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The list of the best books by Haruki Murakami


Haruki Murakami is one of the great contemporary writers. Pull to the literary work of the Japanese writer appeared in 29 years, and since then, he began to publish almost one book every year. On account of the writer more than a dozen novels and many novellas. Most of the major works by the master of the pen became a world bestseller and won a huge popularity and the love of readers. Best books by Haruki Murakami, the list of which is presented below are only a part of the artistic creations belonging to one of the best writers of our time.

10. Kafka on the shore

"Kafka on the shore" opens the list of the most popular novels of Haruki Murakami. In the product interwoven from two genres – surrealism and magic realism. The main character discovers that his clothes are all stained with blood, and he realizes that he killed someone. It remains nothing how to run away from home. From this point begins the journey of the hero, not only in the country but in the depths of my soul. He wants to uncover the secrets that lurk in his subconscious to find the answers to all the questions tormenting him.

9. My favorite sputnik

"My favourite sputnik" is one of the most mysterious and confusing books written by a Japanese writer. One of the main characters of this complicated story stands Sumire he loves a woman but does not feel her intimate desire. Itself Sumire loves this woman and wants her sexually. The other main character Sumire loves and reaches out to her, but she only likes and nothing more. At the same time, the protagonist feels an intimate attraction to another woman, but does not feel her real feelings.

8. Norwegian wood

"Norwegian wood" is a list of the most popular books of Haruki Murakami. In the basis of the work formed the theme of the relationship of people between each other. This novel is primarily about love and friendship. Everyone comes to their favorite people, but at the same time and lose no less. Each of the people have their mental flaws that once again shows the imperfection of human beings. But it is through these imperfections of the main characters realistic and alive. The main character of the novel gradually grows and he formed his own view of the world. He will have in life is to experience separation and loss that occur are not always in good faith, and due to the fact that overtook death. Deeply philosophical novel with a psychological bias refers to the genre of realism and carries a great meaning. It is a work that requires careful reading and thinking over it.

7. Hunting sheep

"Hunting for sheep" is the third book of the series "Trilogy of the Rat". After the events described in the novel "hear the wind sing" passed a dozen years. The main character along with a buddy owns a newspaper and his best friend Rat had disappeared. He doesn't have the most valuable that can be in this life – family. He is only thirty years old, and he Ekes out a dreary existence. This continued up until the main character is not visited by a strange stranger. The product has had immense popularity and has become an international bestseller. The book is certainly included in the list of best novels of Haruki Murakami.

6. Pinball 1973

"Pinball, 1973" is the second book in the series "Trilogy of the Rat". The plot revolves around a twenty-four-year-old guy who works in the translation office. His partner, nicknamed the Rat decides to leave big city. For a long time he lives alone in the apartment, but then he located the twin sisters. One of his main Hobbies in life is pinball. Soon the hero is in search of antique cars "Rocket", which finds the man in charge of collecting pinball machines. This novel was greeted by critics is ambiguous, but this does not prevent him to have a huge popularity.

5. Poslemrak

"Poslemrak" − this book Haruki Murakami belongs to the genre of magical realism. The actions of the novel take place in the modern world. The book has a deep philosophical meaning. The writer writes about the fact that different people have their own needs. Someone advancing the time, and someone wants to stop and reverse. Some have a goal and aspire to it, others prefer to go with the flow. But there comes a point when those in other running out of patience...

4. Hear the wind sing

"Hear the wind sing" in the works of Haruki Murakami. This is the first novel by Japanese writer who has had enormous popularity among the reader. The peculiarity of this book is the almost lack of plot. All artwork is tied to the arguments and conversations of the characters of the book. Many readers and critics have noted that this novel laid the foundations of the unusual stories of the subsequent works included in the series. It marked the beginning of a subsequent book called "Trilogy of the Rat".

3. Wonderland without brakes and end of the world

"Wonderland without brakes and end of the world" is quite a popular book by Japanese writer. It is based on the theme of the duality of human consciousness. Both hemispheres of the brain operate in different modes, that is focused in the product. Another theme of the novel is the complexity of the relationship of man with society. This book is rightly included in the list of the best, written by the great novelist of our time.

2. The murder of the Commendatore

"The murder of the commander" – one of the last novels by Murakami, which recently went on sale. It is also one of the biggest books of the modern writer. Work still not translated into Russian language, but soon the domestic reader hopes that this will happen. The main character of the book is a portrait painter who divorces his wife and moves to a provincial town to a friend's house, where earlier his father lived a painter. But soon measured and calm life of portrait ends, which is associated with two significant events – the discovery of a very unusual pattern and the received order from the neighborhood of the rich man in writing of his portrait.

1. Wind-Up Bird Chronicle

"Wind-up Bird chronicle" is a list of the most famous books of Haruki Murakami. The plot revolves around a man of thirty years named Toru Okada. It has everything you need to be happy: a wife he loves, a house in a promising area. Hero fired, but he does not see anything wrong. But from this point on in the protagonist's life begins to go awry. At first, it disappears the pet cat, and then receives a call from a strange woman and then the wife leaves him. The man realizes that have come true by the he events and he begins to look for the answer how to get it back.

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