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List of movies about football


Football, as one of the most spectacular kinds of sport, always attracts attention. Not remained aloof and film makers. On the eve of the European championship on football of 2016, we offer you to remember the best paintings devoted to this sport. In a list of films about football includes films of different genres: comedies, dramas, war pictures and tapes based on real events.

10. Reserve player

Soviet Comedy of 1954 "benchwarmer" is a story of fun adventures Vasey Vesnushka, together with factory team "Blue arrows" floating on a ship in Sukhumi to participate in a friendly match. In the film, assembled a brilliant cast – mark Bernes, Pyotr Kadochnikov, Georgy Vitsin, Sergei Filippov.
John Wesnousky – reserve player of the team, remaining in the shadow of his older brother, the athlete, the best player of the "Blue arrows". On a trip to Sukhumi gives him a chance to prove himself on the field and win the heart of the gymnasts Go.

9. Goal!

Continues the list of the best films about soccer drama "Goal!". The main character Santiago Munoz lives with his parents-immigrants in the US and plays great football. But sports career was only just a dream talented a guy while his game saw a former football player. He offers Santiago to come to England and promises to help to get to the chief coach of the famous team "Newcastle United" to view. Inspired by his words the guy decides to save money for the trip. But the young man's father does not share his enthusiasm. Considering that it is foolish to dream of the impossible, he's in Santiago collected the money to buy the machine to work. Support the protagonist of the film finds grandmothers and with it coming to England. His difficulties do not end there – it needs to prove that he is worthy of becoming a famous player of the football team.
The film "Goal" will be interesting to fans of football is not only an interesting story and excellent acting, but also the fact that, as a cameo it starred many well-known players such as David Beckham and Zinedine Zidane.

8. Bonecrusher

The events of the next film in the list of the best films about football "Bonecrusher" wonderfully interwoven with the biography of the actor Vinnie Jones. He played in "the mean machine" the main role of a former football player, player of the national team of England. Vinnie Jones in real life, too, was a football player known for his hard style. Completed in 1999, a career, he drew attention to the film and debuted in the cult tape guy Ritchie's "lock, stock and two Smoking barrels".
In the film, former footballer Danny MIAN goes to prison for insulting police and driving while intoxicated. It creates a football team of prisoners to play in a match guards.

7. She – male

The list of the best films about football includes funny Comedy "She – male", raised the issue of women's football.
The main heroine of the picture – the captain of the school female football team viola. Her mother wants to see his daughter at the ball, and the girl is only concerned about the fact that their team disbanded. Viola takes the opportunity to replace secretly went to Europe twin brother Sebastian. Now she is a member of the soccer team of Illyria. The situation is complicated by the fact that viola falls for her roommate, and she in man's image becomes the object of attention beauty Olivia.

6. The Damned United

List of movies about football continues drama "the Damned United", lets look at this sport with different eyes. This is a story about the intricacies of relations between players and coach.
In 1974 the team "Leeds United" is headed by Brian Clough. This appointment was a shock to the players because the new coach had publicly insulted the players, calling them malingerers and harshly criticized the game. To forget and forgive the players could not. Clough stayed in the coach's chair for 44 days, but was not able to establish relationships with any players or ex-coaches. Acute dislike of players has led to the fact that a team of seven appearances under the guidance of Brian Clough won just one. After that, the club was forced to fire the coach.
"The damned United" is a terrific drama about football, based on real events.

5. Coach

The list of the best films about football includes the Comedy "Coach." When dying of a heart attack who led England coach, he find a replacement in the person of Michael Bassett, who has been coaching the team from a lower division. The task before him is difficult is to get the best players and win the world Cup. Working the old-fashioned Basset tries his best to have his team showed an incredible game, but the football team loses one match after another. Only pure chance allows the England team to get to the world Cup.

4. Green street hooligans

Crime drama "Green street Hooligans", included in the list of the best movies about football, talks about the cruel world of football fans.
Student Matt Buckner was expelled from Harvard for a crime which had nothing. Substitute his roommate helps him with money, so Matt was able to go to an older sister living in England. There, he met with the fans of one of the clubs and discovers the world of football hooligans, full of madness and cruelty.

3. Shaolin soccer

Is there something in common between kung fu and football? The creators of the Comedy "Shaolin soccer" in the affirmative answer to this question. Former football player Feng creates a football team of guys, skilled at kung-fu. Combining the secrets of ancient martial arts and the tactics of modern football, the team members are determined to win the prestige competitions with large cash prizes.

2. Victory

In 1981, screens out the film "Victory", one of the best films about football. The plot is based on the story of the legendary "match of death" that occurred in 1942 between Kiev players and the German occupiers. The film transferred to the territory of France. Between the French prisoners and the German national team to be held promotional match. One of the players, the canadian hatch, begging to team with a single purpose – to escape from prison. And in one of the exercises he does it.

1. The third time

Soviet war drama "the Third half" in 1962 – one of the most poignant films about football. 1942. In the German troops occupied Kiev, Soviet players are asked to play the match with the German team. In case of loss athletes are promised freedom if they win – will be executed.
The picture based on events in reality. The Soviet players, who had not managed to leave the city, and the occupation continued to play football, organizing the command "Start". On 9 August 1942, the athletes defeated the German team with the score 5:3. August 18 most of the participants of the match were arrested. The players were sent to a concentration camp, where their destinies were different.

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