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A list of best movies with VIN Diesel


VIN Diesel is an American actor, who became the winner of film award channel "MTV" in the nomination "Best on-screen team" for his role of Dominic Toretto in "fast and furious". In the world of cinema, he made his debut with artistic painting "the Awakening" (1990), where he played the role of the nurse. Greater fame came with the release of the film "Black hole". Through athletic physique and tough appearance is one of the most famous actors of the rebels after leading roles in the movie series "Riddick" and "fast and furious". Just on account of movie stars about three dozen films.

Attention cinephiles presents the best movies with VIN Diesel, a list of which is located below.

10. Tramp1997

"Tramp" (1997) reveals the top ten most successful films with VIN Diesel. The main character of the movie Rick is looking for stability in life. He was tired of drugs and parties. Subconsciously he was struggling with difficulties, which resulted in the absence of his father. Rick thinks he won't be able to trust. But once in his life is a girl that changes everything in 180 degrees. But Rick is difficult to get used to the new world for him.

9. Boiler room2000

"Boiler room" (2000) — crime Thriller with VIN Diesel. Seth Davis, a young gambler, who discovered in his apartment a small underground casino. Fate is favorable to him and one of the customers, an incredibly rich young man, invites him to work for a certain brokerage firm, where the monthly salary exceeds the annual income from its casino. Seth is happy, his dream is carried out, the money flow like water, but he soon begins to realize that for everything in life you have to pay...

8. Single2003

"A man apart" (2003) — crime Thriller, where VIN Diesel played the role of agent Sean Vetter, operative, fighting against drug smuggling from Mexico. After the head of the drug cartels was imprisoned, a new mysterious character known as the Diablo, which takes over control of all traffic. When in the course of a failed operation to kill Vetter's wife, he and his colleague must infiltrate the criminal cartel to calculate the elusive Diablo.

7. The bald nurse: special assignments2005

"The bald nurse: special assignments" (2005) — Comedy with VIN Diesel in the lead role. This is a story about a former marine, guarding work for the government scientist and his five children. As practice shows, children need to protect not only from hackers but also from themselves. And we should not forget about their own safety. They're five, and they are all very crafty...

6. Find me guilty2006

"Find me guilty" (2006) — crime drama with the participation of VIN Diesel. When the police manage to arrest 20 members of a mafia clan Lucchesi, Jackie Dinorscio nicknamed Fat man Dee, is already serving 30-year prison term, gets a tempting offer: Jackie will be released earlier, if you'll testify against his homies. But the Fat man Dee — don't Snitch! In the process, which will become the longest and most controversial trial in the United States, he will defend himself. Enlisting in an unpredictable and risky fight with the authorities, this jerk and wit will bring the court to the absurd, the facts will turn against their accusers and achieve the most shocking verdict in the history of American justice.

5. Riddick2013

In fifth place fiction Thriller "Riddick" (2013) with VIN Diesel in the lead role. Betrayed by his own kind and left for dead on a desolate planet, Riddick fights with predators for life and becomes more powerful and dangerous than ever before. A hunt for him galactic mercenaries are pawns in a Grand scheme of revenge. With enemies appearing on his way when it is needed most Riddick, he begins the campaign in the name of revenge.

4. Xxx2002

"Xxx" (2002) took fourth place in the list of best movies with VIN Diesel. For participation in this film the actor was nominated for the MTV movie awards in the category Best male role". Xander Cage — an athlete-extremals. This brutal guy can do that can't be absorbed by other people. That's why he attracts the attention of the national security Agency. Equipped with the latest spy equipment and weapons, Cage needs to seep into the Russian criminal circles, located in Prague. Nothing can prevent this spy new generation of XXX to fulfill its mission, and no one is able to distract him from his job. No one except the mysterious girl Elena...

3. The Chronicles of Riddick2004

"The Chronicles of Riddick" (2004) opens three of the best movies with VIN Diesel. Last five years spent Riddick in hiding among the forgotten worlds on the outskirts of the galaxy, hiding from the mercenaries, set a price on his head. Now a fugitive was on planet Helion, where he lives a progressive multicultural society, won by Lord Marshal, a fanatic who decided to enslave humanity Armada of their soldiers, nekromongerov. After escaping from the underground prison, where the temperature ranged from Arctic nights to volcanic days, Riddick encounters kairu, the last survivor of a woman from the early period of his life. His attempts to free himself and Cairo bring them on Board the main ship nekromongerov, where he will meet with the Lord Marshal in an apocalyptic battle for life and death.

2. Black hole1999

"Black hole" (1999) took second place in the list of best movies with VIN Diesel. In the near future, the space ship is in distress, causing makes emergency landing on a distant planet. But as a result of such a landing killed the commander of the ship, the crew and most passengers. Survivors find themselves alone in the eerie and lifeless planet. The first thing that catches the eye is that the planet has three suns, which makes all living things die in this desert. But as the planet plunges into darkness, there are some strange creatures...

1. The fast and the furious2001

The fast and the furious (2001) tops the list of best movies with VIN Diesel in the lead role. His name is Brian, and he — fanatic turbines and nitro boosts. His goal is to be accepted into avtobandu legendary Dominic Toretto, champion of dangerous and illegal street racing. But this is only part of the truth... Brian is also a policeman with the task to gain the confidence of Toretto suspected of involvement in the daring robbery of trailers, a perfect right "to the wheels". But the more trust brash newcomer charismatic Dominic, the more imbued hero ideals "angels of roads". And the less he wants to fulfill his mission. And here comes the moment, when Brian will have to choose between friendship and duty. And choose at the speed of 200 kilometers per hour...

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