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List of movies with Arntgolts starring


Tatiana Albertovna Arntgolts — known Russian actress. Career in the movie, the movie star has started to build in 2001, making his debut with the series "Simple truth". In multiserial film the girl immediately went to one of the main roles. Since then, she actively takes part in the filming and has managed to pull in 50 feature films.

Readers are the best serials with Arntgolts in the title role, a list of which is located below.

10. Sweetheart

The series "Cuties" opens the ten best films of the series with Tatiana Arntgolts in the title role. In the center of attention of three beauties: teacher Katya, her sister Natasha and investigator Rita. Tired of being alone girls ask for help in one of the marriage agencies. A few days later Kate finds herself in the Nude on the cover of a popular glossy magazine. The girls found out someone is doing and decide to take revenge on the cynical egoist, who is the editor of the journal edition. Now the main goal of the heroine becomes a marriage, and revenge against the perpetrator of the offense...

9. Victoria

Serial adventure melodrama "Victoria" one of the ten best movies from Arntgolts in the title role. In one of the military garrisons Victoria lives with her husband Vladimir and son Anton. They have friendly and happy family. But everything falls apart in an instant, when the film is fired and he has to go to serve under contract to the border. Soon the main characters goes missing in the mountains, and then disappears, and son Anton. Victoria asks for help of a childhood friend Yuri, with whom she sets out to find lost people close to her. Woman are numerous and dangerous adventures in the Eastern country, but she'll do anything for loved ones.

8. The grass under the snow

Mini-series "the Grass under snow" located on the eighth place in the list of best movies with Arntgolts in the title role. Sasha and Leo — sisters who are completely different. Sasha is a very smart and beautiful, and Lesya is more interested in material goods. After the death of his parents, Sasha leaves her child in the care of the sisters and sells the apartment. She went abroad in search of happiness. Les married a guy who works for an influential person. Once at a party at the house of the businessman an incident occurs, perecherknuty happy life of Lesja. In one moment she loses her husband and home, left alone in the hands of a small nephew.

7. Night swallows

In a list of best movies with Tatyana Arntgolts is part of the series "Night swallows". This is a story about the outstanding pilots who heroically showed itself during the great Patriotic War. Hundreds of women alongside men were fighting for the bright future of his people. The film highlights legendary aviation team, which consisted of a fragile, young, but brave girls.

6. The temptation

"Temptation" takes the sixth place in the list of best movies with Arntgolts. Girl meets Faith in your life rich, handsome from the capital, which immediately falls in love. Between young people begin a relationship. The main character's father learns that his son has been involved with the usual plain, and hurries to separate them. But Faith is ready anywhere to follow your favorite and so is sent after him to Moscow. Lovers characters are getting married. Soon she becomes pregnant, and the husband more and more indifferent to the Faith. Sated with family relationships, he throws the girl. But as you know, "here comes trouble" — the main character will go through many terrible trials to earn their right to happiness.

5. Provocateur

"Provocateur" is a list of the best serial movies, Tatiana Arntgolts in the title role. In the life of Anton, a freelance employee of the secret service, everything went smoothly, it's time he finally found the one and only. The main character used a peculiar way of life, every day, working under a new mask. In the plans of Anton I didn't want to fall in love as a dangerous work takes up personal time. Hero to make a choice in favor of life or favorite.

4. Marriage as a bequest

"Marriage under the will" — series with Arntgolts in the title role. Sometimes life presents an unexpected and shocking surprises. The protagonist Sasha kozintseva suddenly becomes a millionaire, thanks to the bequest of British tycoon Terence Harper. All is good, only millionaire made a will with one unusual condition: Sasha out of the ordinary provincial girl needs to become a fashionable lady and marry the son of Terence. She agrees. Along with the reincarnation of the heroine decides to change her name with the surname...

3. The simple truth

"The simple truth" reveal the top three series with Tatiana Arntgolts in the title role. This is a youth series about school life. Situations in which characters fall, are familiar to every teenager. Problems that the characters are trying to solve, of concern to all: how to deal with unrequited love and whether or how to resolve the conflict with teachers, how to find a common language with the ancestors, like cutting a class of Fitri how to cover his tracks deuce in the diary without consequences, etc.

2. And still, I love you

"And still, I love you" is one of the best series of movies Arntgolts in the title role. In the series describes the events in Moscow in the 70-ies of the last century. The main heroine, Faith comes to the capital to find work. There she finds love, marries and becomes pregnant. But the relatives of her husband Vadim are not happy provincial daughter-in-law, around which begin to weave the tangle of intrigue. They set the wife against the Faith into believing that the child wasn't his. Vadim tosses his pregnant wife, where you will have alone to fight with many blows of fate...

1. Swallow's nest

"Swallow's nest" tops the list of the best serial movies, Tatiana Arntgolts. Sixteen-year-old IDA loses a mother who died suddenly. The girl remains in the care of its native aunt. His mother's death was the reason that the IDA decided to apply to medical school to become a doctor. Soon in the life of the heroine declares a father who takes her to his luxury home. The parent is very busy with his own Affairs and not notice how over the daughter mocks her stepmother and stepsister. The only soul mate for IDA becomes half-brother Simon. Among young people there are feelings, but fate so arranges it that they have to leave for many years. Time passes and the character becomes a famous doctor, is getting married. She have children. Like in life: a successful career, a loving family, but IDA still can not forget his first love...

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