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List of Comedy 2015 -2016 years


Guests who like to spend time at the screens and laugh from the soul presents a new Comedy 2015 -2016, a list of which is located below.

10. Vacation

Vacation (2015). The main character of the Comedy of Rusty Griswold has a wife and two children. Everything seems to be fine, but no sense of family loyalty. Yes, and his wife long ago got bored from the monotonous routine. In order to rectify the situation, and to give the family an unforgettable holiday and experiences, Griswold prepares the trip with his wife and children to the amusement Park of his childhood. It was there according to the hero a miracle to happen, and his family will be more United. For the trip he takes the car, and the heroes all embark together on a journey that they face a real disaster. Characters will experience breathtaking adventures and funny situations in which they will get.

9. Everyone can

All can (2015). The Terrans give the last chance for correction of the higher minds, dwelling on other planets. But success needs to answer only one of the people. As a man who must save the earth from destruction, the aliens choose not really a suitable candidate for this role. It turns out the teacher is a loser of a school. He is endowed with an incredible gift. Realizing this, the hero falls into confusion. He does not know in which direction to try out her new powers: the President, forced to talk to his dog or to conquer a charming beauty? A former teacher rushes to the winds and bathed in luxury. And the earthlings have less and less time to fix. Whether the former loser using his new power to change the course of events in another direction?

8. 30 dates

30 dates (2016). Russian Comedy tells the story of an ordinary girl Dasha, which is fatally unlucky in personal with the guys. Heroine throws the lad, after a five-year relationship. Subsides Dasha from depression application on the Internet, which she accidentally stumbles. The game is called Thirty dates. According to his rules, participant gaming applications have to meet 30 new guys, one of which will be betrothed. From that moment begins an incredible adventure heroine. Dasha needs to go through a lot of absurd and comical situations. But the girl is not going to stop no matter what for the sake of gaining your own happiness.

7. Fakap, or Worse

Fakap, or Worse (2015). A Bank employee Thiele Rainer has everything you need for a successful existence: good job, own house and loving wife. Monotonous life are fed up with the hero, and he is not averse to experiencing new sensations. And fate gives Reiner a chance. Once a Bank robber breaks in, steals a large sum of money, and as insurance takes hostages of one of employees. They are given til. Kidnapping does not frighten the hero, but rather the opposite. They have the opportunity to get a thrill from the dangerous and risky adventure. Rainer is going to help the criminal, and they are in place continue on the path already, as accomplices.

6. Alvin and the chipmunks 4

Alvin and the chipmunks 4 (2016). Adventure cartoon chipmunks continues. Their owner Dave sent, together with his girlfriend Samantha in Miami, taking with him the ring box to propose. Found out about it, the chipmunks are going at any cost to stop the owner from doing this. Animals are very afraid that if Dave married, they will lose attention from Dave. They're going on a long journey, which will be quite difficult. Due to the small incident at the airport they have to go by your own transport to Miami. They are waiting for bright, unforgettable impressions and a rather comical situation. But will they be able to achieve its main goal?

5. Agents A. N. To.L.

Agents A. N. To.L. (2015). Napoleon Solo — the best employee of the CIA, which has no equal, or almost no equal, His opponent is no less professional KGB agent Illya Kuryakin. Heroes have different approaches to operations, and they can't stand each other in spirit. But the circumstances are such that two enemies are forced to unite for one common task. The fact is that there is a terrorist group that is developing nuclear weapons. From the success of the operation will depend on the fate of all mankind. But the problem is that virtuoso agents can not each other to get along, continuing the rivalry. Performing a special task, each of the characters is trying to show their skills to the full.

4. That awkward moment

That awkward moment (2015). Two best friends decide to escape away from the city and head to the Riviera together with their seventeen year old daughters. In the forty-year man falls for the daughter of his friend. Giving in to temptation, the man spends the night with her. The morning comes remorse. Now how to explain to a friend that he dared to touch his daughter? The situation is compounded by the fact that the girl is not going to end the relationship, and finds a Mature hero with his boyfriend.

3. Miss planner

Miss commotion (2015). Charming and incomparable Isabella provides escort services. She has an amazing acting talent, through which she enters the world of show business. It all starts with the fact that she meets a successful producer of plays Arnold. The girl did not fit into the environment in which revolves the main character. She makes his life a real mess. She reluctantly, Isabella reveals all the secrets of Arnold, thus placing him in a ridiculous position. The heroine accidentally meets the wife of Arnold who is now difficult to cover the left.

2. Hello dad, New year

Hello dad, New year (2016). The protagonist of the Comedy Brad is very good-natured man. He married Sarah, who has two children from his first marriage. Little urchins, not very impressed by the stepfather, and don't mind over him to make fun of. The former spouse of Sarah on Christmas eve reports that he wants to spend the holiday with the children and stay with them for a while. The appearance of the former spouse brings into the relationship Sarah and Brad some difficulties. The main character feels like slowly begins to crumble his family. He will have to compete for his love and the children.

1. Intern

The Intern (2015). Seventy-year-old Ben Whitaker, in retirement, finds that still fit for work. He gets an Intern in the online store new-fangled apparel, which is run by Jules Ostin. For the new elderly employee is first treated with distrust, believing that there is nothing new in the development of the organization it will bring. But experienced Ben not only saved the organization from collapse, but also becomes a reliable support for his young boss.

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