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A list of the best home theaters 2016


The list of the best home theaters 2016 models received the highest number of positive reviews from customers.

10. Sony BDV-E4100

Sony BDVE4100 opens the top ten best theaters in 2016. The original home cinema Sony BDV-E4100 are decorated in typical black color. This speaker system 5.1 is equipped with two high and a pair of satellite speakers. The total sound power is 1000 watts. NFC provides streaming music over Bluetooth by a simple touch on the smartphone or tablet. Technology Bass Boost will take care of dense, resonant bass. The Sony BDV-E4100 will provide the user with a smooth realistic picture when immersed in a 3D Full HD image. Technology Triluminos Colour creates colour reproduction with a wide range of palette, which is achieved by depth image. Blu-ray picture is reproduced in five times more detail than DVD format.

9. LG LHB755

LG LHB755 is one of the best home theaters in 2016. LG LHB755 not only has excellent technical equipment, but also able to become part of the interior of your home with sleek design, compact size each element of the system and the possibility of installation on the wall. Speaker package 5.1 has a total speaker power of 1,200 W and a few decoders that are used to make the sound the maximum allowed volume and saturation. LG LHB755 recognizes the most popular video and audio formats. The main features of the device are the ability to play videos in 3D format and using Dolby Digital and Dolby TrueHD. To connect a TV or other third-party devices can use the HDMI, AUX and USB with Ethernet interface and Wi-Fi enabled to access a huge library of media on the Internet.

8. Sony BDV-E6100

Sony BDVE6100 occupies the eighth position in the list of best cinemas in 2016. A distinctive feature of this model is the ability to transfer music via interfaces wireless. Such a process is Apple devices, and personal computers. Sony BDV-E6100 is the speaker system 5.1 with ten built-in digital decoders. The level of technical equipment allows it to reproduce crystal clear sound and provide the necessary depth of bass, the sound of which becomes deeper through the use of technology Bass Boost. In addition, on the body of the receiver has connectors allowing you to connect third-party device to display the image. The main supported media formats are MPEG4, AVCHD and MP3. Special attention deserves the ability to play Blu-Ray 3D – this format is an unforgettable experience from watching movies with the volume image. Sony BDV-E6100 features supports FM radio, memory for 20 radio stations and a built-in Wi-Fi module.

7. LG BH9540TW

LG BH9540TW included in the list of the best movie theaters in 2016. Equipped with wireless rear speakers model in the hands of even an inexperienced user will become an ideal platform for watching 3D movies with the realistic sharp images and powerful sound. With external hard drives this device can read files MKV/MVC/TS. Using Wi-Fi Direct, you can transfer media content from external devices directly from the theater. Silver color model LG BH9540TW has the function Private Sound that can reproduce the sound via a smartphone over Wi-Fi. DLNA support ensures that viewing content from digital camera, personal computer, etc. Acoustic 5.1-channel system will create the optimal multi-directional sound. The Smart TV function will provide direct access to updatable online content.

6. Samsung HT-J7750W

Samsung HTJ7750W is a great home theater in the middle price category. This model from Samsung has received speakers made in the new design See-through. Acoustic parameters HTJ7750W demonstrates a 7.1-channel system with sound power 1330 watts. High quality sound is property of valve amplifier that provides the warm sound and the richness of its shades. Samsung HT-J7750W is a clean and powerful sound with minimal noise, distortion. This model supports 3D formats/DVD/MKV/MPEG4 so, connecting to Internet via Bluetooth, you can enjoy a variety of content. Dual band Wi-Fi router will provide faster and more stable data transfer. Three-dimensional content is truly fascinating on the Samsung HT-J7750W thanks to Full HD 3D.

5. Samsung HT-F9750W

Samsung HTF9750W is one of the flagship home theater today. Model with support for 4K. and updated Smart Hub, with a total capacity of 1330 W, the system of 7.1 speakers, built-in Wi-Fi module, has excellent technical features that allow the user to enjoy high-quality sound and 3D images. User will definitely appreciate the Sound On feature that allows one click to transfer the sound on a home theater, supports a variety of formats (including Blu-ray), there is support for Smart Hub, which will allow you to use different network applications. And this is not all of the features a home cinema system able to transcode FullHD video in ultra-high definition video, this format is called Ultra-High Definition.

4. Onkyo HT-S7705

Onkyo HTS7705 occupies the fourth position in the list of the best home theaters in 2016. The system allows you to build a DK in a format 5.1.2 for the reproduction of sound tracks Dolby Atmos, as well as to articulate the second zone using acoustic or line outputs. The included Onkyo HT-S7705 AV receiver HT-R693 develops an output of 160 W per channel load resistance of 6 Ohms, has a high-current transformer in the power supply and executed on the basis of broadband WRAT circuitry with discrete transistors on the output. AV receiver is equipped with seven HDMI inputs and two outputs. HDMI switching supports 4K video and HDCP 2.2, it is also possible to convert videos with lower resolution (including analog inputs) up to 4K with the subsequent output via HDMI. To configure surround sound system, AccuEQ auto calibration with external measuring microphone, and to change the character of the sound system provided a 32-bit DSP with four modes of operation. Network connection the AV receiver can be performed over Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

3. LG LAB540W

LG LAB540W opens the top three home theaters in 2016. One of the main features of this model is a built-in BD player and support for Smart TV functions. There is also Wi-Fi for connection to home computer network and Bluetooth for streaming audio from compatible portable gadgets. The sound quality of the Soundbar is very good, especially when listening to music, and dialogues in films is transferred to them naturally and articulated.

2. Philips HTB7150K

HTB7150K Philips Ambisound technology — one of the best theaters of premium class for 2016. Ambisound technology delivers a truly exciting multi-channel surround sound with fewer speakers. Due to the combined effect of psychoacoustic phenomena, vector processing and accurate location of emitters, Ambisound delivers more full sound with fewer speakers. With Philips SimplyShare, you can stream music, movies and photos from your tablet, smartphone or computer on a home theater or a Blu-ray player. All entertainment content can be transferred directly to your DLNA device or using the remote control to select and transfer media files from your computer. For best results, wireless streaming, download the SimplyShare app on your tablet or smartphone.

1. Harman/Kardon BDS 880

Harman/Kardon BDS 880, heads the list of the best home theaters in 2016. Harman Kardon BDS 880 is a solution all-in-one, which includes five matched speakers surround sound and directed at the floor, a 200-watt wireless active subwoofer. Combining the high performance of separate components with the ease of use built-in home theater system, Harman Kardon BDS 880 contains everything needed for high quality video and surround sound in almost any movie or music. Harman Kardon BDS 880 accepts streaming audio from virtually any portable device. Integrated into the BDS 880 technology Bluetooth MultiConnect enables connectivity to any tablet, smartphone or laptop. Front USB port is used to connect devices directly without the need for an external adapter or a wireless connection.

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