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A list of the best movies about teen love


Teens love sincere, true, because the very first. That is why these films I love to watch not only young people but also adults.

Presented to the readers a love story of teenagers — a list of the best.

10. LOL2008

The French romantic Comedy "LOL" (2008) opens the ten best movies about teen love. LOL in the language of the Internet means "laughing out loud". Name Lola her friends. On the first day after the summer holidays she was not amused: breaking up with her boyfriend Arthur, what's more, Lola's mother makes her life unbearable. In the whirl of friendship, love and family problems of the new school year has been rich in discoveries and unexpected events. Her mother Anna is an architect, which is over forty, divorced, conducts intelligent conversations about female sexuality and secretly sleeps with her father (not because he loves, and just no one else) and doesn't know what to do, as my older daughter Lola's personal life really is not like she imagined...

9. Fall in love with me if you dare2003

"Fall in love with me if you dare" (2003), the best melodrama about love of teenagers. Fate brought them together for good reason: the two of them were strange but harmonious pair. They are born great inventors, such moaning from which school. Their antics can be condemned and baptize them hardened hooligans, if these two were not just young children. They invented a game, the kind you could think only they play "dare — dare not". They took each other's "weak". The game grew up with them, and once they become adults. Everything has changed, but they could no longer distinguish the game from life, because the game was their life. Nobody wanted to concede. They joked and laughed as they did hurt each other, they have suffered and lost years...

8. 10 things I hate about you1999

"10 things I hate about you" (1999) — the best Comedy about love teenagers, is a free adaptation of William Shakespeare's "the taming of the shrew". In 2000, the film was awarded the film award MTV. Katarina Stratford in school, "Padova", has a very complex character and hated all the boys from school. Her cute younger sister Bianca is popular with the male part of the school. At the same time it motivates new student Cameron and handsome model Joey Donner. Their father, Walter Stratford, will not allow Bianca to date as — "In this house there are two rules. Rule # 1 — no Dating until adulthood. Rule # 2 — no Dating until the age of majority". But when his father learns that Katarina doesn't have a boyfriend, it introduces a new rule: Bianca can go on a date if I go by kat. Then enterprising sister, decides to quickly find Teresa in the same boring way she...

7. The fault in our stars2014

Drama the Fault in our stars (2014) Josh Boone is on the list of best films about love teenagers. Artistic, the picture has won three awards for MTV, winning in the categories "Best film," "Best kiss," "Best female role" (Shailene Woodley). Hazel suffers from cancer. Despite the fact that the disease temporarily receded, the girl does not feel a shred of joy. She goes to a support group, where one meets Augustus waters and instantly falls in love with him. Augustus and hazel go to full of passion and life journey that once again will show them that the whole meaning of life can be found in any segment.

6. Three meters above the sky2010

"Three meters above heaven" (2010) — one of the best melodramas about true and sincere love teenagers. This is the story of two young people who belong to different worlds. Babi is a rich girl who shows kindness and innocence. Aceh — a rebellious boy, impulsive, unconscious, prone to risk and danger. This is unlikely, almost impossible, but their meeting was inevitable, and in this frantic journey between them occurs first big love.

5. She's the man2006

In fifth place in the list of the best movies about love of teenagers camped romantic Comedy "She's the man" (2006). Seventeen-year-old viola plays football better than any boy. When football training for girls is canceled, she decided to take a desperate step — impersonating twin brother Sebastian. Living in the image of the young man, viola falls for her roommate Duke, who in turn is in love with a student, Olivia, and Olivia is fascinated by the viola, not knowing that she's a girl. The day of the decisive game viola has to prove she is a real man. At least on the football field...

4. Now is the time2012

Drama "Now is the time" (2012) took fourth place in the list of the best movies about love of teenagers. Tessa seventeen, and she wants to live a normal life. She dreams about the same things that all teenagers. But what if time is short? Tessa decides to live out all that measured, so that no minute is wasted. The girl is a list of what you definitely need to have to lose innocence, to try drugs, a parachute jump, truly love. She step by step embodies their intentions. But his sudden feelings for the neighbor guy Adam changes all her plans.

3. A walk to remember2002

A walk to remember (2002) — best drama about love of teenagers, was awarded the prize of MTV. Landon Carter — the idol of his school: he is independent, handsome and cruel to the outcasts. And of course, he does not notice the homely Jaime, thinking only about studying. After another stupid antics Carter forced to engage in remedial and play in the school play. Here it is, he can not do without the help of a modest excellent student. Jamie agrees to help Landon, but only if he promises not to fall in love with her. Arrogant guy willing to give an oath, but he soon convinced that contain it will be very difficult...

2. Have dreams will travel2007

Melodrama "Has a dream — will travel" (2007) took second place in the list of the best movies about teen love. The action of kinolent takes place in the 60-ies of the last century. The main character, a boy named Ben, lives with his parents, each of which has a fad: the mother's crazy about film stars, a father loves his boat, and every free moment is engaged in its repair. All this happens as long as their house does not fall the girl Kessi, survived the accident that killed her parents. The authorities want to Kessi, after a little bit better, was transferred to the custody of his grandmother. But Kessi persuades Ben to run away with her to Baltimore, where she lived her aunt and uncle. The film is about friendship, reciprocity and love that the main characters carried throughout his life.

1. Good kids don't cry2012

"Good kids do not cry" (2012) — best film about love teenagers. Grader Akka real hooligan: she loves football, fighting with the boys and not afraid of anything. Nothing but love. However, when she is diagnosed with leukemia, it is love that gives her strength to fight the disease and to accept the inevitable.

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