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List of movies about gods


Since ancient times mankind has stacked legends and stories about deities, endowed with incredible force. This issue is devoted to cinema or a dozen feature films. They all have exciting, dynamic and vivid story with a mythological twist.

Attention lovers of mythology, films about the gods — a list of 10 items.

10. Jason and the Argonauts2000

"Jason and the Argonauts" (2000) opens the list of movies about gods. The protagonist of feature films Jason embarks on a dangerous journey in which it is communicated treacherous uncle Pelias, who wants to get rid of it. The main character is ordered to bring the Golden Fleece from Colchis, which belongs to a cruel ruler Aarti. Jason builds a fast ship and together with his team goes to where no one has ever returned alive. Brave heroes willing to go through any obstacle to achieve his goal, even the gods can't stop them.

9. The Immortals2011

"Immortals" (2011) — a film about the struggle for ultimate power between the gods of Olympus and the Titans. Mad king Hyperion has conceived to destroy all the people and the overthrow of the Olympians. To this end, he releases the Titans, who were in a centuries-old prison. The only hope for salvation becomes Theseus, who comes into the fight with the released demons. This will help him Zeus, Phaedra and Stavros. The outcome of the battle depends the fate of all Greece.

8. Clash of the titans2010

"Clash of the titans" (2010) — a film about God Perseus, brought up among the people. Underground God Hades takes away from the main character's family. Now the only meaning of life Perseus gets revenge on cruel ruler of the underground and stop his evil plan. He becomes the head of brave warriors and is sent to the underworld, where he will face terrible monsters and other demonic evil spirits.

7. Wrath of the titans2012

Wrath of the titans (2012) — a film about the ongoing war between the mythological gods. The main character of the picture of Perseus living the quiet life in the fishing village with his son. A decade has passed after the hero defeated the sea monster Kraken. He has no idea what is going on and turbulent times. Weakened the Olympian gods can no longer as before to control the prison, where the imprisoned Titans and their leader Kronos. Perseus learns that the underground God of Hades and the son of Zeus make a deal with Kronos to destroy the God of heaven. To help the thunder and to save the people, the main character leaves the comfort of home and sent to the underworld with Hephaestus, Poseidon, Agenor and Andromeda.

6. Percy Jackson and the lightning thief2010

"Percy Jackson and the lightning thief" (2010) — movie about a demigod, half man, a boy, Percy Jackson. From early childhood he must learn to control his difficult character. He doesn't understand why his father is not around and why the Greek language for him is easy, instead of native English. But one day the boy the truth, and he learns that his father is a Greek God. He was waiting for new contacts with the divine beings and monsters. To save his own mother, who is kidnapped, he must perform tasks unaffordable for the average person. Percy is sent on a dangerous and long journey with a Satyr and a daughter of Athena.

5. The Odyssey1997

The Odyssey (1997) — feature film about the cursed gods, the king of Ithaca Odysseus. For decades, conducted the siege of Troy the Greek warriors. Thanks to Odyssey, the army managed to infiltrate into the enemy town and win. Proud king of Ithaca defies the gods. A higher power just don't give it punish the proud and to the fullest extent. Poseidon dooms the hero to eternal wandering on the open sea, from which he can't escape. While Odysseus wanders, and defeats the sea-monster, grows his son, and to his wife constantly fills grooms. Everyone is convinced that the Patriarch is long dead, and only the wife is right, and with hope in your heart to wait for its winner.

4. Dogma1999

"Dogma" (1999) — a Comedy fantasy about fallen angels named Loki and Bartleby. The main characters are doomed to dwell forever on the Earth. They accidentally found out that will once again be able to return to heaven with the erroneous Catholic dogma, which was declared a cardinal innovator. In order to be forgiven enough to pass through the Holy arch of the Church in new Jersey. After they should become mortals, to die and to regain Paradise. If this happens, then all life on Earth will die. To stop irreparable tragedy only relative of Jesus Bethany. To help her comes the Apostle Rufus, two death of the prophet and the Muse who moonlights as a stripper.

3. Hercules2014

"Hercules" (2014) is a movie about a demigod, half man, named Hercules, whose soul was wandering for a thousand years. The son of the God Zeus, having made twelve labours, lost family. Now his only joy became involved in the carnage. Hercules leads the six warriors as he can see meaning in their lives in battle. Lord Cotys, knowing the skill of these fighters, hires them to train his army, which wants to make a living an invincible wall.

2. Thor2011

"Thor" (2011) — artistic picture about the Norse God trapped in the modern world by the will of the father. His name is Thor. He was one of the most powerful of the gods, but too arrogant. Guilty before the parent, the God Odin, he fell to the Ground, deprived of all power and strength. Now he has to live among people like an ordinary man. But tor is not going to give up, and ready to make amends. For that he needs to change and find the hammer Mjollnir. During the absence of the protagonist of "in heaven" does not occur at rest. Thor's friends suspect his brother malice, who engineered the exile of God on Earth.

1. Exodus: gods and Kings2014

"Exodus: gods and Kings" (2014) — best movie about the gods, tells the story of the old Testament. Pharaoh orders that all newborn Jews were killed. A poor Jewish woman decides to save her baby by putting it in a basket, which allow it to float on the river. The fate of the child, Pharaoh's daughter finds. Taking pity on the baby, she takes him into education and calls Moses. All of the childhood of Moses is in the Palace, where it grows together with the heir of the Pharaoh Ramses. As an adult, he learns about his true origins. One day, after witnessing how the rich man beating a Jew, Moses kills the Egyptian. He has to flee the city. By nightfall the man comes phenomenon in the sight of the Lord, who tells him to go back and free his people from Egyptian oppression. Moses does the will of God, and hastens to inform Ramses that he freed the Jews from slavery, otherwise the Egyptians are waiting for a divine punishment.

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