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List of the best black comedies of all time


Black humor is quite unique, but still has a considerable audience of fans. A good movie with a good kind of jokes always had success with those who like to laugh.

The ranking presents a list of the best black comedies of all time.

10. Zhmurki2005

Zhmurki (2005) black Comedy from the Russian cinema opens ten best films with black humor. The plot revolves around two gangster Sergei and Simon named Simon, working for crime boss Sergei Mikhailovich. Another operation that instructs the bandit chief to his players fail at it. Sergei Mikhailovich gives a new assignment: now they should make the exchange of money for heroin. But here Sergey and Simon was waiting for adverse circumstances. They decide to escape from Mikhailovich to the capital together with drugs. Bandits waiting for a new life: Sergey becomes the Deputy to Simon as his assistant. Now they General business.

9. Welcome to Zombilend2009

Welcome to Zombilend (2009) – black American Comedy. The plot twists in the country Zombilend, once called the United States. The city is empty, now it is difficult to meet people as all filled living Montecatini. But some units managed to survive and now their task is not to become dinner for a zombie. Among these is a boy-bot, which is developing its own security plan. On his way he meets an experienced killer the walking dead. They unite to fight – the two of us safer and more fun. And all the boys are going well until they meet two sisters. Here begins the real adventure.

8. Tailgating2010

Due date (2010) – American film with hints of black humor, tell about the ill-fated adventures of two men, trapped by fate in the same place and the same plane. Peter is a successful businessman who has everything going according to plan and every minute painted. He completes his business, buys a plane ticket to another country, where they remained to wait for his pregnant wife. Once Peter lands on the flight, trouble that will haunt him throughout the film. The reason for this becomes eccentric bearded man with a dog, his neighbor on Board. Because of the silly reasons men drop out of the plane, accusing Peter in acts of fraud. He loses his money and documents, but it acquires a pseudo-partner, through which Peter gets into any stupid situation.

7. The whole nine yards2000

The whole nine yards (2000) can rightly be called a classic of black humor. The viewer is presented one of the main characters Nicholas Oseransky, aka Oz, which is full of problems, both personally and financially. Wife and mother-in-law did not give man no rest, besides father-in-law left him with huge debts which will have to pay. But all these troubles are beginning. Next to oz settles Hitman Jimmy Tedeschi named Tulpan. Wife Nicholas finds out about the activities of the new settler and his past. She persuades her husband to convey of a Tulip on his former accomplices from which he fled. For this information they should obtain a decent amount of money. Oz goes to another town to find these people, and met his wife Jimmy. Between the heroes breaks out, the spark of passion. From that moment oz and begin a serious problem.

6. Dumb and dumber1994

Dumb and dumber (1994) – one of the funniest black comedies of American cinema. The plot revolves around two incredible jerk Harry Dunne and Lloyd Christmas, that everything is worthless and can only bring trouble to others. One day two friends saw a beautiful girl named Mary and fell in love with her. Beauty forgets his briefcase, which Dunn and the Chrismas rush her return. But the girl was not watching the loss and in a hurry to get back home to your city. Fools, of course, have no idea what the case was dropped specially and it is a large sum of money awaits the ransom to bandits for the release of Mary's husband. Now the criminals are being chased in the footsteps of two friends to get their money back, but get into trouble behind the trouble. And the cheerful fools still lucky.

5. From dusk till dawn1995

From dusk till dawn (1995) – one of the best black comedies from the genre of horror. In the center of events are two brothers with a criminal past. They are going to cross the Mexican border with a large sum of money that they stole from the Bank. But before you leave America, they stop for the night at a roadside cafe to spend the night. Here criminals will have to face hell, which is not averse to profit by the guys. The brothers find themselves in the lair of the vampires, they need to show all your sharpness to get out of boring places. But the locals are in no hurry to leave.

4. Dark shadows2012

Dark shadows (2012) – black Comedy-fantasy that tells about the ill-fated events in the life of the rich owner of the estate of Barnas Collins. Being the local Casanova, regularly uhlestyval for local ladies. It falls for the witch Angelique Bouchard, where he was severely heart broken. To revenge her lover, the witch turns him into a vampire and buries alive. Only after two centuries, he manages to escape from the crypt, and he decides to return to his estate, where now his descendants live.

3. Evil dead 3: Army of darkness1992

Evil dead 3: Army of darkness (1992) – a black Comedy with elements of horror and fantasy is rightfully among the top three paintings with a quirky sense of humor. The film's protagonist ash Williams commits a fatal error due to improper handling of an ancient book of spells and gets into the distant past. Here the hero waiting for the demons of darkness who want to deal with the guy. Williams met with the local sage. He tells ash that his appearance was foretold many centuries ago. Now the hero must free the local inhabitants from the dark forces and come back in the future. The only complexity is that ash one, but evil dead – the whole army. To help him will come the chainsaw and the rifle that he brought with him from the future.

2. Bad Santa2003

Bad Santa (2003) – German black Comedy about the alcoholic and the criminal, Willie. On Christmas eve he is robbing with a partner, another hypermarket. The robbers devise an elaborate plan to escape safely with the money. But in their way stand random friend, who is crazy about Santas and lonely boy, looking for friend in Christmas magic. Accomplices have to be extremely try to not to be suspected of intended.

1. Machete2010

Machete (2010) – one of the black crime Comedy from the American filmmakers. The plot revolves around a skilled and ruthless assassin Machete. He ordered the murder of a Senator for a tidy sum. The killer does not suspect that after the transaction, it also intends to kill. When a daring plan is revealed, a Machete is going to revenge cruelly to the customer. This will help him, his best friends.

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