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A list of the best anime cartoons


Japanese cartoons, called anime, are significantly different from cartoons from other countries. The best paintings of this genre gained immense popularity among the viewers and won prestigious awards.

Attention fans of Japanese animated movies are the anime cartoons, list of best.

10. Cowboy Bebop2001

"Cowboy Bebop" (2001) opens the ten best animated films. In the anime describes the events taking place in the distant year 2071 on the planet Mars. Red planet befalls a terrible tragedy. As a result of terrorist attack using biochemical weapons of mass destruction killed hundreds of colonists. Whoever committed this crime must suffer deserved punishment, therefore, for the capture of villain is assigned a huge premium...

9. Arietti from the country of lilliputthe year of 2010

On the ninth place in the list of the best cartoon anime", Arietti from the country of Lilliputians" (2010) Hiromasa, Inebase. The story tells about young people who call themselves "dobivanie". They live alongside humans and enjoy human things as needed. Their existence is kept secret, because to get to people's eyes means they're in serious trouble. One of these small people — young Arietti — says 12-year-old...

8. Wolf children AME and Yuki2012

"Wolf children AME and Yuki" (2012) is on the eighth place in the list of the best Japanese animated works. Yuki and AME-only seemingly ordinary children who can transcend the hardships of the world. When their father dies, the last representative of an ancient family werewolves, their mother — an ordinary girl who once fell in love with a man who turned a wolf — have to move away from the big city and start over.

7. The wind rises2013

"The wind rises" (2013) is in seventh place in the list of best anime cartoons. The latest work of Hayao Miyazaki, nominated for "Oscar" as best animated film and participating in the competitive program of the 70th Cannes film festival. Plot: a boy Jiro dreams about flights and beautiful aircraft that can outrun the wind. That's just a pilot, he will become — he nearsighted since birth. But Jiro not part with my dreams of the sky, he begins to think of the perfect aircraft and eventually becoming one of the best designers in the world. On the way to success, he not only will meet lots of interesting people, will survive a Great earthquake in Tokyo and cruel war, but will gain the love of his life — a beautiful Naoko.

6. 5 centimeters per second2007

"5 centimeters per second" (2007) — one of the best Japanese anime cartoons. Cartoon pattern covers for more than ten years of life of the main character Takaki tono. Consists of three stories, which take the beginning of his narrative in Japan in the mid 1990-ies. Full anime consists of 3 parts: "an Excerpt on cherry blossoms", "Cosmonaut", "5 centimeters per second".

5. Whisper of the heart1995

"Whisper of the heart" (1995) is located in the middle of the ranking of the best animated films. The story tells about You Tsukisima, the middle school student who loves to spend their free time with a book. However regardless of how she got in the library in its form has always listed the name of Seiji Amasawa. After exploring unusual boy Shizuku realizes that he is her first love. The communication with him open for girls her inner world, she learns a lot about others, and about myself. One of the main themes addressed in the story, is the period of growing up and first love, puberty in all its manifestations. In many parts describes the evolution of the feelings the girls — the frustration of an annoying boy to attachment to him. However, the main theme is finding oneself and overcoming difficulties on the way to his dream.

4. The girl who conquered time2006

"The girl who conquered time" (2006) occupies the fourth position in the list of best anime cartoons. The animated film is surely among the top 250 best films according to "IMDb". "The girl who conquered time" is based on the eponymous novel Yasutake, Tsutsui. Seventeen Makoto Konno is not too well in school, often late and doesn't know who he wants to be after high school. In the evenings she plays with friends in baseball, every morning, jumps on the bike and hurry to class. But suddenly, in her usual measured life can sometimes be a strange event, and Makoto acquires the ability to travel in time...

3. Princess Mononoke1997

"Princess Mononoke" (1997) opens the three best anime cartoons. Is one of the highest-grossing animated film of Japan. The plot of the animated film is set during the Muromachi era, when the country of the Rising Sun appeared first firearm. The young Prince ashitaka, killing the boar, incurred the deadly curse. The old witch had predicted to him that only he can change his destiny. And a brave warrior went on a dangerous journey. So he found himself in a mysterious country, where people led by the evil Mrs. Eboshi fought with the inhabitants of the forest: spirits, demons and giant creatures, which Ashitaka had never seen before. With them Princess Mononoke — lady and the daughter of animals wolf. Now the fate of all depends on only one soldier — Prince Ashitaka.

2. Howl's moving castle2004

"Howl's moving castle" (2004) took second place in the list of the best animated films. Anime Hayao Miyazaki taken on the fairy tale by Diana Wynne Jones. Nominated for the "Oscar", "the Walking castle" by the Japanese Director is the prototype of the Russian hut on chicken legs. The plot: an evil witch has imprisoned 18-year-old Sophie in the body of an old woman. In search of someone who will help her return to her appearance, Sophie meets a powerful magician Howl and his demon Calciferol. Calcifer should serve Hulu under the contract, the terms of which he could not disclose. The girl and the demon decide to help each other to get rid of evil spells...

1. Spirited away2001

"Spirited away" (2001) tops the list of best anime cartoons. Japanese animated film by Hayao Miyazaki was a huge success among critics and viewers, and in 2002 was awarded the awards "Oscar", "Golden bear" and other prestigious awards as best animated film. In Japan, "spirited away" became the highest grossing cartoon anime in history. The main character of the animated picture, girl Chihiro along with her parents moving to a new location. On the way to the new house the main characters get lost in an unfamiliar, deserted city, where they prepared a great feast. Parents who have decided to enjoy the free food, to the dismay of Chihiro are transformed into pigs. A girl finds out that it was a malicious evil and powerful witch. Chihiro will have to find "antidote" against the charms of the old woman to return to mom and dad.

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