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A list of best movies with Sandra bullock


Filmography of American film star Sandra bullock has more than 50 feature films. The actress is the winner of such prestigious awards as "Oscar" and "Golden globe".

The Top 10 includes the best movies with Sandra bullock, the list of which is presented to the readers below.

10. While you were sleeping1995

Opens the top ten best films with the American movie actress romance "While you were sleeping" (1995). The main character Lucy is humble and a lonely girl. She's in love with the guy he sees every day, but the internal not the courage to interfere with her step towards his object of adoration. Tragic situation becomes the cause of its closeness to this young man. Lucy saves him from death. Now she every day have the opportunity to be around him, posing as his fiancee while he lies in intensive care.

9. Speed1994

The ninth position goes to the criminal action movie "Speed" (1994) with Sandra bullock in the lead role. For participation in the film, the actress was awarded two prestigious awards: the award of channel MTV and film award "Saturn". The girl, barely coping with the management of a private car, looks pretty funny driving a large passenger bus hurtling at top speed. It's funny, if you do not know that transport mined and will explode in case of speed reduction. Among the passengers starts to panic, and law enforcement agencies should hurry to save people's lives.

8. Miss Congenialness2000

Eighth place in the crime Comedy "Miss Congeniality" (2000) with Sandra bullock in the lead role. The history of painting begins with the bespectacled girl named Gracie wallop the bully, stood up for a classmate. Many years later a little girl is transformed into a dazzling lady who now works for the FBI. She is given another task: to become a participant of the contest "Miss America" to get on the trail of a serial killer who should appear during the performance. To help Gracie comes consultant Victor. Together they must catch the culprit. But unforeseen circumstances cause comical situations that fall the lovely miss.

7. Love the notification2002

Seventh place in the list of best feature films with Sandra bullock is a melodrama "Love with the notice" (2002). Lucy Kelson is a brilliant lawyer who graduated from Harvard. Her new trial leads to familiarity with the financial magnate. He invites a girl to his work, and she, without hesitation, agrees. Her new place of work almost has nothing to do with legal activities. Lucy becomes the "babysitter" of its new head, which on demand must race to it at any time of the day to solve his problems. Tired of such vested powers, she decides to leave millionaire. But the hero puts the girl on one condition, and only after completing it she can leave.

6. Premonition2007

Sixth place in the ranking of best movies with Sandra bullock is a detective Thriller "Premonition" (2007). The main character art paintings Linda covers a bad feeling. Soon the police officer tells the woman that her husband died. Grief-stricken heroine refuses to believe the reality of what happened. The next morning, Linda discovers that her husband is unharmed. Everything that happened was a bad dream. But soon the woman discovers the little things that exactly coincide with her night vision. She realizes that this was not a dream, and she is now based on preventing the tragedy.

5. The proposal2009

Comedy "the Proposal" (2009) ranks fifth in the list of best movies with Sandra bullock. Successful Margaret Tate is an editor of one major publication. She is extremely strict, and employees should be feared and respected. But an emergency threatens the entire future career of the heroine: the term work visa is about to expire and be deported to his homeland. To avoid this Margaret is ready for the most reckless acts, for example, to marry a private assistant Andrew, who is a native of that country. The assistant agrees to the Scam with a number of rather snobbish terms: boss is supposed to boost it in post and make him an offer on his knees. It is the will of the slave, suffering from a picky boss.

4. The lake house2006

On the fourth place among the best movies with Sandra bullock is a drama "the lake House" (2006). The main character of the film Dr. Kate Forester feels the need of change in their lives. This pushes her to make a serious step: to change the place of living and working. She sells the house, which gave her long years of home comfort and peace of mind. Housing becoming a architect Alex Wyler. His father put his hand to the erection of this beautiful building. Therefore, this house is for Alex special value. Obzhivshis, the man decides to give the building its original appearance, and begins its reconstruction. Further strange events force the hero to write the old lady a letter. Alex finds out that he lives in a different time interval than Kate. It exists in 2004, she in 2006. Connecting the two time the bridge is strange Inbox. Between the main characters strike up a correspondence that grows into something more. Wanting at all costs to meet and they go for a reckless act.

3. A time to kill1996

Opens the top three of Sandra bullock crime Thriller "Time to kill" (1996). Ten year girl brutally raped by local scum. The father of the child kills the perpetrators. For the act committed parent faces the death penalty. The defense is one of the best lawyers, and it depends only on whether the nearest relative of the injured girl to avoid the gas chamber.

2. Clash2004

On the second place among the best pictures of Sandra bullock has settled drama "Crash" (2004). The situation that caused numerous car accidents, leads to the crossing of completely different people who in everyday life are unlikely to be encountered. The film traced eight story lines, and each individual character is experiencing a highly individual situation, showing your true human nature.

1. The blind side2009

Biographical drama "the blind side" (2009) with Sandra bullock in the title role heads the list of the best movies. For his role in this artistic picture of the actress was awarded the prize "Oscar", and also became the winner of the film award "Golden globe". Secured American family takes in the education of uncouth, ignorant black teenager. Spouses help a young person to go to University and to carry out its most coveted dream — to become an athlete.

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