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A list of best movies with Adam Sandler


Adam Sandler is a versatile personality. Actor, comedian, producer, Director and screenwriter – his name is known to the audience of all ages. We offer our readers the best films with Adam Sandler – list is based on the ratings, audience award and critics of large kinoportalov.

10. Pretend to be my wife

The movie with Adam Sandler "Pretend my wife" – a bright, light summer Comedy with a splendid cast. Nicole Kidman and Jennifer aniston will decorate with their presence any picture.

The main character Danny is a permanent relationship prefer short easy connection. He developed an original way of introducing each of my new passion Danny tells a sob story about his marriage and unlucky wife. Reception always works – the girls feel badly for Danny and he had never denied. Meeting with Belle Palmer turns for the main character rock – he falls in love and ready to make an offer, but she says dropped out of his pocket an engagement ring. Danny comes up with a story about the imminent divorce, but Palmer wants a meeting with his wife. The main character is forced to ask his assistant Katherine to play the role of his wife.

9. 50 first dates

A list of best movies with Adam Sandler continues the romantic Comedy "50 first dates".

When Henry met Lucy, he realized that it was the love of his life. But on the way to the lovers ' happiness was amnesia girl after a car accident. Waking up in the morning, Lucy completely forgets everything that happened to her before. But Henry is not ready to just give up – every day he finds a way to fall in love with a girl again.

8. Big daddy

"Big daddy" – one of the best films with Adam Sandler in the title role.

32-year-old Sonny is in the shower big baby. He leads a carefree life, working once a week a collector of duties on highway and shifts the solution to all problems to her friend. When his friend at the time of departure asks to look after his five-year old son, Sonny agrees to take care of the baby themselves. Irresponsible and carefree, Sunny dream of every child. He allows to do whatever your heart desires: do not wash, do not clean the bed and to walk the streets, what you wish. Gradually, the main character comes to an understanding of what it means to be responsible for the child.

7. Happy Gilmore

Comedy "happy Gilmore" is one of the first successful films with Adam Sandler in the title role. Gilmore is a childhood dream to play hockey, but he was not good at the sport, in addition to the incredibly powerful blow. Once Gilmore accidentally gets on a Golf course, and shocking golfers with the power of your strike. The former champion golfer sees in Gilmer great potential. When you do not overwhelm the family financial difficulties, Gilmore agrees to start training. Winning a few small competitions, he goes on a professional level, where he faces serious rivals.

6. The wedding singer

A list of best movies with Adam Sandler continues the romantic Comedy "the wedding Singer" is one of the most successful commercial projects of the actor.

Robbie HART is a singer at wedding ceremonies, sincerely loves his work. Julia is a waitress who often hears speaking at the weddings Robbie. Their acquaintance grows into a friendship, and the more they do not think – and Robbie and Julia are preparing for their weddings. But soon HART right in front of the altar throws the bride, and Julie begins to doubt the honesty and faithfulness of the groom. Supporting each other in difficult period of life, the main characters eventually realize that connects them not only friendship.

5. Love knocking down

"The love knocking down" is a landmark film in the career of Adam Sandler. The actor was nominated for the role of Barry Egan for the award "Golden globe".

Barry Egan is the eighth child in the family and only boy. Growing up surrounded by the oppressive sisters, he became introverted neurotic. The main character suffers from outbreaks of unbridled fury and barely communicates with people, especially with women. But fate gives Barry a chance, giving him a meeting with the girlfriend of one of his sisters. Love for her completely changes the main character of the film.

4. Deserted city

In the list of best movies with Adam Sandler drama "Empty city" occupies a special place. The film addresses one of the most tragic pages in the history of the USA terrorist attack of 11 September 2001. Alan Jones should be happy he has a wonderful family and a job. But he feels left out because he had no one to tell about their worries and problems. One day he meets an old College buddy Charlie, who was sharing a Dorm room. Charlie lost his family on 11 September and after the incident was put on a cross. Alan decides to help an old friend, slowly losing his mind.

3. Millioner ponevole

Keeps a list of best movies with Adam Sandler Comedy "the Millionaire necessarily".

Longfellow deeds former M. p. from fate receives an unexpected gift – a late uncle is a millionaire main character leaves him a legacy of huge state media Empire and a personal helicopter. History Diza instantly becomes a sensation. Familiar to penetrate to the lucky envy, and lovers of wealth begin to hunt for him.

2. Classmates

The list of the best films with Adam Sandler is to Comedy "Classmates".

Thirty years after graduation, five friends meet at the funeral of the coach who led their team to victory in the basketball championship. They decide to honor the memory of his mentor, but at the same time celebrate the anniversary of their victory in the championship, and take this to the lake house. Friends arrive with their families, introduce them to each other and plan to have fun together for a few days.

1. Shoemaker

"Shoemaker" is one of the last movies with Adam Sandler, shot at the intersection of Comedy and drama. The movie tells about a shoemaker in the 4th generation Max Simkin. He lives in new York with my elderly mother and continued the family business – repairing shoes. When a broken machine on which he worked, Max finds in the back of an old sewing machine. It soon becomes clear that the examples of repaired with the help of ancient relics the shoes of the client, Max can turn into another person.

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