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A list of the best Disney movies


Walt Disney pictures is an American film company that produces animated and feature films. Only the Studio had produced about five hundred cartoons and films.

Readers submitted movies Disney list of the best.

10. Straight story1999

A simple story (1999) opens ten best films by the film Studio Walt Disney. Alvin Straight, an old man, past the Second world war, lives in Yoville with her daughter Rose, who suffers from congenital retardation. Once he learns that his brother Lyle, who lives hundreds of miles in Wisconsin, had a stroke. Trying to forget about the decades-long feud, Alvin wants to go to him. However, he due to poor vision does not have a driver's license and he hates buses, in addition to the residence of his brother, the buses don't run. So he goes on a journey on the old mower, 1966, purchased before the trip. Journey Alvin encounters different people who help him get to the brother. In the end, after several weeks of journey, Alvin meets up with Lyle. The brothers had a falling out ten years before this, but now Alvin is hoped that they will be able to forget the feud.

9. Triumf2005

Triumph(2005) one of the ten best movies of Disney. Sports statistics carefully record all the records. But only the living memory can save precious moments of triumph of the human will to win. After dry figures on paper never give the feeling of wonder, which cause some truly fantastic achievement. And what happened to the championship Golf US Open in 1913, appropriately called it a miracle. Then anyone not known 20-year-old boy Francis the UIM, who was considered an outsider, utterly defeated reputed to be absolutely invincible champion Harry Vardon. And crushed the elegant, stylish and not without a sense of humor...

8. Game glory road2006

Biographical drama of the Game glory road (2006) took eighth place in the list of best films of the Studio Walt Disney. This is the story of a coach of the student basketball team from Texas don Haskins, who in 1966 gathered in her dark-skinned players (for that time it was a revolutionary innovation) and eventually led it to victory in the championship...

7. White Fang1990

White Fang (1990) is in seventh place in the ranking of the best feature films of Disney. This is the story of the wolf White Fang, who was orphaned after a hunter killed his mother and the young man named Jack, arrived at the Klondike during the Gold Rush to the area, left him a legacy of father Jack and White Fang is found, then parted, then once again find each other. This captivating story of friendship boy and the wolf will be interesting to boys, enthusiastic adventures.

6. The road home: the Incredible journey1993

The road home: the Incredible journey (1993) — one of the best films from the film company Walt Disney. The owners of two dogs and a charming kitty Sassy compelled for time to leave, give your Pets to the ranch of a friend. After a while the animals, finding himself hundreds of miles from the beloved home, start to worry, not happened if the hosts in trouble. Upon reflection, cheerful trio decides to get home and embarks on an incredibly dangerous journey across mountains and deserts...

5. Remember the Titans2000

The fifth spot among the best films of Walt Disney biographical drama remember the Titans (2000). The high school coach of American football bill Yost, achieved significant success with the team, whose merits have found recognition in the form of the perpetuation of the name of the coach in the Hall of Fame, decides to retire, and instead invites a new coach, Herman Boone. Herman Boone, an African American, and many white players on the team boycotted the games and practices, while their former coach agrees to take the post of assistant Herman Boone. But this is only the first obstacle in the way of Boone and the team, which should become one and to accept their new coach, on the way to the championship of the state...

4. White captured2005

Adventure drama eight below (2005) took fourth place in the list of the best films from the Studio Disney. The story takes place in the vast expanses of the Antarctic. The scientific expedition, consisting of Jerry Shepard, his best friend, Cooper and geologist, goes in search of a meteorite. However, an unexpected accident and severe weather conditions force them to leave their dog sleds and go back. And now eight dogs must, within six months to fight for survival in the icy wilderness and wait until they save...

3. Pirates of the Caribbean: the Curse of the Black pearl2003

Pirates of the Caribbean: the Curse of the Black pearl (2003) reveal the top three films produced by the Disney company. Life is a charismatic adventurer, captain Jack Sparrow, full of exciting adventures, changes dramatically when his sworn enemy — captain Barbossa — kidnaps Jack's ship, the Black Pearl, and then attacks the Port Royal and steals a lovely Governor's daughter, Elizabeth Swann. A childhood friend of Elizabeth, will Turner, along with Jack leads a rescue mission on the fastest ship in Britain, in an attempt to rescue a girl from captivity, and at the same time to take away the villain Black Pearl. After this couple goes the ambitious Commodore Norrington, who is also listed fiancé Elizabeth. However, will doesn't know what Barbossa is hanging over the eternal damnation, under the moonlight turning his squad into living skeletons. The curse will be lifted only when the stolen gold of the Aztecs will be returned by the pirates in the first place. The picture is of the fantasy genre occupies the 37th place in the list of the best films on the version of visitors of a site Kinopoisk. The film is also five times nominated for an Oscar.

2. Pirates of the Caribbean: dead man's Chest2006

Pirates of the Caribbean: dead man's Chest (2006) holds the fourth place in the list of the best Disney films. Once again finding themselves in a surreal world, the dashing captain Jack Sparrow finds out that a debtor of the legendary captain of "Flying Dutchman" Davy Jones. Jack must quickly solve the problem, otherwise he faces eternal damnation and slavish existence after death. On top of that, her wedding will Turner and Elizabeth Swann, who are forced to make Jack a company in his misadventures... the Picture won the Oscar, won in the category Best visual effects.

1. Pirates of the Caribbean: At world's end2007

Pirates of the Caribbean: At world's end (2007) — best film of the film Studio Walt Disney. The new adventures of Jack Sparrow and his friends will Turner and Elizabeth Swann. This time, will and Elizabeth will have to unite themselves with Captain Barbossa in order to go to the edge of the world and to save his friend — Jack. The situation is complicated by the fact that Elizabeth gets to Singapore pirates...

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