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The list of top documentary films


Documentaries have always enjoyed the people very popular. They help to shed light on things hidden in everyday life from the eyes of society. All films of this genre is based on real events and are compelling evidence of the authenticity of the events.

Readers are documentaries, a list of the best.

10. The fog of war2003

"Fog of war" (2003) opens the ten best documentaries. This is the story of the wars of the 20th century, which tells of an influential political figure of the USA Robert S. McNamara. He talks about why the 20th century was full of different branches of the military conflicts and disasters. The politician attempts to analyze the thinking heads who ran powers and sends people to war. In 2004 the film was awarded the prize "Oscar".

9. An inconvenient truth2006

"An inconvenient truth" (2006) is a documentary film by Davis Guggenheim about global warming with the participation of American politician al Gore. Politician in accessible language explains the scientific and economic side of their understanding of the problem. His speech he gives to understand that if you do not limit the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, it will lead to serious and irreversible consequences. The film has won two awards "Oscar", won in the categories "Best documentary" and "Best song".

8. Tightrope Walker2007

"Tightrope Walker" (2007) — documentary, the winner of the award "Oscar". This is a story about an amazing man, a French tightrope Walker Philippe Petit, who in August 1974 showed the impossible: for forty-five minutes he walked up and down the rope which was stretched between the towers of the world trade center in new York. Thus, Philippe Petit was able to gain universal fame, having made what was later heralded as "the artistic crime of the century". In addition to "Oscar" the film has been awarded other prestigious awards.

7. Bay2009

"The Cove" (2009) — documentary film, which is the best work of the Director Louis Psihoyos. The film tells about the mass extermination of dolphins for food in a national Park at Taiji Japan. The film sheds light on the true number of slaughtered sea animals per year, which is 23 thousand. Director Louis Psihoyos along with former Dolphin trainer Rick O Barry discover the Bay, where the trapping of animals for destruction or resale. The film was awarded the "Oscar" and won 22 prestigious awards.

6. Insiders2010

"Insiders" (2010) — best documentary on the financial crisis of 2007-2010. Premiere of the film took place at the Cannes film festival in the spring of 2010. According to the Director (Charles Ferguson) the picture is a story of systemic corruption in the financial sector of America and its consequences. The documentary includes interviews with bankers, politicians and financiers who have come to the conclusion that the cause of the crisis is the excessive liberalization of financial markets. In 2011, the film was awarded the film award "Oscar". Also "Insiders" received positive reviews from viewers and critics.

5. Undefeated2011

"Undefeated" (2011) — best documentary by Daniel Lindsay and T. J. Martin, winner of the award "Oscar". The plot revolves around a group of black guys who ply robbery and racketeering. All of them come from dysfunctional families. But one day one of them proposes to organize a football team and daily exercise. The newly formed athletes suffer defeat after defeat. Everything changes when their coach becomes Billy Courtney. In the short term, the team won the championship trophy and their life is already absolutely not similar to the former, criminal...

4. In search of sugar man2012

"Finding sugar man" (2012) — film Malik Bendjelloul, which is included in the list of the best documentary films created over the last decade. This is the story of the legendary singer Sixto Rodriguez. In the 70's, he released a couple of albums that did not bring him the expected popularity. The singer stopped recording and disappeared. But over time his songs became popular among the youth of South Africa. The identity of Rodrigesa remained in the shadows for his fans for a long time. Began to circulate rumors about his suicide on stage. In the early 90s of last century, two fans of the singer decided to conduct its own investigation to find out who was Rodriguez really is and what really happened to him. The film won the awards "Oscar", BAFTA, "Amanda", "the Gold bug" and many other prestigious awards.

3. Two steps from glory2013

"Two steps from glory" (2013) opens the three best documentary films. Darlene Love, Lisa Fischer, Judith hill, merry Clayton, Joe Laurie, Tata VEGA — all of these names most people are totally unfamiliar. But really, the rock world these women are true legends. They sang and worked on stage with rock stars, but remained in the shadows of their fame. They all had a strong voice, but are unable to become famous, because the world of show business tough enough. The heroine has worked with such legendary stars as Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Elto John, sting and others. In 2014, the picture became the winner of the film award "Oscar".

2. CITIZENFOUR: Snowden Truth2014

"CITIZENFOUR: Snowden Truth" (2014) — best documentary movie of Laura Poitras. In January 2013, the journalist, film producer, film Director and cinematographer Laura Poitras began to receive encrypted e-mail letter from a man podpisyvaeshsya as Citizenfour. He claimed to be a high-ranking government officials and has proof that the national security Agency secretly monitors millions of people around the world. Five months later she and her two fellow journalists went to Hong Kong hotel The Mira Hong Kong for a meeting with "Citizen four," whose real name was Edward Snowden. All the actors in the film played themselves. The documentary was awarded the awards "Oscar", "Satellite" and BAFTA.

1. Amy2015

"Amy" (2015) — best documentary film, shot by Director Asif, Kapadia. The picture sheds light on the life of singer Amy Winehouse and consists of memories of friends and relatives, from the video archives of the family and autobiographical texts of the most popular stars of his time. For a very long time was conducted to collect unique materials for the film and, as it turned out, not in vain. The film became the winner of the following awards "Oscar", BAFTA, "Satellite", "Empire", MTV and "the European film Academy Award" for best Director.

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