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List of movies with Priluchny starring


Pavel V. Priluchny is a Russian actor of theatre and cinema. On the screens of television movie star appeared relatively recently. The debut of Paul took place in 2007, when he took part in the filming of the Comedy series "School №1", where he played a desperate bully. The greatest glory he brought to such films as "Major", "Quest", "How to marry a millionaire" and "Closed school". Now on account of a young successful actor for more than three dozen paintings and their number continues to grow rapidly. This year, expect new Prime Minister, in which he will play the main characters.

The top 10 includes the best movies Priluchny in the title role, a list of which is located below.

10. Bad blood

"Bad blood" opens the top ten movies with Paul Priluchny in the title role. Mary comes to the capital to try their own happiness. But it happens: a girl brutally raped, and she miraculously survives. Her abuser is the son of an influential man in the city. Soon Mary learns she has been impregnated by a brutal abuser. The heroine opens and another mystery: her child is the only heir to a huge Corporation...

9. School closed

"Closed school" — mystical Thriller series with Paul Priluchny in the title role. Pilot names of the series was "Forest" and "Orphanage". In an old manor house, in the middle of the forest is a boarding school, where they live, the students and teachers. Their life is full of mysteries and strange occurrences. In the evening's eleven main characters tell each other scary legends of the forest that surrounds their school. But soon the guys have to know that the reality is much worse invented fairy tales...

8. Gamers

"Gamers" — vosmiseriynogo Thriller Russian production from Priluchny in the title role. The movie is a sequel to the film series "the game" and "game 2". Lebedev, who headed a mafia gang after the death of Gromov is looking for new wheels, and he needs new fighters. Vampire and Rita in prison, and the mosquito and Yang in the wind. For it is ready to take on Doc: he's alive, dangerous, and even stronger than before. Now half of the old team will have to unite to stop his former friend. The task looks impossible, because the Doc now has super-speed, increased strength, better shoots and has his new team.

7. Dark world: Equilibrium

"Dark world: Equilibrium" — a fantastic movie with Paul Priluchny in the title role. Student Dasha presented as a gift an amulet that can give its owner incredible powers of vision of Shadows from another world. They are fueled by the energy of the people who steal power. The girl with the new psychic abilities are invited to a very unusual job in the Magic service. She needs to send back the Shadows in another world. This will help the student Misha and major handsome Sam.

6. The secret city

"The secret city" art series, fantasy genre with Priluchny in the title role. This is a story about the secret capital of our country. It is a completely different Moscow, where residents of the city are witches and werewolves, warlocks and mages. But there is always someone who wants to put an end to the dark forces. Now in the "secret city" and so there is a war between clans for power, but at the moment, all of them in danger. The danger from our real and present world....

5. Children up to 16...

"Children under 16..." — melodrama "about love in colors", where Paul Priluchny played a major role. Yesterday's schoolchildren, Maxim, Kirill, Dasha and the LEU enter into a new adult life with passion and maximalism of youth. One of the guys, as usual, modest and shy, the other sprightly ladies ' man. A blonde and in addition Deputy's daughter brings to the company a bleak, but a smart brunette... All they have now for the first time love and sex, mistakes and disappointments, betrayal and sacrifice... They learn to build relationships and open something new and not always pleasant in itself.

4. Beauty Queen

"Beauty Queen" — Russian TV series, where Paul Priluchny played a major role. Charming country girl Katerina Panova conquers the world with its beauty. In the 60-ies of the last century, she becomes the face of Soviet fashion and the first fashion model that is recognized abroad. Parents considered her a different destiny, but, not listening to anyone, she went to the capital to conquer it, and then gained fame in other countries. In Moscow will learn about it, journalist Felix Krutskikh, who falls in love with her. Whether the main characters to circumvent the intricacies of fate and be together, only time will tell.

3. How to marry a millionaire

"How to marry a millionaire" opens the three best series of movies Priluchny in the title role. Eugene Krasyliv wants to do serious journalism, she is a strong and uncompromising personality. But while her work in the yellow paper with a very dubious reputation and writing stories. One day she was preparing for publication the article "How to marry a millionaire" in which she touches the personal interests of the capital businessman Leonid Rayevsky and his crush. The oligarch is not going to leave this alone and decides to teach the inexperienced journalist. My wife has to make a bet with him and prove that he knows more about the subject written by her. She has a month to find a wealthy man who will offer her hand and heart...

2. Quest

"Quest" is one of the best serial of paintings with Priluchny in the title role. These young people were not familiar with each other until that moment, until they were poisoned by an unknown poison in one of the clubs. Those who survived, have a chance to escape, if you can go to the end of the quest, the author of which is the puppeteer who poisoned the kids and has the only antidote. Dangerous game immerses the heroes in the world of secrets of the past, unknown to modern history. One mystery is intertwined with the other, modern life mixed with the past. Losing comrades, a team of young people is moving forward by solving challenging puzzles and escaping from the jaws of death at the last minute.

1. Major

"C" is the best serial film, in which the main role went to Paul Prilichnom. Igor Sokolov — the real wastrel, the son of a businessman. Such as he called the majors. He is a lawyer by education, but not a single day worked in their specialty. Once, stood up for his friend, Igor gets into a fight with a COP and knocks the gun. The father decides to punish his son: he sends him to work in the police and deprives him of a livelihood. But of the majors in the police despise and treat them not friends. Service in law-enforcement bodies becomes the Igor test of fate. It is here that he will become a real man.

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