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A list of movies Tim Burton's


Timothy Walter Burton (abbreviated as Tim Burton or Barton) is a famous American film Director and producer, which account for more than 30 feature films.

The rating included the best films of Tim Burton, a list of which is presented below.

10. Planet of the apes2001

Planet of the apes (2001) opens top 10 best works of American Director. In the sci-Fi Thriller describes future events occurring in 2029. Leo Davidson teaches apes to pilot spacecraft. One of the monkeys not cope with the management and it carries into the wormhole. Leo rushes to the rescue, but he befalls the same fate. A time jump happens, and he finds himself on an unknown planet, where he captured a monkey. This is a completely different civilization, where common chimpanzees enslave people and keep them in captivity. The task of Leo is to defend the rights of humanity and to free people from captivity.

9. Big eyes2014

"Big eyes" (2014) ranked ninth in the list of best movies by Tim Burton. Artistic pattern based on real events and tells the story of a popular artist Margaret Keane, who created a new direction in art called pop art. The story begins with the appearance of an unknown artist Walter Keane, who created a furor in the art world for his pioneering work. Art lovers admire the new genius, and no one has ever guessed that the real author of all the paintings is the wife of Walter. Pseudo artist begins to overflow vanity, and he forces his wife to write all new and new pictures. Tired of this life, Margaret decides to leave her husband and take him to court, accusing him of fraud.

8. Batman returns1992

"Batman returns" (1992) is one of the best works of Tim Burton. Batman — the reliable guardian of Gotham city, above which hangs another threat in the face of ugly Penguin and Catwoman. Penguin, once abandoned by their parents emerged from the sewer, beginning a power struggle with a Cat-Woman. Penguin running for mayor of Gotham, and Catwoman tries to avenge his death. Acquainted with Batman, she imbued him with sympathy. On the one hand they are absolute opposites, and the other is very similar, and the reasons for which the characters hide their true face, as close.

7. Dark shadows2012

"Dark shadows" (2012) took seventh place in the list of the best films by Tim Burton. The main character of the film Barnabas Collins — the incorrigible heartthrob and the rich man, owning the estate Collinwood. New "victim" becomes Angelique Bouchard, who is a hereditary witch. He breaks the witch's heart, and that he decides to take cruel revenge, turning Barton into a vampire and burying him alive. Takes place two centuries and a doomed vampire accidentally released from the tomb. He returned to the modern world, which differs significantly from the old. The hero is sent to his estate, but instead finds the ruins and pathetic descendants of his family.

6. Alice in Wonderland2010

"Alice in Wonderland" (2010) is included in the list of the best feature films produced by Tim Burton. In the center of the story — nineteen-year-old girl named Alice whose life is changed overnight. She runs away from the party thrown in her honor, and it turns out on the lawn. What was the surprise of the girl when she noticed a huge rabbit, dressed in a camisole. She rushes over marvelous creature across the lawn. Rabbit runs away from Alice and falls into a huge rabbit hole. The heroine, without hesitation, jumps in after him and finds himself in a magical land. Here it is waiting for miracles and meeting magical creatures at every turn.

5. Charlie and the chocolate factory2005

"Charlie and the chocolate factory" (2005) occupies the fifth place in the list of the best films of Tim Burton. Very eccentric owner of a fabulous chocolate factory Willy Wonka announces that magical place will be able to visit the five children who find tickets in chocolate bars. One of the lucky ones getting the boy Charlie from a poor family. Together with his grandfather he was sent to the fabulous world of sweets, where he was waiting for interesting encounters with animals who can speak and amazing adventures. At the end of the tour Wonka should choose the winner and present him the Grand prize.

4. Corpse bride2005

"Corpse bride" (2005) — one of the best animated works of Tim Burton, nominated for an Oscar. The cartoon describes what happens in one of the European villages in the 19th century. The main character Victor is in the underworld, where he dragged the forces of darkness. It forced to marry the corpse bride, although this narrowed Victoria waiting for him in the world of the living. Existence in the realm of the dead is much more interesting and exciting. But despite this, Victor wants to go back, because he loves Victoria and not willing to exchange any good.

3. Big fish2003

"Big fish" (2003) opens the three best films made by Tim Burton. The plot is laid novel of the same name by Daniel Wallace. The film's protagonist trying to find out more about his father who is on his deathbed. He is collecting stories related to him, recreating the whole picture of parent's lives. In the end, the UPS and downs in the fate of a dying man stand in a very unexpected angle.

2. Edward Scissorhands1990

"Edward Scissorhands" (1990) took second place in the ranking of the best films of Tim Burton. The old scientist creates an artificial man and give him the name Edward, but not in time to finish his creation before the end and dies. Being created in the image of man, becomes doomed to a lonely existence in a dilapidated house where the Professor lived. But familiarity with a woman who regretted an artificial man and took him to his house, changes his life. Edward fully knows what love and hostility. People are not willing to accept an ugly creature and put it on equal footing with man.

1. Sleepy hollow1999

"Sleepy hollow" (1999) tops the list of best movies by Tim Burton. In the picture describes the events of 1799, taking place in new York. The protagonist Ichabod crane is sent to a mystical place full of mysteries — Sleepy hollow. There he will investigate what is happening here regularly murder. Local residents claim that victims are killed by the sword of the headless horseman, whom he decapitates. Find all dead without a head. Crane appeared pessimistic about the stories about a mysterious horseman. But the longer he is in this place, the more it begins to verify the authenticity of the legend. The protagonist has to understand the motives of the murders committed by the horseman from the dead to kill and commit crimes.

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