out of town. Not wanting to carry out the orders of a pervert, she is subjected to brutal violence. Between a man and a woman be a fight to the death. Wuornos kills the client, hides the body and drives off in his car. So killing in self-defense sets off a chain of intentional lethal crimes that will make the Warners...

9. The focusin 2015

"In the spotlight" (2015) is in ninth place in the list of best films based on real events. This is a story of investigative journalism one of the most notorious sex scandals in US history. Journalists accuse Church leaders of pedophilia, providing real witnesses and arguments. Artistic, the picture was highly acclaimed by film critics and was awarded two awards "Oscar" as best film and best screenplay.

8. The wolf of wall street2013

Crime Comedy "the Wolf of wall street", nominated for "Oscar" award 5 times, has claimed the eighth spot in the list of the best movies based on real events. The film describes the career path of a successful broker Jordan Belfort, who in a short time became one of the richest people. In his spare time the main character begins to live it up: has intercourse with prostitutes, do cocaine, visits the popular party. Meanwhile, the FBI begins to dig under the successful Belfort, figuring out the reasons for this rapid enrichment...

7. The impossible2012

"The impossible" (2012) — a disaster movie based on real events. Action art film unfolds against the background of the terrible events taking place in 2004 in Thailand. Couple with children sent to a warm country to celebrate New year there. But the celebration overshadow a sudden tsunami, subsequently claimed hundreds of lives... the Main characters miraculously manage to escape and to rediscover each other. The film received positive reviews and became the winner of the film award "Goya", and was nominated for "Oscar" and "Golden globe".

6. White captured2005

"White captivity" (2005) — adventure drama of Frank Marshall based on true events. The action of the film takes place on the snowy expanses of the Antarctic. A scientific expedition goes in search of a fallen meteorite. But weather conditions forced people to leave dog sleds and go back. Adrift, alone with the harsh nature of the remains of eight dogs over six months will fight for life and to wait, when them will return...

5. Saving private Ryan1998

War drama by Steven Spielberg's "Saving private Ryan" (1998) — one of the best movies based on real events. In 1999, art painting became the winner of two awards "Golden globe". Captain Joe Miller gets particularly difficult task. With his squad consisting of 8 soldiers, he should be sent behind enemy lines to find private James Ryan. The thing is that on the battlefield fell three siblings of the hero, so command decided to demobilize James and send him home to the grieving mother. A small detachment, went in search of, have a terrible and tough time...

4. The pursuit of happyness2006

"The pursuit of happyness" (2006) — biographical drama based on real events. Ranked in the top 250 best films according to "IMDb". The film's protagonist Chris Gardner single-handedly raising a son and wants better future for his incomplete family. But his work does not bring the desired income, he has nothing to pay the bills with the child and he is on the street. But Chris is not going to surrender under any circumstances. He is hired to work in a brokerage company, where there are good prospects. The probationary period is six months, during which Chris are not entitled to a penny... will our hero endure this trial, being on the street in the hands of a child and without a penny in his pocket?

3. The awakening1990

Drama "the Awakening" (1990) penny Marshall is on the list of best movies based on real events. In the top 250 of the site "Kinopoisk" picture holds position 36. The film three times nominated for "Oscar". Brilliant doctor Malcolm Sayer is trying to invent a cure of akinetic mutism is a rare disease that paralyzes people. Your experiment with the cure he performs on one of the patients. When the doctor saw that the drug yields results, he decides to "return to life" and all the other patients...

2. Catch me if you can2002

Crime drama "Catch me if you can" (2002) Steven Spielberg took second place in the ranking of the best movies based on real events, and the 24th in the top 250 of the site "Kinopoisk". The film was nominated for "Oscar", and the main role in the film played by Leonardo DiCaprio. Frank Abagnale at 21, has already managed to try a lot of different jobs. He is a brilliant rogue, living on fake checks. Soon his illegal manipulation turn him into one of the richest people. On his trail is a seasoned FBI agent Carl Hanratty, but the cunning rogue was always ahead of him on the step...

1. 1 12011

"1 1" (2011) tops the list of the best movies based on real events. A wealthy aristocrat Phillip because of an accident becomes disabled and cannot perform any actions. He is looking for a helper who will help him in everything. To Phillip from the labour exchanges send the black guy Driss, which is not interested in employment. All he wants is to get compensation. But Philip becomes interested in a young man, in which he sees a contagious love of life... So Driss gets to the aristocrat. Among the heroes emerging real friendship that will change the future life both in the root.

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