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A list of movies private showing


The program Closed the show with a leading Alexander Gromov was on the First channel from 2007 to 2013. All shown in this film is designed for deep and wide audience, as stated by the author TV talk show.

Attention movie lovers the films closed the show, a list of which is below.

10. Playing the victim2006

A black Comedy directed by Kirill Serebrennikov playing the victim (2006) reveals the top ten films closed the show. The young man Valya, after finishing University, for the sake of earning arranged in militia, which portrays the victims of crimes during investigatory experiments. Investigation team composed of a charismatic captain, armed with a video camera praporschitsy Lyuda and dullish Sergeant daily exports defendants to the crime scene, which is necessary to reconstruct the tragedy

9. Caesar must die2012

Caesar must die (2012) — film closed the show, was awarded the Golden bear at the Berlin film festival. Ends Shakespeare's play "Julius Caesar", a curtain ovation. The lights go out, the actors leave the stage... and returned to the chamber of the Roman prison "Rebibbia". Camera captures the Grand experiment of staging the play directed by Fabio Cavalli of prisoners, many of whom are serving a life sentence. The universal language of Shakespeare helps Nouveau actors understand their roles, to re-discover friendship and betrayal, power, deception and violence — first in the play, and later in his life. Although staging of the play — a prison, in the film, she miraculously disappears...

8. Caesar must die2012

The last tale of Rita (2012) — film closed the show, directed by Renata Litvinova. The characters — three women: Renata Litvinova, Olga Kuzina Tatyana Drubich. Character Litvinova, the angel of Death (in this world of people bears the name of Tatiana, Niobium), the plot works in the morgue. A woman a little older than thirty, Marguerite Gautier (Spanish Olga Kuzina), becomes sick and goes for treatment in the hospital. Her friend Nadia works as a doctor at the hospital, and the diagnosis of his girlfriend, can't decide to tell her the sad news, starts to hide and drink alcohol. About Rita dying care nurse Tanya Newbill that works in torgovom office, it is in fact the angel of death and occupies a high position in the afterlife. Tanya Newbill moves between two worlds – living and dead – through the portals of old buildings. Three women begin to prepare for the great event – the transition of Rita to the other world. Rita read out his will, leaving all owned, your loved one Nikolai Serebryakov (Spanish Nikolai Khomeriki). It seeks to answer the question of whether there is life after death, and tries to persuade death to pick a favorite.

7. Melancholia2011

Melancholia (2011) — drama the private screening of Lars von Trier with Kirsten dunst and Charlotte Gainsbourg. The film was awarded the Palme d'or at the Cannes film festival for Best actress, which was performed by Kirsten dunst. The events of the film unfold in the days that precede the disaster. The first part is dedicated to Justine's wedding, which cools quickly to the triumph that causes the misunderstanding of loved ones and guests. The heroine of the second part is Claire, sister of Justine. First, Claire takes care of fallen into clinical depression Justine and at the same time afraid of the message about the approach of the mysterious planet Melancholia. Gradually, as the planet approaches, Justine and Claire switch roles. Now panicked Claire needs care. In desperation, she with her sister and son is preparing to accept the inevitable.

6. Darling2007

Darling (2007) — the film closed the show Director Jos Stelling. In the Russian film festival screenwriter Bob meets a man called the film a Doll, and by the way, not seriously, invites him to visit me in Amsterdam. One day when Ducky arrives to Bob, he is still not able to remember that person and where he is, and tries to kick him out of his apartment. Ducky unceremoniously trying to get back and feels in the apartment like at home, do not hesitate to girls, which cares for Bob.

5. White ribbon2009

The white ribbon (2009) — movie private screening of Michael Haneke. The picture has a subtitle — German story about children. The film was twice awarded a Palm branch at the Cannes film festival. In the picture describes the events of 1913, events in Germany. In quite prosperous German village outwardly all is quiet and decorous. But once in this "bear corner" starting to happen, ominous, mysterious events, like the violence perpetrated by unknown on mentally retarded boy. Suspicion falls on the children characterized by strict mores of the local pastor, who from infancy to wear white armbands "as a symbol of purity and innocence, but at heart as a result grow to protest the lie, evil, a craving for violence. A young village teacher trying to understand all this, but almost every one of the villagers stand their darkest secrets and nobody wants them out there. Almost every character has two sides — one external, the familiar and the "decent" and another internal, burdened, any secret or nefarious action.

4. First squad2009

Animated film private screening of the First squad (2009) is a joint work of Russia, Japan and Canada. Cartoon action takes place in 1942. A detachment of pioneers-heroes enters in fight with fascist invaders and phantoms of knights of the Livonian order, summoned from the underworld Nazi magicians of the infamous organization Ahnenerbe. Of course, the main characters — not just the pioneers. They have been trained in the Sixth Division of Military Intelligence. This Department is engaged in parapsychology and the occult. And now they are ready to defend their Homeland in the invisible to ordinary mortals front.

3. The last station2009

The last station (2009) — movie private show, which is a joint work of Germany, Russia and the UK. The picture has twice been nominated for an Oscar. The film is based on the biographical novel by Jay Parini about the last year of life of the great Russian writer Leo Tolstoy. Having lived a long life, tired of alienation and hostility in the relationship with his wife Sofia Andreyevna, on the night of October 28, 1910, at five o'clock in the morning with 39 rubles in his pocket Leo Tolstoy secretly left the house. Caught cold on the way, he fell ill with pneumonia and found a final resting place at the station Astapovo.

2. Between2011

Between (2011) — the film's private screening of Francis Ford Coppola. Experiencing a creative crisis, the writer Hall Baltimore, specializing in action-Packed novels about witches, arrives in a small town of Swan valley. Local Sheriff Bobby Lagrange draws its attention to the mysterious murder of a young girl that recently occurred in the city, and offers to write on the basis of this joint work. In the night to Baltimore is a Ghost and tells of the massacre of children that occurred in these places many years ago. Under the impression of this dream writer decides to start his own investigation of the events occurring in the town... In the film there are references to the works of Edgar Allan PoE and many quotations from his works.

1. Missing2010

Missing (2010) — film closed the show Anna Fenchenko. The plot of the film talks about the programmer, who is quite happy isolation from the real world. He works at home, no family, and relationships with family, living a floor above, very tight. He's not young and he is comfortable to live in their own world which he created himself. But one day, by a strange coincidence, and he loses what little he had. Losing an apartment, a job and a passport, but being able to maintain freedom, he plunges into a new world. After escaping from problems, he is missing, and to return him nowhere. If he can find himself in a new world and to overcome all the trials that fate could deal him?

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