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A list of the best movies about angels and demons


Fantastic theme of the struggle of Light and Dark forces has always interested humanity. She devoted a large number of films where Good and Evil appear in his true form. Between the two grades of supernatural forces is always man with all his worldly weaknesses and shortcomings. Attention lovers of the fantasy genre includes films about angels and demons the best. These art paintings have obtained the highest ratings from viewers.

10. City of angels1998

"City of angels" (1998) — one of the best sci-Fi films about angels, which is a remake of "the Sky over Berlin". The main hero of the movie turns into an ordinary mortal, as he falls in love with an earthly woman. He refuses eternal existence in order to experience human love with all its weaknesses and imperfections. In 1999 the film was nominated for the award "Golden globe" in the category "Best original song", performed by Alanis Morissette. Meg Ryan was also nominals for a Saturn award as best actress.

9. The angel of light2007

"Angel of light" (2007) — fiction Thriller on the theme of light and dark forces. The Archangel Gabriel sent by God to Earth to overthrow the fallen angels in Purgatory. He will have an uphill battle in which he could lose. The thing is that in the decisive battle of the Archangel begin to overwhelm human senses. Will be able to confront Gabriel with his arising desires only depends on his strength of character, because he has the last hope in the fight against the dark forces.

8. Legion2010

Legion (2010) — fiction picture about demons and angels. Bettany, who is also the Archangel Michael, decides to descend to Earth to save humanity from death, as the Creator of the completely lost faith in him and condemns to death. Archangel falls to the Ground and cuts off his wings. He takes the command of a small group of outcasts that are waiting for the coming of the Messiah. The outcome of this fight depends largely on Archangel Michael.

7. The prophecy1995

The prophecy (1995) —one of the best films dedicated to the dark forces. Sent to Earth Gabriel, so that he took the soul of the deceased Colonel. It threatens all of humanity in imminent death. In the center of events appear COP Thomas and teacher, Katherine, to prevent that terrible event.

6. The mortal instruments: City of bones2013

"The mortal instruments: City of bones" (2013) is an adaptation of the first novel from the series "the mortal Instruments" written by Cassandra Clare. The main character of fantastic pictures accidentally witnesses a murder in a club with a terrible name — "Hell's lair". Then starts a series of strange events. She begins to see people others cannot see. The main character opens the secret that she's not just a man, as a descendant of one of the oldest families — the shadowhunters. Claire opens a completely different world, where she will have to meet demons, werewolves and other evil spirits.

5. Angels and Demons2009

"Angels and Demons" (2009) — one of the best films with the detective bias. The picture was shot on the novel by Dan brown. After the death of the head of the Catholic Church, the Vatican froze in anticipation of the choice of the Pope. But the course of scheduled events is disturbed by the intervention of adversaries ancient ceremony. One after another die candidates for the sacred office, with each subsequent waiting more brutal and perverse violence. To find out who's behind all this, the Vatican does not remain anything else how to invite Robert Langdon, who is a Professor and expert on religious symbolism. Only such a professional on the shoulder to reveal that demonic forces are behind all this.

4. The omen2006

"The omen" (2006) — one of the best mystical movies about demons. Starring Robert Thorne, who is an American diplomat. His beloved wife suffered two miscarriages, the new soon they have to be born full-grown baby. But the baby is born dead. So as not to expose the wife of another mental shock, he's conspiring with the Catholic priest, who persuades him to take the child from the deceased in childbirth women. Baby couple called Damien. In a couple's life in the future, everything is going fine, but after a while you begin to happen strange things. Chain of events leads to the death of people, the danger also threatening his wife and Thorne. The couple still can not even imagine what will turn stay in their home a demonic child.

3. Solomon Kane2009

Solomon Kane (2009) — fiction Thriller, based on stories by writer R. I. Harvard. The plot revolves around soldiers of the British army Solomon Kane, which comes the realization that its brutal actions of the past have stained his soul. He decides to atone for their sins, to give up to live in virtue and becomes a hermit. Kane doesn't want to return to the human world, but the circumstances are very different. The land seized by the dark forces, and Kane, as a former soldier, would have to enter into an unequal battle, but it is likely that he will not be able to save his sinful soul.

2. Constantine: Lord of darkness2005

"Constantine: Lord of darkness" (2005) —mystical movie, which brightly illuminated the theme of demonism. John Constantine was born with extraordinary abilities: he can see a cross between angels and demons that roam the earth in human form. This is a gift of immeasurable presses his weight on the protagonist, and he decides to commit suicide. But heaven is not accept it, and Constantine unwillingly returns to earth, where it is very needed. Former suicidal gets the right to temporary existence. In order to atone for the sin he is doomed to patrol the border between heaven and hell, battling the demonic, bringing evil.

1. Dogma1999

"Dogma" (1999) — one of the best comedies on the subject of angels and demons. In the center of the picture two fallen angels named Bartleby and Loki, who are eternally on the earth. However, they learn that they are given the opportunity to return to Paradise to heaven. For this, they need only go through the arch in one of the churches new Jersey, after all, all sins shall be forgiven. In addition, they need to once again become mortals and die. However, this development threatens all humanity with destruction. In order to prevent a catastrophe intervenes distant relative of Jesus Christ, which will facilitate the thirteenth Apostle, and two prophets.

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