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A list of best movies with meaning


Every picture carries a message, the idea is that the Director of the film is trying to convey to the viewer. But among the many films made during the existence of cinema, there are paintings with deep meaning, which makes for a long time to think, and often rethink their values. Every viewer can make their own rating of such films. We offer our readers your movies with meaning – list of pictures, after viewing them, life will never be the same.

10. Knockin ' on heaven

Opens our list of the paintings with a sense of drama "Knockin", which for many years included in a variety of ratings. Watching this film leaves no one indifferent.

In the film, its main characters – Martin Brest and Rudi Wurlitzer, occur in the hospital. After becoming roommates, they know that both terminally ill, and Martin did not live more than a week. When it turns out that Rudi has never seen the sea, newfound friends decide to go on a last journey to fulfill a childhood dream of one of them.

9. Pan's labyrinth

Guillermo del Toro – the master, who creates paintings in which reality and the story so closely and organically intertwined that it is often the viewer cannot distinguish one from the other and to understand what is actually real. For such films with a deep sense refers to fantasy "pan's Labyrinth".

Spain during the Civil war. Captain Vidal, head of the punitive force, is justified in the old mill in a remote province. Soon it comes to a pregnant wife and her daughter from her first marriage, Ofelia. The first night the girl sees a fairy who leads her to the ruins of the ancient labyrinth. In the center of Ophelia is waiting for Faun, reveals the secrets of her birth. Ofelia is the Princess of a magic country for many years waiting for her inconsolable father. This is the last chance girls to get home, but first she must pass three tests to prove myself worthy of returning to the magical world.

8. Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

Continues a list of movies with a sense of romantic drama "Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind". Would people feel happier if they can erase the painful soul memories from memory? Clementine and Joel is gradually cooled to each other and decided to use the services of the company that erases bad memories from my mind. But in the process of erasing Joel unconsciously resists – he remembers all the good moments related to Clementine and doesn't want to forget her.

7. Children of men

"Children of men" is a fantastic drama with deep meaning. The near future. The mankind was affected by mass infertility 18 years ago was born the last child on Earth. In the UK the authorities are able to maintain some semblance of order. The main problem is the refugees flooded the country, and terrorist organizations. Members of one of them is kidnapped hero of the picture, Theo. He is asked to get a permit for the movement for refugee cues, which you must leave the country. She reveals to him her secret – girlfriend is pregnant. Lost her son Theo decides to help Kee reach the scientists from the project "Mankind" – only there, she and the baby will be safe.

6. Fountain

Keeps a list of best movies with meaning parable "the Fountain". The oncologist That kreo is desperately looking for a cure for cancer for his dying wife Izzy. He is completely immersed in the work for her and refuses to walk with Isabel, for which he later feels guilty about his wife. Tom doesn't have time to find a cure and Izzy dying, asked before his death to finish her book.

"Fountain" is a complex work, which each viewer perceives in his own way. For someone the meaning of the film lies in reconciliation with death, another will see in it a story about unconditional love.

5. Prometheus

Included in the list of paintings with deep meaning and sci-Fi Thriller Prometheus, originally conceived as a prequel to the movie "Alien". In the near future a group of scientists is sent on a space vessel Prometheus to a distant star system. The expedition was organized by billionaire Peter Weyland. He hopes to find the Creators – an alien race image which was found by archaeologists throughout the world. Scientists suggest that the Creators became the progenitors of the people. After landing on the moon of a gas giant, the members of the expedition find a giant man-made structures. Examining one of them, they make a shocking discovery.

4. What dreams may come

Drama "what dreams may come" is one of the best pictures with meaning, raising questions of life, death and forgiveness.

Married couple Chris and Annie were happy, until the death of their children in a car accident. After the tragedy, Annie fell into a depression, and when, years later, dies and Chris, she is in despair commits suicide. Chris goes to heaven and learns about the character of his wife. Now her soul is doomed to eternal hell. But immensely loving her husband decides to find the soul of Annie and bring her to heaven.

3. Interstellar

The best movies with meaning applies fantastic film "interstellar" that raises many global issues.

The film paints a picture of the near future of humanity – the concentration of oxygen on the Earth falls, dying many animals and plants. Mankind has mastered space flight, can not overcome the huge distances between planets to find a new home. Only chance is to use a wormhole leading to another galaxy. Sent several teams of scholars have not returned to Earth. Former NASA pilot Cooper offered to lead a new expedition to select the most promising planet to colonize people.

2. Outland

Continues a list of movies with a sense of fantasy "outland". In the twenties of the last century, Romanian girl Alexandria gets in a Los Angeles hospital with a broken arm. There she meets a Hollywood stuntman Roy who received a back injury after the execution of the trick. Out of boredom he begins to tell the girl the fairy story of the Black bandit and his friends. When Roy finds out that his girlfriend left him for another, to the physical pain added mental anguish. He dreams about death and uses the affection girls to obtain a lethal dose of morphine.

The picture makes us think about many things: about choosing between life and death, revenge, love, and hope.

1. Highway 60

In a list of best movies with meaning is "Route 60" is a parable about the need to be very careful what you wish for, and that person always has a choice.

Neil Oliver dreams of becoming a lawyer like his dad wants, and an artist. One day he makes a wish to understand his life and meets a strange character – O. W. Grant. Oliver agrees to deliver a certain parcel on highway 60, which is not on any road map.

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