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List of movies with Tom cruise


Thomas cruise has Mapother — popular American actor and kinorezhiser, winner of three awards "Golden globe", three times nominated for film award "Oscar". Debuted a movie star in the world of cinema with the film "Endless love" (1981). For the entire film career, he participated in the shooting of more than forty paintings.

Readers are the best movies with Tom cruise, the list of which is located below.

10. Dissenting opinion2002

"Minority report" (2002) opens the ten best films with Tom cruise in the lead role. Fiction Thriller by Steven Spielberg tells the story of the future, which the unfolding events in 1954. Science has leaped forward and created a special program that can recognize the evil intent of criminals who decided to commit the murder. Thanks to her new predprestupny Department defused many villains and not let the blood spill. But once the smart system fails and the accused conceived the killing of officer John Anderton. The protagonist has no choice but to hide from their colleagues. He will find evidence that even the smartest system can sometimes fail...

9. Vanilla sky2001

"Vanilla sky" (2001) — one of the best sci-Fi Thriller with Tom cruise in the lead role. A young and wealthy businessman David has in his life all can only dream of: beautiful, talented, and faithful friend in the person of writer Julianna, success, money, expensive cars. One day a friend introduces David with a charming girl Sofia. Between young people immediately have strong, sincere feelings. But soon the hero gets into a car accident and falls into a coma. When he awoke some time later, he learns that suffered serious injuries and now has a horribly disfigured face. Now he has to hide behind the mask of an aesthetic prosthesis to be treated by a therapist. Relationship with Sofia come to an end, and the hero is on the brink of despair and devastation. He can't come to terms with their present status and begins to realize that his life is not what it seems. The protagonist will face shocking discoveries that will change him seriously.

8. Partner2004

"Partner" (2004) — crime Thriller with Tom cruise in the lead role. The film is set in Los Angeles. Max is an experienced taxi driver, who has been for twenty years engaged in the transportation of passengers. And everything in his life going well, according to the adjusted schedule until his path is not found contract killer named Vincent. He makes the taxi driver to drive him through the city from one victim to another. Max needs to figure out how to save herself and stop a killer that resembles more of the person and the machine, numerous shed someone else's blood

7. "Operation Valkyrie2008

"Operation "Valkyrie" (2008) — historical drama with Tom cruise in the lead role. The film is set during the Second world war. Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg believed that Hitler is a wrong policy and lead the country to inevitable disaster. He heads a conspiracy against the Fuhrer and offers to kill him for his accomplices. His attempts fail, and the hero gets the firing squad.

6. Eyes wide shut1999

"Eyes wide shut" (1999) — dramatic Thriller, where the main role performed by Tom cruise and Nicole Kidman. Alice and Beat Harvard — a wealthy married couple who creates from the illusion of a happy marriage. But behind this mask recriminations, dissatisfaction with relationships and secretive carnal desires. Wife tells bill about his sexual fantasies. It will begin to torment torments of jealousy, and he makes the first move to change his wife. He was awake sent to the heady sexual Odyssey, driven by temptation and tickling the nerves experiences. If in the beginning he knew the limit of his ambitions will be able to return to their usual family life, he would not have believed, because the temptation to taste the forbidden fruit was too much...

5. Oblivion2013

"Oblivion" (2013) — action movie of the fantasy genre with Tom cruise in the lead role. Earth survived the war with alien races, almost completely empty. The surviving people are going to leave the planet that has become uninhabitable. Jack Harper discovers a crashed ship, which killed the team. Alive manages to stay just one woman who will change fate of the protagonist.

4. Edge of tomorrow2014

Edge of tomorrow (2014) — fantasy Thriller with Tom cruise in the lead role. The film is set in the future. The earth is attacked by an alien race and a war erupted. Major William cage dies in battle. But by a twist of fate he finds himself in a time loop and repeatedly revived returns to the battlefield and die again...But each time he gets closer to solving the mystery of how to defeat an opponent.

3. Magnolia1999

"Magnolia" (1999) opens up the top three films with Tom cruise, for which he was awarded the third award of "Golden globe" for his entire film career and was nominated for the award "Oscar". Drama Director Paul Tom Anderson was based on the story of hoaxes about the suicide of a fictional character of Ronald Opus. This is a story about people living in San Francisco whose lives are connected in many different ways. Each of these people want to change their lives and correct past mistakes.

2. Born on the fourth of July1989

"Born on the fourth of July" (1989) — war drama with Tom cruise for the main role in which he was awarded the award "Golden globe". The film is based on real events and is put on motives of the autobiographical works of Ron Kovik. This is a story about a paralyzed veteran of the Vietnamese war, which became an anti-war activist and wrote a book on anti-war themes. The story begins with the young and naive Ron Kovik falls into the ranks of the army as a volunteer. He manages to pass all the horrors of war and return home alive, but crippled. The rest of his life a man devotes to the struggle against war.

1. Jerry Maguire1996

"Jerry Maguire" (1996) tops the list of best movies with Tom cruise. Actor for his part in the film was awarded the film award "Golden globe" For "best male role". The main character of the film Jerry Maguire, who was fired from his former job for criticizing the authorities, is going to set up his own firm. To help in his endeavors come to him in love in a girl named Dorothy and a talented athlete Rod Tidwell. Jerry is self-confident, but up against his former colleagues, who are ready for any tricks, just to prove the ambitious guy that he did not succeed.

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