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A list of the best sci-Fi movies 2015-2016


Attention movie lovers of the fantasy genre includes films 2015 2016. A list of the best fiction films — top 10.

10. The first avenger: the Confrontation

"The first avenger: the Confrontation" opens the ten best science fiction films released in theaters in 2015-2016. The storyline of the movie associated with Captain America, who leads the team in Avengers. The heroes become involved in the incident of a destructive nature, which has an international dimension. In this regard, the government intends to introduce new laws and to take control of superheroes. But some do not quite agree with the tenor and not going to work for senior management. Are among the superhumans who are willing to cooperate with the government. Between superheroes there is a split, which can lead to a fierce battle between his.

9. X-Men: Apocalypse

"X-men: Apocalypse" is included in the list of the best fiction films of 2016. Between mutants and normal humans is longstanding struggle. The X-men face the strongest and most powerful mutant Apocalypse, which come to grips. The ensuing war threatened with death, mutants, and all mankind. The X-men are trying to find out about the vulnerabilities of the monster, as well as looking for more information about the origin of his family. What will win in this battle of mind or enduring at first glance, the power?

8. Divergent, Chapter 3: Behind the wall

"Divergent, Chapter 3: Behind the wall" is a fantastic Thriller, 2016, included in the list of the best movies of the fantasy genre. Action films happen in Chicago, and in the center of the plot, as always, unique girl divergents Tris. Once with friends it is outside the city, where she discovers the terrible truth. The characters realize that after years of water, all people were divided into genetically pure and damaged. Scientists do not consider corrupt people and use them as biological material for their own purposes. Tris and her friends opened, and other scary details about the idea of scientists who want to leave only the pure genetic offspring. The heroes decide to join the fight against injustice and to upset the evil plans to save their city from destruction.

7. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2

"Teenage mutant Ninja turtles 2" is the seventh place in the list of the best films of the genre fiction of 2016. For many years, the ninja turtles were hiding from the people in the city sewers of new York. Their master splinter taught them a long time martial arts. And came the moment when the characters left their underground shelter, to fight with the powerful villain shredder, who decided to enslave new York. Establish order in the city, the heroes go to rest. But suddenly over the metropolis hangs a new threat...

6. Call

"The call" — film-fiction 2016. The group of avid online gamers receive a letter inviting them to participate in the new super game, which is unique, from the company to Zaibatsu. Users willingly agree. Eight players go to the landfill, get uniforms ready to go into battle. The game starts, and everything around becomes incredibly realistic. But kill one character, and it turns out that the virtual world becomes real for gamers. Now none of the users can not get out of a terrible game until the end.

5. Pandemic

"Pandemic" is a fantastic Thriller, 2016, tells about the events taking place in Los Angeles. The city turns into ruins extinct, overtaken after a terrible epidemic that turned people into mindless, walking dead, eager to kill. Doctor Lauren with a small group of a special purpose sent to the town to find the uninfected. Woman trying to find not only survivors, but also wants to understand the cause of the virus appeared. Lauren is going to create a vaccination to help the infected. But as practice shows, to make it easy, because most of the time is spent on saving your own life and shooting the attacking monsters.

4. Deadpool

"Deadpool" is a fantasy action 2016, received two awards MTV. The plot revolves around anti-hero of comic book publisher Marvel. The main character Wade Wilson — a former soldier who decided to take part in an unusual experiment because of an incurable disease. But the experiment went something wrong. Wilson acquires incredible strength, ability to heal and... lose common sense because of the failure that occurs at the cellular level. Now his name is Deadpool or "the Talkative mercenary", which is gaining fans thanks to its supersposobnosti, elusiveness and witty black humor.

3. Hardcore

"Hardcore" opens the three best fantasy movies 2015-2016 release. The main character of the film Henry wakes up in a unknown science lab. Next, he discovers his wife Estelle, which leads him to his senses. They don't remember how I got here, and trying to figure out why and who needed. Suddenly Estelle steals the monster akan, which rushes in pursuit of Henry. While in search of the beast and of his wife, the hero met a guy, Jimmy, who also scores with the Akan. Men unite to search for the monster, Estelle and attempt to prevent the activation of an army of cyborgs against humanity.

2. Star Trek: Infinity

"Star trek: Infinity" — one of the best films of the genre fiction 2016 release. The film is part sci-Fi media franchise of Star trek. The space sails the ship, "enterprise", which is the search for life on other planets. The crew even does not suspect that this operation may be one of the most dangerous in history. For unknown reasons, the ship is wrecked. The team the enterprise lands on an uncharted planet, where there is an unknown alien race. Masters of the planet very unfriendly welcome guests who intend to destroy. A group of people under the command of captain star trek are looking for ways how to leave the alien planet.

1. Batman vs. Superman

"Batman vs. Superman" tops the list of the best science fiction films of 2015-2016. Two superhero comic books shlestnutsya in the battle to win the right to help humanity. The film is a sequel to the sci-Fi Thriller "man of steel". Superman in the last fight against the evildoers is very harmful to Gotham. Batman starts to think about what does the city need a defender and a hero. Two main characters are preparing to fight, but people are only passive spectators who will choose, who is worthy to bear the title of superhero and defender of Gotham city.

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