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List of the best films about Batman


An iconic character of American comic books first appeared in 1939. A superhero is not endowed with superhuman abilities, but this does not prevent him to effectively fight with dangerous villains. Four years later, the man in the bat costume has moved from the pages of the comics to the TV screen, and since that time has become one of the most popular movie stars.

Present attention of readers who loved Batman – a list of movies with this character.

10. Batman1943

The first film Batman (1943) about the acclaimed hero was released in the middle of the last century. The villain with which to fight the man in the bat costume is Dr. duck. He is a Japanese spy, yielding the true devastation in their hometown hero. The villain turns vulnerable people into zombies that obey him meekly. The fate of Gotham is entirely in the hands of Batman.

9. Batman1966

Batman (1966). Wealthy businessman Bruce Wayne and his PAL dick Grayson lead a double life: by day they are ordinary people, but as the night transform into guards of the hometown of Batman and Robin. Gotham is constantly threatened by the villains: Joker, Riddler, Penguin, Catwoman and others. Local law enforcement turn to superheroes, and those we are happy to help.

8. Batman1989

Batman (1989). No one suspects that the success of millionaire Bruce Wayne, under cover of night transformed from ordinary person to superhero Batman, which is the guardian of his native city. All your strength in this time the character focuses on the villain the Joker, which encroaches on the peace of local residents. Butler Bruce keeps secret the owner. But Batman opens the hunt, the journalist Vicki Vale, who wants to learn, who is behind the mask of a bat.

7. Batman returns1992

Batman returns (1992), to continue the fight against evil. His new enemies – the hideous Penguin and seductive Catwoman. The child, born with physical disabilities, abandoned by their parents. He grows up in the city sewer and eager to avenge their fate and parents around the world. Batman will destroy the plans of the villain. But on his way stands Catwoman, like the Penguin, eager for revenge. The heroine is overcome with feelings for the superhero, because they have much in common

6. Batman forever1995

Fiction Thriller Batman forever (1995) again confronted the hero with the great and the dangerous villains attacking Gotham. Edward Nigma, who invented the device, which is able to influence the human brain through the waves, not getting approval for the development of the project on the part of Bruce Wayne. But mad genius is not going to stop and takes his companions of district attorney Harvey dent became a villain due to a serious injury. Dent gets the nickname two-faced. Now the villain-the inventor and attorney are fighting against Batman, which hinders the implementation of their goals. But superhero also not alone in his case: he comes to the aid of acrobat dick Grayson, who gets a new name – Robin.

5. Batman and Robin1997

The film Batman and Robin (1997) tells how, once again, Gotham is threatened in the face of Mr. freeze, mad at the ice, and the woman called poison Ivy. Frieze longs for his sick wife, which is contained in a cryogenic state and is waiting for her husband heal. Poison Ivy was once an ordinary girl named Poison ivy. She was a victim of his boss and was subjected to strong chemicals, turning her into a villain. The two villains team up to destroy the city. But the designs of the characters interfere with superheroes Batman and Robin. However, between the two legends, there are some differences, which can lead to tragedy.

4. Batman begins2005

Batman begins (2005) tells about how began the story of a legendary hero and protector of Gotham city. Bruce Wayne from childhood not liked bats. He acquired a phobia for flying creatures, when as a child fell into the well, which teemed with them. Soon the boy has to endure terrible psychological trauma: his eyes, the criminals kill their parents. At night the child haunting nightmares and he grows up with the desire of revenge. When Bruce becomes an adult, he decides to commit in his hometown of crime. The hero goes on a long journey. In exile, he engaged in teaching in the technology melee combat. Home the boy takes a professional in martial arts. Bruce becomes a bat costume, acquires weapons and enters into an unequal struggle with the criminal world. Others do not come to mind, the little guy has become the terror of the local gangs.

3. The dark knight2008

Superhero protector of Gotham Bruce Wayne in the new part of Batman the Dark knight (2008) weary of the assumed responsibility. He wants to break with the past, because I am convinced that society does not need the Dark knight coming out of the law, but an ordinary person without a mask who fights legal methods of crime. He finds that the hero is a Prosecutor Harvey dent. The Prosecutor respects Batman for his activities, and that, in turn, considers dent a perfect replacement yourself. But in a short time in the city there is a dangerous criminal – a maniac Joker with an ugly scarred face, which he hides under the mask. In a battle with a strong enemy has to come at the same time the two heroes.

2. The dark knight: the legend2012

In the next part about the superhero the Dark knight: the legend (2012) Batman re-appears before the people of Gotham, after an eight year absence. The dark knight deliberately takes the blame for the death of local attorney Harvey dent and goes into the shadows. The Commissioner and Batman decides that it would be better for people from whom to hide the secret. When crime kept under the strict control of the murdered Prosecutor, lie helped. But in the city there is a dangerous enemy called Bane, which superhero are not able to single-handedly defeat even wearing your batenevsky suit. At the same time appears on the horizon the thief known as Catwoman. It will bring global changes in the life of Superman.

1. Batman V Superman: dawn of justice2016

The last picture about superhero Batman V Superman: dawn of justice (2016) was released in March of this year. The viewer will get to witness a Titanic battle between Superman and defender of Gotham, which will meet in the battle for the title of best. Global damage caused by Superman in the final battle, makes you think Batman: do the ground a defender? Residents only fate remains a passive observer. Passionate about the war with each other, the heroes completely forgot about the protection of the city. Meanwhile, in Gotham city is approaching a terrible threat. To cope with a total disaster to the defenders of the human race is to unite. But are they ready for it?

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