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A list of the best fighters of 2016


Shooting, fighting, car chases, high-budget stunts and special effects — that's what makes the film action. Attention cinephiles presents fighters — the list of the best movies of 2016.

10. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2

"Teenage mutant Ninja turtles 2" reveal a list of best movies 2016 genre Thriller. For a long time, the ninja turtles are hiding from people in the maze of city sewers. For several years, master splinter taught them martial arts and instilled a sense of justice. At one point the turtles had to climb up to save new York from shredder, the leader of the Foot Clan, who seized power in new York. Together with intrepid reporter April and her statement Right, the fearless warriors were able to win and clear the favorite city of crime. Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael and Donatello found his destiny in this world and become the protectors of their city. They put things in order in new York and with a clear conscience could retire, but once again had to face a powerful enemy that threatens their city.

9. Jason Bourne

"Jason Bourne" is in ninth place in the list of the best fighters in 2016. The world is on the brink of disaster, so it's time for him to return. Naples, Munich, new York — his name is known everywhere. Elite agent, best of the best, even in Las Vegas will play by his rules. He Was Jason Bourne.

8. 13 hours: the Secret soldiers of Benghazi

In the top ten of the militants 2016 was also the movie "13 hours: the Secret soldiers of Benghazi". All described events in the film happen in 2012 in Libya. A group of terrorists decides to "celebrate" the events of 11 September attack on the American Embassy. Six soldiers from the elite special ops ordered to intervene only in extreme cases. But when threatened dozens of lives, duty and conscience take precedence over the chain of command. And the brave soldiers without hesitation enter into battle with a fierce group of fighters. The battle for the big six is likely to be the last.

7. Crouching tiger, hidden dragon: the Sword of destiny

Seventh place in the list of the best films of the genre Thriller goes to the film "Crouching tiger, hidden dragon: the green destiny". The first part of the film is one of the most important Eastern films. At the time he broke many records and even received four "Oscar". In 2016, 16 years after the iconic original, fans of beautiful Asian film will finally see its sequel, also possessing each of these qualities. Michelle Yeo returns to again play the brave Shu lien, after many years still have feelings for his deceased beloved Li Mu Bai. She learns that a legendary sword that makes its wearer invincible, is going to steal the evil warlord of Hades Dai. In order to protect the sword, going to the team of skilled warriors, to one of which the main character is overcome with feelings.

6. Criminal

"Criminal" — one of the best fighters in 2016. Gerik Stewart the greater part of his long life spent in prison. He is ruthless and cruel, he has his own principles, and they have nothing to do with the principles of the police or with the "beliefs" of other public institutions. Gerik will not hesitate to kill anyone who gets in his way. But unfortunately man does not have sufficient concentration, which is necessary to calculate their actions and their consequences in order not to fall to law enforcement. And no this is undoubtedly a necessary element of the character of the offender leads to the fact that he constantly finds himself behind bars. But this time it was much worse.

5. Never give up 3

"Never give up 3" occupies the fifth place in the ranking of the best films of the militants 2016. Throughout his life, case Walker has trained in martial arts to one day become the best fighter in the ring. He worked very hard and believed that he would be able to achieve the desired result. Becoming a professional fighter, he began to confidently walk toward his goal, earning the victory. But once he retired from professional sports. A few years later, case met an old friend, with whom he had once trained. He persuaded him to go with him to Thailand, where he will spend the champion fight for the title. Case gave their consent to participate in the training, but after some time, he had no choice but to climb into the ring

4. Star trek

One of the best films of 2016 is the thirteenth fantastic Thriller "star trek". Favorite characters return to the big screen, star trek will once again surprise all their fans with the adventures of the famous crew. This time the danger is not coming from her need to get out alive. In the last series of the epic, the audience saw a lot of assistants to the heroes who saved them. This time the situation is critical, it just can't find anything positive, the crew is on the verge of death and only their ship and skillful hands will be able to save a lot of people.

3. Mechanic: Resurrection

"Mechanic: Resurrection" opens the three best action films of 2016. The action-Thriller is a sequel, a direct continuation of the movie with the same name, released more than five years ago. This film created by a different Director, but the lead actor remains the same. It certainly will please many fans of brutal Jason Statham. The story of an assassin who survived a personal drama, coupled with charisma and charm of the main character brought the success to the creators, and actor, effectively consolidated its role as the real courageous hero. Arthur Bishop, long left his criminal craft, are forced again to join the game. To the kidnappers brought him back to his beloved, he must do what he does best: commit three murders, is appointed as accidents.

2. Tarzan. Legend

"Tarzan. Legend" is included in the list of the best movies of the genre Thriller 2016. This is a story that tells the story of John Clayton, known as "the APE man", after his return to civilization. It is completely adapted man to the life of society. But he again have to go back into the jungle, directly in the Congo, at the request of Queen Victoria because of the diamond mine, where the chaos going on. Ally Clayton is a former mercenary George Washington Williams, who wants to save the country from a despotic warlord who seized not only a diamond mine, but local residents under his guidance. They have to deal with the tyrant and restore justice.

1. Warcraft

"Warcraft" tops the list of the best fighters in 2016. For centuries, the magic and the impregnable walls protected the people from any adversity. But an ancient evil, defeated and forgotten thousands of years ago, awakened. In the heart of the Kingdom opened the dark portal, and the race of unseen creatures flooded the lands of Azeroth. Thus began the events designed to forever change the destiny of this world.

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