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A list of movies based on books


To readers in the films based on books — a list of 10 adaptations.

10. Abode of the damned2014

"The abode of the damned" (2014) — Thriller based on a story by Edgar Allan PoE "the System of Dr. Smola and Professor Perros". Young and very cute Dr. Edward, Oxford graduate, arrives to work in a psychiatric clinic, where no one is waiting. His attention is immediately attracted by a beautiful lady Mrs. Graves, who was there for attempted murder torturing her husband. Director of nursing applies strange in the opinion of official medicine therapies and even drives a friendship with some patients. But soon Edward will realize that it is not the extraordinary that lurks within the walls of the hospital.

9. The hunger games: mockingjay2014

"The hunger games: mockingjay" (2014) — sci-Fi Thriller, filmed on the book by Suzanne Collins "mockingjay". The picture is a sequel to the films "the Hunger games". 75 s the Hunger games changed everything. Katniss broke the rules, and unwavering until then, the oppressive rule of the Capitol was shaken. People had hope, and its symbol — mockingjay. Now, to release the captured Pete and protect their loved ones, Katniss will have to fight in these battles and become even stronger than in the arena of the games.

8. Fifty shades of grey2015

"Fifty shades of grey" (2015) — romance, filmed on the eponymous book by E. L. James. Anastasia Steele is a modest student living with a close friend-classmate Kate. A week before graduation at the University, Anastacia, at the request of the ailing Kate to replace her, interviewing a young handsome billionaire Christian grey. An interview is not very good, and the singer doesn't think they will ever meet again. Suddenly, grey appears at the hardware store where she works as a seller. Their acquaintance continues and Anastacia gradually learns about a secret sexual Hobbies of the rich.

7. The dawns here are quiet2015

"The dawns here are quiet" (2015) — war drama, another film adaptation of the novel by Boris Vasilyev. The film describes the events of 1942. In the midst of the great Patriotic war away from the front line, the derelict crossing, the Nazis throw a force in order to get to the Kirov railway and the white sea-Baltic canal. This is no ordinary soldiers, Marines, experienced, trained commandos, elite troops of the SS "supermen". And against them — the Sergeant Vaskov and the five girls, anti-aircraft gunner. It would seem that the battle of local importance, but at stake is a strategically important transport route connecting the important centers of the country...

6. The Martian2015

"The Martian" (2015) — sci-Fi movie, filmed on the eponymous book by Andy Weir. The film was awarded two awards "Golden globe" in the category "Best film" and "Best actor" (Matt Damon). Mars mission "Ares-3" in the process was forced to urgently leave the planet because of the impending sandstorm. Engineer and biologist mark Watney suffered an injury suit during a sand storm. The mission, believing him dead, evacuated the planet, leaving Mark alone. When he awoke, Watney finds that communication with Earth is missing, but fully functional dwelling unit. The main character begins to find a way to hold on to existing stocks of food, vitamins, water and air 4 more years before the arrival of the next mission "Ares-4".

5. In the heart of the sea2015

"In the heart of the sea" (2015) — movie based on real events and filmed on the book by Nathaniel Filbrich "In the heart of the sea: the Tragedy of the whaling ship Essex". The work was awarded the book award, but the film received mixed responses from viewers and critics. The plot tells about the events of 1819, when the American ship "Essex" with a team of two dozen people on Board departed from the port in Massachusetts on commercial whaling. In the autumn of 1820-th successful year and a half hunting was interrupted by the attack of the giant sperm whale to the ship, with the result that seamen had to change boats. For three months they fought for survival in the middle of the ocean...

4. A game for a fall2015

"Shorting" (2015) — a film by Adam McKay, based on the book by Michael Lewis "the Big short. Secret springs of financial catastrophe". With the mind of the main character of the film Michael is a simple economist cheap hair cut in a Barber shop, and looks rather like an ordinary office clerk average American. However, he knows a lot about the nuances of the real estate market. In 2005, he predicted its collapse, even though the world's experts were confident that the market is stronger than anything standing on his feet. Michael's career is growing by leaps and bounds. Michael meets with influential specialists in the field of Economics. Including Ben Rickert. They and other members of the team must work together to challenge the banks...

3. War and peace2016

"War and peace" (2016) — another adaptation of the epic novel of Leo Tolstoy, which is a serial film from the British Director Tom Harper. Between the two raged war shows the life of the Russian intelligentsia in the period from 1805-1812 years.

2. Sherlock Holmes2009

"Sherlock Holmes" (2009) — film based on the books antoun Conan Doyle about Sherlock Holmes. The Director of a detective Thriller was made by guy Ritchie. The film is set in 1890. The greatest detective Sherlock Holmes and his assistant Dr. Watson to prevent the last of the six ritual sacrifices. The perpetrator, a mysterious Lord Blackwood, sentenced to death. The next three months Holmes is bored — he can't find a worthwhile, besides the engagement and drive of the other only add fuel to the fire. Still, John manages to convince Sherlock to go to dinner and meet his bride Mary Morstan, but the evening ends in scandal. Meanwhile Lord Blackwood is sentenced to death by hanging, mocks inmates and guards. The whole prison was in a panic, and the whole of London awaits the death of the warlock. The gallows was erected, the last wish of Blackwood — a date with Sherlock Holmes, the man who stopped him.

1. The green mile1999

"The green mile" (1999) — film based on the eponymous book by Stephen king. The film is considered one of the best in the history of cinema. She was four times nominated for "Oscar" and was awarded three awards "Saturn". The plot of the story of Paul Edgecomb who lives in a nursing home and tells her friend, Ellen Connelly story that happened to him 60 years ago. Then he worked in the prison called "Cold mountain", where he was a warden in a block with bombers. The floor was a bit cynical and over the many years when he observed the last hours of life and death, almost lost faith. He increasingly began to wonder whether he can execute people, trying on the image of God. Once in his unit, there is a new convicted for the murder of two children of John Coffey. John, six-foot giant with huge fists, afraid like a child

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