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A list of best movies with Mashkov


Vladimir Lvovich Mashkov is one of the most outstanding Russian actors. In 2010, he was awarded the title people's artist of the Russian Federation. Russian movie star is the winner of the nickname, taffy, Golden eagle and other prestigious awards. His career in the world and the movie started to become since 1995 when came to the screen such films as the Limit, and Moscow nights, where the actor played the main role. Soon expected to yield one of the most successful films with his participation Crew.

The rating we have included the best movies with Mashkov, a list of which is below.

10. Kandahar2009

Opens the top ten most successful films with Russian actor Thriller Kandahar (2009). The film describes the events of 1995 that took place in Afghanistan. In the Afghan capital Kandahar on a forced landing is a Russian plane. Five pilots taken prisoner of fanatics-the Taliban.

9. Piranha2006

Crime Thriller piranha (2006) is on the ninth place in the list of the best art paintings of Vladimir Mashkov. Agents of the special unit piranha Kirill and Olga are sent into the forest to perform another important task. The heroes must destroy one of the labs of chemical weapons, which was flooded. Intelligence officers find themselves in a completely different world, where there is their laws. And administers their so-called master of the taiga Prokhorov, who from time to time here hunting for people. Instead of performing the operation of Cyril and Olga will have to fight for the salvation of his own life in this wild land. Their weapon is stolen by the local gang. The only weapon of defense against the natives become self-made items.

8. Krai2010

On the eighth place among the best films with Mashkov is the historic drama Edge (2010). In the native village called Edge returned after the war, the tank commander, Ignat. Passion of the soldier are ahead. He finds out that nearby is an abandoned German steam locomotive. All of his strength the hero throws to restore this car. It turned out that the train the ship belonged to the daughter of a German engineer Elsa, and the locomotive bears the name Gustav. The meeting with the mistress of the mystery machine will bring global changes to the fate of the hero.

7. American daughter,1995

Comedy-drama an American daughter (1995) is on the seventh position among the best movies with Mashkov. Not a rich musician at one of Moscow restaurants there is one. He leaves the wife and takes the daughter. A woman with a child leaving for San Francisco's getting married there. Not willing to put up with this situation father, follows his ex-wife to steal his own daughter. The child wants to stay with her father. A man kidnaps a child and be sent home by hitchhiking. Girl and desperate parents are waiting for an incredible adventure situation, and most unforgettable journey.

6. Domovoy2008

Crime Thriller Domovoy (2008) settled in sixth place among the best movies with Vladimir Mashkov. Writer, writing mystery novels Anton Prachenko is going through a creative crisis. The impetus for writing another work, it is a murder committed in front of Anton. The killer, nicknamed Brownie ruthlessly shot two people. Contract killer is his inspirer. Thanks to him, he draws new ideas for his literary works.

5. Piter FM2006

Fifth place in the list of best movies with Mashkov is a romance Piter FM (2006). Masha works as a DJ at the St. Petersburg radio. Maxim is a promising young architect. Mary is soon to marry, and Maxim is going to go to work in Germany. Unites these still strangers to each other characters — doubts about the correctness of the choice. Fate disposed so that these young people have crossed. The heroine loses her mobile, a young architect finds it. Between Mary and max tied the phone flirting, developing into a correspondence novel. The characters have to meet, but fate does not give so easily into the human hand happiness: they are obliged to compete.

4. The crew of the2016

Fourth line is the new movie from Vladimir Mashkov Crew (2016). Alexey Guschin — a young and talented pilot. There are no chiefs, he was accustomed to do, being only the personal conscience. Because of disobeying orders of his superiors, the pilot requested to leave the military aviation. Fate gives the main character a second chance and he goes to aviation in the civilian world. His mentor becomes stern but fair commander Zinchenko. The second pilot of the aircraft becomes inaccessible and charming girl, Alexandra. Relationships develop between them quite difficult. But in a moment of danger they unite to accomplish a common mission and become a team.

3. Tycoon2002

Opens three of the most successful artistic paintings Mashkov crime drama Oligarkh (2002). The film describes a ten-year period in the life of the Soviet Union from 1980 to 1990. Dies one of the richest and influential people in the country — Platon of Moscow. The murder investigation takes the investigator Shmakov. The deceased, before the former ordinary research worker, suddenly becomes an oligarch. This was the circumstances such as the collapse of the Soviet Union. Moscow in a short time becomes a talented financier with a huge capital. But success has a flip side of the coin: along with the wealth and the glory of the hero made himself many enemies, who wish to get rid of it.

2. Do — again!1989

Second place in the ranking of the best films with Mashkov is a war drama Do — again! (1989). The main character Alexey Gavrilov gets into the army, where reigns the lawlessness and bullying. Three of the soldier, which must in the near future, to demobilize, to show the brutal hazing in relation to the new recruits. But Alex is not going to put up with local orders. In the ranks of the skulls, he finds a kindred spirit. Looking for new ways to break the will of the boys, they can adapt their meanness. To teach grandfathers Alexei decided to take extreme measures.

1. The thief1997

A list of the best art paintings of Russian drama actor is headed by Pavel Chukhrai, the Thief (1997). The film describes the events of 1952. A young woman with a six year old son learn to train with retired military on behalf of the Roofing. The heroine falls in love with a dashing officer, and they begin to live together. But here comes the hour of truth, and pseudo officer is a professional thief. The film was honored with six awards nick, the owner of one of them was Mashkov.

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